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How to Teach My Son the Way Grandpa Did part 1

All usual disclaimers. Do not read if this is illegal where you live our
you are underage. This story is completely fictional and does not represent
any actual stories. Comments welcome.

I loved having a son. My dad was away serving in the military most of my
growing up years. I was glad to be around for my son. Which is why I fought
so hard for custody. I tried for a year, but knew I was gay and couldn't
keep it up. I was young. 18 when we got pregnant. But all these years, I'd
kept that life completely separate from little Drew. But now as he was
reaching puberty, I started having all kinds of thoughts about him. Sexual
thoughts. What he looked like naked. How often he jacked off. How good his
cum must taste. And tried to surpress them, but they were getting the
better of me. It was getting to be all I thought about. So, once I couldn't
deal with it any longer, I went to the one person I could always confide
anything in, my grandfather, Big Pete.

While I grew up with my mom, Pete had stepped in to be my father figure and
man in my life. As long as I could remember, he would let me stay at his
place every summer and any other long holidays I had off. We did everything
together. He lived out in the country where you sort of do everything
yourself. He taught me how to work on cars and fix things around the
house. He let me start drinking beer when I turned fourteen if I'd done a
good days work.

It was on one of those nights of after a long, hot day, we had finished off
a case of beer and he decided it was time to explain to be about sex. How
my dick would get a mind of its own and need to blow. I told him that was
exactly how I felt. He asked if I'd started jacking off to get it out and
how I needed to whenever I felt like it. I said I was but not too often.
And he said, "Boy, we're going to fix that right now." and he led me to his
"study" in the back. It had a tv, couch, big cabinet, and a fridge full of
beer. I'd never been allowed in to see it before. He had a new vcr. They
hadn't been out long and I didn't know anyone else who had one. But he open
up the cabinet. "This, my boy, is the greatest invention. Now what kind of
porn you like? I got everything you can imagine. Straight, gay, bi,
bondage, leather. You name it." I didn't know what to say. "I don't know.
I've never seen one before." So, he grabbed one and put it in, "Guys just
jacking off. Start you off nice and slow. And maybe you'll pick up some new
tricks." As he was walking out, "so this, my boy, is your new home. Any
time you need to, day or night, you just come on in. This room is just for
us. And my bro, Nick. He'll pop over ever now and then for a look." Then he
turned around. "One rule, there's no towels or shit for your load. There's
a vase in the fridge. Everything you shoot, just scoop it in there. Or eat
it if you like, but no where else. I'll know." And he left, leaving the
door open.

I watched guy after guy jack off into the camera and shoot his cum till I
couldn't keep my hard dick in anymore. I pulled it out and had barely
touched it when I shot a huge load onto my leg. I scooped it into my cupped
hands, walked to the fridge and kicked it open with my leg. There was the
vase, empty. I dropped every last drop in and went to bed.

The next week, I was in there every hour. I mainly watched guys jacking
off. I put on a straight one once with a bunch of women swimming naked, but
I got bored and when back to the masturbation. It got to the point I could
barely sleep. I'd wake up with a raging boner and toss and turn, not
thinking of anything else. Finally, I just had to go down. I saw the light
on and heard noise from down the hall, but the door was open. I wondered if
grandpa was jacking off so late. I thought I could sneak a peak. There he
was, asleep, his pants around his ankles and his hand still on his cock.
But even more unbelievable was the screen. There were about five guys, all
naked, in a circle sucking each other off. I was mesmerized. I couldn't
take my eyes off it. I knelt in front of the screen and pulled my dick out
of my shorts. I kept getting close, but I'd pull off before I shot so I
could keep going awhile longer (I learned that from one of the videos).
Then, one of the guys started to shoot in another guy's mouth and I
couldn't take it any longer. I shot a huge load that shot up to my chest.

"Damn, and that's not even the best part." Grandpa was awake and stroking
again. He watched everything. "Watch." I looked back at the screen to watch
as the first guy got a load in his mouth, he immediately started shooting
into the next, and so on. "There it goes." I turned back and watch grandpa
shoot a load of cum all over his stomach. "Now we both feel better. Want to
get us the vase?" It seemed so weird, but grandpa was so normal about it
all. I went to the fridge and scooped my in, then took it to grandpa.
"Thanks. My, you have been filling that up fast, haven't you?"

"What do you with it when it's full?'

"Surprise. I'll let you know."

"I'm sorry you catch me. And sorry I walked in on you."

