Sex within the family-- story from Boyd McDonald

My brother Mike first showed me how to masturbate when I was 3 years old
and he was nine. We often bathed together and one night we played a game
called sailor & shipwreck victim. He was the sailor and I was the
shipwreck victim. He said I am the man & you are the woman and had me lay
out in the tub next to him. He pushed my nuts and cock down to my asshole
& had me squeeze my thighs together tightly. He then had both of us press
our groins together & pushed his hard 3" dick between my thighs at the
base of my own cock. He fucked me like this until he came. He had dry
orgasms for another two years.

After he had his satisfaction he frigged my fake pussy & finger fucked my
ass. My tiny pecker popped straight up and he twisted & pulled on it till
I had to pee bad.

This was my first remembered experience with him. Our sexcapades continued
and progressed until he was about 14. He lost interest in me after forming
a sex club with several of his high school athlete buddies.

I resorted to spying on him after the sex ended between us. He & five
other boys took possession of an abandoned barn & using salvaged materials
built an apartment in one side of the barn. I used to sneak into the barn
& listen to their sex play and once managed to get in the main room
without being seen. I hid under the stairs to the second floor and was
able to see several hours of sucking, jerking, & fucking between all six
of them.

They eventually left to their respective dinners and I snuck into the bed
room & sniffed & licked & humped the wonderfully aromatic covers. I tasted
cum for the first time and even though it was cold it nearly made my heart
pound right out of my body to be tasting the scum of 6 of the small town
heroes, the star athletes & bastions of hetero posing studs. Male essence.

I would never get the chance to spy on this group again as they put a
combination lock on the only door into their apartment and I had to settle
for an occasional eavesdrop. Not too long after this I was sent to stay
for the summer with my grandparents in North Dakota.

After two weeks in the agricultural geography my allergies became
unbearable. They calmed somewhat in air conditioning and the only room in
the 100-year-old farm house that had air conditioning was my grandparents'
bedroom. So at night I was forced not unwillingly to sleep with my
grandfather while grandma slept on the couch.

Now I have always thought grandpa was some kind of god. He was the
absolute essence of masculinity. He is very dark, German & Russian
extraction. Always sporting the blueblack forelock shadow I find
irresistible even today. He was short & stocky with arms like steel. He
had been a farmer for 50 years so he was deeply tanned & his hands were
thick. Each finger looked just like a fat juicy cock. His smell was old
spice & tractor grease though he was very clean & never stank.

I was very excited by the prospect of being so close to his natural
aphrodisiac body and maybe if god willing would be able to catch a glimpse
of his hard cock.

Grandpa slept like a rock & snored lightly. I waited until the fourth
night I slept with him. I waited until his breathing was deep & regular. I
rolled over "in my sleep" and stopped with my hand just inches in front of
his crotch.

Slowly I inched my hand to his pajamas. The fly was gaping open & his fat
uncut dick was laying down to the bed. I gently lifted it free being sure
to check his breathing. I was so excited, the blood was pounding so
loudly, I feared it might wake my grandfather.

With my heart in my throat and mouth dry as a bone I gently squeezed his
meaty 4 inch soft dick.

He stopped his light snoring & swallowed. I froze, panicked. Gradually his
breathing evened out again and I continued to softly manipulate his cock.
The foreskin was long & I managed to pull it back. His dick pulsed &
filled out, slowly raising parallel to the bed. His dick was as thick as
my wrist and about 6 or seven inches long. I slipped the skin back over
the head of his dick and circled the head with my finger. After several
minutes his cock jumped in my hand and he began to shoot hot splashes of
cum all over my pajama pants & shirt.

Just as he shot the end of his nut he woke up. I quickly let go of his
dick and pretended to be sleeping. Grandpa stirred and turned on his night
lamp by the bed. He sat up. I thought I would really get it. I was so
scared I felt like I might cry. His face was sleepy looking but he was not
angry. He told me to change my pajamas & wash up.

Nothing was ever said about that incident until the following Sunday.
Grandma went to church to set up for a coffee social and Grandpa was in
the bathroom shaving.

I was making a bowl of cereal when grandpa called me into the bathroom. He
asked me if I liked what I had done to him the other night in bed. I
turned 50 shades of red & couldn't answer.

He asked me if I ever did that kind of thing with anyone else. I was
scared so I told him no.

He then said that he liked it and if ever I wanted to do it again I only
had to ask. I looked up in disbelief to see grandpa groping himself as his
dick swelled. His face was filled with lust. He said he would like it if I
would do it again. His thick uncut dick swelled to full erection.

I hesitantly reached out with both hands toward his cloth covered dick. I
was scared to death & shaking so hard my knees gave out.
I remember grandpa guiding me to the tub where he sat me on the ledge. His
prick was stretching his boxers out in front. I was eye to eye with it.

He was still lathered with shaving soap and smelled like a man. My own
cock was hard as a nail. I stroked grandpa's cock and pulled the elastic
down below his nuts. I nearly swooned. The hot musky smell of man

His nuts were low hangers. I could see about 1/4 of his prick head poking
through his foreskin.

To this day, low heavy hanging nuts drive me insane with lust.
I held his nuts with both hands and he pointed his hard on straight at me.
He pulled the foreskin the rest of the way back and as it peeled away from
the head I could smell the faintest hint of musk.

Grandpa wiggled his prick & told me to put it in my mouth. By now I was so
into it hot and horny he didn't have to ask twice. I opened my mouth and
engulfed just the head of his hard on. I closed my lips behind the rim &
sucked the knob, licking at the under side of it as I swished my spit
around it.

He moaned and palmed the top of my head with his stubby hand, gripping me
like a vise. He fucked my mouth for several moments and then grunted and
growled as he shot his gooey load. I nearly puked. Not from disgust or
pain but from my inexperience and lack of practice.

He held my head on his dick until it softened, and finally withdrew from
my mouth.

He told me that this would be our secret & that we could have lots of fun
if no one knew. I'm no fool; I didn't tell.

During the last few weeks together I sucked him or jerked him & myself off
nearly every day. We did it when we drove in to get the mail or on many
trips we made to family & different shops together. My grandma thought it
was just wonderful how her two men were getting on. Best of friends she

I have had sex with my dad's brother, his sister's grandson, my mother's
nephew, and my brother's brother in law. Lots of fun in the family and no
one was hurt or is complaining.

Excerpted from Lewd, Boyd McDonald's 12th volume of true sex histories.
Author Profile: Boyd McDonald
Born in 1925 in South Dakota, Boyd McDonald entered Harvard as a
high-school dropout after serving in the army in World War II. Jobs
with Time, IBM, and several Wall Street firms preceded Boyd's career
as a chronicler of gay sex. He was the founder and editor of
Straight to Hell (alternatively the Manhattan Review of
Cocksucking), and later published a number of anthologies of true
sex histories. Boyd died in September 1993, two months after
completing his final book, Scum.
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