STORY: Trailer Park Daddy

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found this Hetero story and thought it was too hot to remain unmolested, so i fagged it up BIG TIME,
i ejaculated 4 times during the rewrite...Enjoy!

We lived in a trailer park about two miles from my school. My mom left us when I was 9 years old. She fell in love with his perverted boss and they moved into a big home somewhere on the other side of town. Daddy never did have that good of a job. He did odd jobs to keep us afloat. He collected unemployment and basically sat at home and drank beer while watching TV.

My name is Timmy and I'm 11 now and my brother Ryan is 9. Our Daddy Roger tells us all the time how lucky we are to even have a home and food to eat. He's always telling us how grateful we should be to him. I don't see what there is to be grateful about because he's always trying to look at me and my brother when we are naked. He thinks we don't notice but we do.

I came home one day after school with a friend of mine. His name is Mike. Mike is a real cute boy with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He and I are pretty popular in our class because we are athletic. Mike is from the trailer park like me and he came home with me one day so I could show him my baseball card collection. I was hoping dad wouldn't make a scene but as soon as he saw my friend he started flirting with him.

"Hey there little boy. My, my, my... aren't we sturdy. I bet you got lots of girlfriends, huh?"

"Hehe," Mike giggled. "No Mr. Johnson. I don't have any girlfriends, Ma says im a bit too young for that."

I told Mike to wait in the living room while I got my card book. When I returned I was shocked to see my daddy had Mike on his lap and was rubbing his groin.

"Oh baby, I know I'm an old man, but I just love your baby pricklet. It feels so hot and hard. Does it excite you Mike?"

"Mr. Johnson this feels so weird! I don't think we should be doing this. I mean, my mom says its wrong when someone touches you down there."

"No boy, its all good! Men love touching you between your legs. I'm gonna rub you until you get you so excited you'll beg me to fuck you."

"What is fuck, Mr. Johnson?"

"Fucking is when I stick my big hard cock up that excited boi pussy of yours. I'll ram it in and out and then spew my nasty cum all over you. Mmm mmmm mmm."

"Daddy! Stop it!!" I yelled running out of the trailer. I couldn't believe it! He had managed to seduce my best friend Mike into taking off his shorts and getting his dick rubbed.

I didn't come home until three hours later. I found my brother over at his friends house and together we walked home. When we opened the door to our trailer home we were surprised to see daddy and Mike fucking on the couch. Daddy had Mike bent over backwards across the sofa and was pushing his hard penis into his backside. Mike was screaming and moaning at the fucking.

"Oh gawd Mr. Johnson... call me a slut again... call me your slut again!"

"You slut! You fucking lil piggy slut! All you want is hard cock! Say it! Say all you like is my cock up your chute!"

"Yes! All I want is your cock... hard... pounding... cock...."

Me and my brother couldn't believe how slutty Mike was acting. Daddy sure did turn him into a slut. He was drooling and bucking like a bitch in heat. Daddy just kept pounding away at him and took no notice of me and my brother as we closed the door and went to our bedrooms.

My brother and I had to listen to the sounds of fucking for another two hours. I'm not sure, but I think Daddy spanked him because there towards the end, we heard hard slapping sounds and Mike's squeals. So much for my best friend Mike. I can't believe he fucked my daddy!

The next day at school, Mike wasn't in class. The teacher said he was sick. Too sore to walk was more like it.

When I got home that day my dad was doing his usual, laying on the sofa watching television.

"Your friend Mike is a real slut!" He told me as I closed the trailer door.

"He begged for my cock all evening. You should have seen him! What a whore."

"He's not my friend anymore daddy."

"Good! You bring faggots like his home again and I'll fuck them too. You shouldn't be hanging around sluts like Mike."

I paid no attention to daddy as I went to my bedroom and shut the door.

Later that night I heard familiar sounds of sexual pleasure. Who was my daddy molesting now? I walked into the living room and saw my little brother Ryan laying on the couch with his legs spread wide and daddy with his head in between them licking on his small 4" cock.

