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My father liked to walk around the house letting me see his tight hairy ass through his underwear. I especially loved this during the summer when I saw a sweet brown sweat stain on the back of his white briefs from his dirty hairy hole, and the yellowed piss spot in front!

So it’s no wonder that when I was 14-15, I groped my father as he was getting out of the shower, and his wet hairy balls felt so good in my hand!!

I had always fantasized about feeling a grown mans hairy crotch, even before my teens. Hell, I was in the third grade when I thought a 6th grade teacher’s chest hair & beard were sexy. My dad often walked around naked prior to a shower, farting and scratching his hairy ripe crotch as he went. For some reason, I eyed him up and got really hard thinking about how his warm hairy balls would feel in my young hand. In fact I’m hard now!

My dad looked hot!

He had a tight bubble butt and hairy crack, leading to his hole, balls and uncut cock. I would often look at his ass while he was wearing his uniform! His pants fit his firm ass nice n tight. This groping experience was planned for a while, and one day I decided to feel a grown mans hairy balls…my dads!!

So when the morning came I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet watching him wash his ass, uncut cock and balls. My cock started getting hard so I stroked it letting my precum work as lube. When he shut off the water my heart began to race and I kept strokin. He stepped out of the shower, and as he was wiping his ass dry I made my move, grabbing his wet hairy balls, holding them for a few seconds before he could react. In that short time of holding his balls, he watched me jack myself. Then to my astonishment, he got down on one knee and started sucking my pulsating cock. He stood up and locked the door. His hardening cock fit perfectly in my mouth as I knelt down and started licking under his hooded uncut cock.

I started tasting his precum and within minutes his creamy full load. His warm cum ran out of my mouth and dripped onto my cock. I stood up and dad took my cock in his mouth taking my full load, but not dripping a bit! I left the room. Nothing was ever done or mentioned again. It was something between a father and son that will not be forgotten!!

Thu, October 29, 2009 - 3:5
posted by Bill on Thursday, July 19, 2012 - link to this photo

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