"You should only be sorry if you left because I was in here. I told you,
this is an exclusive club, you, me, and Nick. You have all rights. That's
how we do it in here. And that won't be the last time we jack off

"What were you watching?"

"That was a perfect gay orgy. Set that vase down. It can sit out a minute.
Next round is coming up." So, I sat down next to grandpa, leaving a little
room between us. "I can tell you enjoyed it. How long it take you to shoot
another load?"

"I don't know."

"Well, what's your record between shoot so far?"

"About 45 minutes, I guess."

"Well, let's beat it. Now, tell me, what did you see a minute ago that
really turned you on?"

I got so embarrassed by that. "Come on. You just saw me shoot. You know how
much I loved it too."

"Well, what did you like then?"

"I love two guys sucking on each other. Our dick is like our god. we
worship it. And it brings us to the greatest pleasures we well. So to get
two dicks going together is an explosion. And you both know how you're
feeling and how kick ass that cock is. And get 5 dicks shooting at once,
well, it's that pretty fucking cool?"

"Pretty fucking cool."

"Your turn. What you like?"

"It was so new. i didn't know guys did that."

"How bout that?" I looked over and saw one guy with his dick up another
guys ass while the others were standing around holding their dicks

"wow, I don't know. That looks like it would hurt."

"It feels fucking incredible."

"You've done it?"

"Hell, yeah."

"With who?"

"Now, that's a lot of questions from you. Not that i mind answering, I want
you to ask me anything you want, no holds back. But I get to ask you as
many as you ask me. So, you like the looks of that at all?"

"Not as much as I liked them sucking on each other."

"Well, fair enough. Now, your turn."

"What does it feel like to have a dick up there?"

"Tell you what, you sit on my lap while you jerk that next load and you can
feel my dick down there rubbing on your ass. It's not anywhere as good, but
maybe give you a little idea to see if you'd like it."


"One more rule, boy. I want you to know, you can always say no. Don't ever
do something for me or anyone else because you can't say know. You can
always say no, at any point, anytime, for anything. Deal?"

"Deal." And with that, I jumped up on his lap.

"Take all your clothes off first. I will too. That will give you a better
idea." And we did. As I sat on his lap, i could feel every hair on his leg
and chest. It shot shivers up my whole body. And to feel his hard dick
under my butt was amazing. I kept moving around a little so I could feel it
teasing my ass hole. "Do you like?"


"I want you to be completely honest with me. If you don't like, it's
ok. But if you do like, I want to hear more than just, "Yeah."

"I don't know. I don't really get how I feel, you know?"

"oh, yes. I get that. Well, close your eyes a second and try to describe
everything you feel. What you like and don't like."

"Well, I can feel your chest behind be. I like the hairs on my back and how
strong your muscles are. Same with your legs. I like feeling like you have
me all surrounded."

"Well, that's nice, boy. What about my dick under your ass? It's rock
hard. Feel it?"

"I like it there. It just feels right."

"well, good. So, go ahead, stroke another one." I started to jack off,
watch the guys in tv plow their dicks into each other. Then, grandpa
reached around and started playing with both of my nipples. It felt so
good, like shots went right down to my dick.

"Oh, grandpa, that feels amazing." And I shot another load on my lap.

"Good boy. You are getting the hang of it. Now, I supposed we should head
to bed. It is the middle of the night."

"Grandpa, would it be ok if I stayed in your bed. I like feeling you naked
next to me."

"Of course, boy."

I woke up the next morning curled in his arms. I could still feel his
hard dick against my ass. I got up and took a piss. I started to put my
underware on but thought, why? It's just us? I was very prowd to have
been smart enough to walk around the house naked. As I struted into the
kitchen, I saw grandpa's best friend, Nick, sitting at the table with
coffee. "Well, and good morning to you too. Sport much wood lately?"

I ran out of the room, so embarressed. I ran upstairs and stayed in my
room till I heard grandpa call me down. i came backo down, back in my
boxers this time, "Now, I think you owe Nick an appology, don't you?"

Mortified, I said, looking down, "I am so sorry I was walking around
naked, Uncle Nick."

"Naked? Fuck no. You ran out of the room very rudely, didn't you? No
hello. No goodbye."

"But, I was all embarassed."

"I told you, Nick's in the club. You two will be jacking off together
someday, won't you? Might as well let him see you naked, yeah?"

"I guess so."

"So, what do you say to Nick."