"Oh baby, your balls taste so good. Thank you for letting daddy taste em. He was sooo hungry tonight."

"It's okay daddy. It feels nice. Lick me some more."

I couldn't believe it! Daddy had lured my brother into getting his dick licked! There he was, sitting on the arm of the couch with his underoos on the floor and his legs spread wide. It made my crotch tingle just watching. I decided to keep on watching to see what daddy did next.

With my saliva all over his face daddy stood up and unbuttoned his pants. All I could see was his backside but I heard the zipper come down.

"Baby, its time daddy showed you what a good boy you really are. Daddy needs some cock lovin' tonight and you are gonna give it to me."

"No daddy, I don't want to. Please don't make me. I let you lick my prick but I've got homework to do and I'm too young for fucking."

Daddy thought about his plea and zipped his pants back up. "Okay, I'll let you go tonight on one condition."

"Yes daddy?"

"Tomorrow, you bring home a friend of yours, a cute friend. I need to rape me some young piece. I haven't taken a baby boi pussy by force in a long time."

"Yes, daddy. I promise! I know just the boy!"

The next day my brother brought home his friend Robbie. Robbie had short red hair and green eyes. He bragged all the time about how fast he could run, the most popular boy in his class. ain't gonna run from this. So he sweet talked Robbie into coming home with him.

I left school early to come home and peek through the window at the show. By the time I got there, Daddy had Robbie tied to his bed, stomach down and was spanking his lilly white ass hard. I could see Robbie's tears and heard my daddy shouting, "Cry for me bitch! Cry for your daddy! You like me spanking you, don't you!?"

I looked around the room and saw my brother sitting in a chair across the room. He had his pants down round his legs and was rubbing his lil' pricklet hard while watching our dad spank his friend. When daddy couldn't take the spanking any longer he pulled down his pants and started rubbing his huge cock against his cherry red swollen ass. He even slapped it a couple of times against the reddened butt flesh. Robbie just whimpered and begged daddy to stop.

"Please stop! Noo! Please don't hurt me!"

"Oh baby, I'm gonna hurt you so good with my big cock. You want it up that tight pussy. I can tell. And look at those ass cheeks... so red... so horny for more."

Daddy continued to slap is cock against his ass and looked over at my brother.

"Keep rubbing that prick little boy. Watch your daddy rape your friends pussy here..."

My brother just moaned and sped up his rubbing.

Daddy pulled at his cock and aimed it right at Robbie's pussy. His thumbs spread his ass cheeks apart and then pushed forward, feeling his cock slowly inch its way into his virgin tight hole.

Robbie screamed in pain as his virgin shitter was forced to swallow my daddy's big cock. I was starting to feel sick at watching the sight... Here was my daddy, raping this little boy who was tied to bed and crying. And my brother was sitting across the room, rubbing his pussy while watching my daddy give it to his friend.

I couldn't watch any longer. I turned away from the window and walked down to the park to clear my thoughts.

When I came home that night daddy was watching TV as if nothing had happened. My brother was in his room doing some homework and also said nothing. I just couldn't believe they could be so calm and normal... especially after what they did to poor little Robbie this afternoon.

I went into the living room and sat in a chair near the couch. Daddy was watching the ball game and seemed to be too entranced by the screen to notice me. I sat there and was starting to get into the game when he got up, went to his special video collection and put in an unmarked video into the VCR. He sat back down on the couch and the next thing I know burley guys on the screen are fuck some kid in his teens. Daddy just looked over at me and smiled.

"This is what daddy likes to watch."

He then pulled down his sweat pants and pulled out his semi erect cock and start stroking it slowly while watching the TV.

He didn't ask me to leave or nothing. I couldn't believe he was masturbating in front of me. My daddy is such a pervert.

He then started moaning and kept on stroking his cock to full erect size.

He looked over at me a couple of times and smiled at me. I was beginning to think he was getting off on me sitting there watching him be such a pervert.

"Don't look so shocked baby. Daddy loves stroking his cock. If you want, you can stroke it for him. He'd love that."

Daddy's outward sexual display was making me horny. It was hard not be horny while living with daddy. Every chance he got he had his dick out and was looking for an available hole.

I got off the chair and sat down beside him on the couch. My placed my hand over his sweaty cock and started moving up and down. Daddy smiled and put his hands behind his head and kept his eyes glued to the television.

"Yea baby, just keep doing that while daddy imagines himself fucking that tight lil ginger pussy from today."

I stroked daddy a good 10 minutes before he spewed his hot cream onto my hand.

"Oh fuck yea!" he said looking down my cream covered hand. "Oh that felt great baby! Daddy really liked your hand job."

I was about to get off the couch when daddy grabbed my arm and said "Where you think you're going? I want to see your pussy before you run off."

I had never let anybody see my ass before. I was afraid to let daddy see it.

"Stand up in front of me boy. Do as your told," daddy demanded.

I climbed up on the coffee table nearly slipping on the disheveled newspapers and porn and looked down at my daddy. "come on, earn your keep and give daddy a lil show."

My fingers slowly pulled the tab on my zipper and I slowly pulled my shorts down.

"Good boy,now turn around" daddy said. i wiggled my ass as i slowly lowered my fruit of the looms. He touched me, His fingers spread out across my ass. His thumbs diving into the crack and prying me open. He inhaled deeply. Daddy was smelling my pussy.

"Mmm you smell like a horny little boy. Do you know what horny little boys get?"

"What daddy?" I said playing along.

"Horny little boys get their pussies licked," i could feel his hot breath on my hole.

My pussy started tingling. Just thinking about daddy between my legs, licking at my pussy like he did with my brother Ryan made me fearful and excited.

Daddy pulled me off of the table and onto his lap, he started inhaling again. Daddy was smelling my backside!

"Mmmm, and what a slutty smelling ass you've got there baby. Do you know what little boys with slutty smelling asses get?"

"No, daddy." I said.

"They get their asses licked and fuuuuccked too. Now, daddy wants you to bend over. Show daddy that ass little boy."

I bent over slowly and placed my hands in the back of the sofa Daddy just stared at my ass for a long time. He then made me spread my legs wider. I felt so open, so exposed bent over in front of my daddy with nothing on. I couldn't believe how slutty I was acting. My pussy was excited and wet with horny little-boy moisture.

"push you hips back to me baby. Daddy wants to see you in a good slutty position."

I arched my back. Daddy was now sitting on the coffee table his face hovering over my ass, my pussy was fully exposed to my daddy's view.

Daddys moustache tickled my hole just before he dove into my pussy. His tongue was hot and wet against my warm, moist pucker. He started wiggling his tongue up and down my pussy. I could feel some of his saliva drip down my pussy as he sloppily licked away at me.

I looked briefly at the televisions reflection in the mirror and saw the teen puppy getting fucked by two guys. It made me feel so nasty there, bent over getting my pussy licked while watching one of my daddy's porno's. Daddy was watching it too because I turned around slightly to see his face and his eyes were glued to the reflection as he ate at my pussy.

"I'm such a slut," I thought. Who would have ever guessed I'd like this so much? Daddy pulled his mouth off my pussy and lightly started slapping my ass with the back of his hand.

"Yea baby... wiggle that ass at me while I spank you. Jiggle those globes around for daddy. Do it," he demanded.

I started wiggling my ass back at him while he slapped my ass. I was really getting off acting so slutty.

My brother must have heard the slapping sound against my bare flesh because he came out of his room and sat down in the chair beside us clad only in his spiderman underoos.

"Hi baby, your brother here is just getting spanked. He's horny tonight, ain't cha boy?"

"Yes daddy, I'm horny. Spank me! Please!" I said finally realizing that I wanted more of daddy's perverted loving.

Daddy kept on spanking me lightly as I jiggled my ass back at him.