"I'm sorry I ran out."

"That's alright sport."

"Now, why don't we just pretend like that never happened. Go ahead and
take your shorts off again and we'll continue to have a nice morning." I
did as I was told and spent breakfast naked. After breakfast, grandpa
said, "Now, I'm running into town for the day. Got a few odd jobs. I
asked Nick to stay with you.

I was so excited to get to be with Uncle Nick, but still embarressed.
Just before grandpa left, I whispered, "I can stay by myself, grandpa."

"But why, when Nick can stay too?"

I spent the first half of the day doing all my choirs. When I was finally
finished, I ran in to jack off a good load and found Uncle NIck already
there, naked. "Hey, bud. Seen this one yet? It's my favorite." There was
one guy licking another guy's ass hole.

"Really?" As I sat down next to him. "Doesn't that taste like poop?"

"Not if you wash it. It tastes great."

"I don't know. I think I'll pass."

"Ok, you can, sport. So, what you want to watch? I've seen them all.
They're all great."

"This is fine, really."

"What's the matter? You can start rubbing? Get comfortable."

"Well, Uncle Nick, grandpa's started letting me sit on his lap when I
jack off. I was wondering if I could sit on yours too?"

"Does he now. I think we really should ask him first. But, tell you what,
if he says yes, I promise that can be the first thing we do next time.

"Deal." We sat jacking off for awhile. Uncle Nick would comment on things
he liked, like the way that blond guy ate ass like it was everything or
the way the other guy moaned. I couldn't help myself glancing at Uncle
Nick the whole time. He was about 20 years younger than grandpa and while
I thought everything about grandpa was beautiful, there was something
about Uncle Nick that made we want to lick every speck of him. I kept
hoping he would reach over and touch me, but he stayed on his side on the
couch. Then, one guy pulled out a fake penis and stuck it up the other
guy's ass.

"Uncle Nick? Why did he do that? There's a dick right there that could go
in there."

"Well, there are a lot of way to have fun. Sometimes you might be more in
the mood for that."

"Do you do that?"

"Sure. If you ever want to try, there's some in the cabnet. That bottom

I walked over and opened it. There were a ton of things I couldn't even
imagine what they were for. Then, Uncle Nick walked over and pulled out a
short flesh colored mini penis looking thing. "This here, sport, is a
butt plug."

"Why do you want to plug it up?"

"A few reasons. For you, it will let you know if you like something up

"I like grandpa's dick rubbing under it."

"Well, that's a good start. Tell you what, if you want, you stick that up
there and just leave it, all day. Then, tonight, when you sit on his lap,
it could be a surprise."

"I'd love that."

"I'll let you figure it out. It's not hard. Just take it real slow. And
rub a little of this lube all over it first. That will help it sllide in.
And if you're having a hard time, try sitting on it. If you get it in, I
guarentee you'll have one hell of a cum."

"Aren't you going to stay and jack off with me?"

"I've jacked off enough today. I'll be outside. When you're done, come on
out and we'll take a hike thru the woods." And he left.

I applied the lube like he said and started to shove it in. Ooch!! Wow,
that didn't feel as good as I thought it would at all. After a couple
tries, I set it on the floor and slowly lowered myself on it, just like
Uncle Nick said. it also helped imagining that it was Uncle Nick's huge
rod I was sitting on. After a few minutes, it was in. It hurt at first,
but then it started to feel good. I watched the guys take turns licking
each other's asses and wondered what Uncle Nicks tastes like. Then, I
shot a huge load. After filling the vase, I put on some shorts and went

"Ready, sport? Everything in ok?"

"Sure is."

"Good job. Lets go for a hike. You lead the way." We walked all over.
Every so often, Uncle Nick would grab ahold of my butt plug and give it a
little twist. It felt so good every time. Each time he said, "Just
checking". I shot my load in my shorts two more times before we made it
back home. He gave one last tug at my plug before we walked in, reaching
in from inside my short shorts. As he let go, I could feel his fingers
brush accross my inner leg. I was too embarressed to look back at him in
case he could tell I had cum dripping down. "Looks like you enjoyed our
walk, sport." I looked back and saw Uncle Nick licking his fingers. He
gave me a wink, "Better get what you can in that vase of your grandpa's.
He'll be home soon."

(you can read the rest at Let me know what you think)
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    very hott storie, brings back old times to me with my grandfather
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    HOT! Do you have any other nifty contributions?

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