"Daddy wants to see both his little boys gets used. Ryan, go get the video camera in the closet baby. Your brother here wants to make a video with his daddy."

My brother went over to the closet and got out our video camera. He turned it on and aimed it at me as daddy picked me up and laid me on my back on the table.

"Pull your knees up and smile for the camera baby," daddy said.

Just as I looked up and started to smile, Daddy pushed one of his big fingers into my virgin pussy. I moaned out loudly and stared blankly at the camera.

I then looked back and saw daddy smiling at me. "Like that baby? Here's another finger to fill you up. Turn around so we can get this all on tape."

I turned around again and looked up into the camera. Daddy then slid another finger in my upturned pussy. I moaned in pain this time and closed my eyes. It hurt so bad.

"Yea, daddy knows two fingers isn't enough. Lets see if a big fat cock is enough."

Daddy pulled down his pants and stood behind me. He aimed his cock at my pussy.

"Ryan, make sure she's looking at the camera when I enter his. We've got to get this on tape."

"Okay daddy," she said.

Daddy pressed down on my chest as he slowly started to push himself into me. I just looked up into the camera and bit my lower lip as daddy pushed his cock into me.

"Oh it hurts Daddy!" I finally said into the camera. "Oh no! Please!"

"Yea, I know it hurts. That's why daddy likes it so much. The more it hurts you, the more my cock likes it."

He pushed in deeper and my mouth flew open and I screamed in pain.

"OWWWW... NO!!" I screamed while looking into the camera.

"Yeeeaaa, there you goo.....cock in your pussy.... Big hard male cock in your tiny 11 year old pussy."

Daddy started pushing his cock in and out of my pussy while I just laid there taking it. I'd look at the camera periodically and beg for him to stop. But begging him only made him fuck me harder.

Soon daddy was really giving it to me good. The pain had went away and I felt that familiar tingling feeling in my pussy. I was enjoying it now.

"Look into the camera for daddy.... Tell him what a slut you are."

I looked up into the camera and begged for daddy not to make me do it. "Please daddy, don't make me say that."

That just turned daddy on more cause he started really pounding me hard. He reached up under me and started pinching my tiny nipples.

"Say it now! Or I'll stop fucking you! Tell me how much of a slut you are."

I finally looked up into the camera my little brother was holding and said, "Daddy I'm such a slut... such a bad slut... fuck me!.... fuck me daddy!"

Daddy wouldn't stop pounding his cock into my sore little pussy. He kept on pinching my nipples and talking dirty to me. I couldn't help it any longer. My little pussy was getting to where it liked the abusive fucking. My horny pricklet starting cumming, its little-boy juices spewing over my daddys hairy belly.

"Yea, cum all over daddy. Daddy loves it!" he said encouraging my orgasm.

As soon as daddy felt my boy cream on him he started blowing his load up my ass. He growled loudly and shot load after load of hot sticky cum into me. "What you are, letting daddy cum inside your pussy."

After Daddy fucked me he made me hold the camera while he fucked my little brother. What a site it was too. zooming in on my little brother's 9 year old pussy with daddy's rock hard meat slicing in and out of it. realization that my lil brother took Daddy's dick so easily finally hit me. this was not his first time or even his second, and a felt a wee bit jealous

Daddy sure knew how to make horny sluts out of his little boys. It was his nasty mouth and hard cock that wooed me. I just love it when daddy's talks dirty to me and makes me beg for his cock.

Daddy was so proud of his slutty little boys that he loaned out his home videotapes of us fucking to his poker buddies. Whenever they were over to our trailer my brother and I would get strange, lustful looks from them. Daddy says they are attracted to us and we might have to fuck them too because we got them so excited while they watched the videos. Daddy says that a true slutboi will fuck anybody, anywhere, anytime.

I made up my mind that the next time one of daddy's friends makes a move on me that I'll give in and be a slut for them too. Daddy says you should be good at something... so I'm going to be good at being a slut.
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