Camping with dad--a story

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So my dad takes me on one last camping trip before I go off to start school; we do this every year right before my birthday. It’s always a small group of his friends—all cops like him—and sometimes I bring a friend but it’s a little hard to. See, there’s a lot of trash talk one these trips—about jail and crooks and my daddy’s friends aren’t always the most open minded people in the world and so it can be awkward.

But like I was saying, we head out to this campground in upstate Maine where there’s hiking and rafting and it’s cool because it’s not well known so there’s not a ton of tourist in ugly tents or screaming kids. I always have fun because it’s really the only time I get to hang out with my dad one on one because he’s always busy with “cop stuff”.

The only thing that sucked this last time was that I really would rather be at home with my friends because school is starting and we’re all going to different colleges. That and my best friend Jim and I have started to hook up ever since the graduation party where we got loaded and fooled around in the back of his parents’ house.

So needless to say, I am horny, bored and stuck in the middle of the woods with a bunch of men who never went to school and make fun of people who did. The whole weekend is full of jokes at my expense even though they think I’m gonna get all the pussy I want once I’m in the dorms. Of course I don’t them I’m gay because my dad would beat the hell out of me.

What sucks even more is that Maine is in the middle of a heat wave and I am stuck either sticking to every piece of clothes I own or watching my dad’s hotter friends parade around in next to nothing. It gets so bad-my horniness—that I have to adjust my cock pretty much all the time.

So two nights in and we’re all over at my dad’s friend, Rick’s campfire. I’m thirsty as all hell and all we have left besides water is beer. I want one really bad but my dad’s a huge stickler when it comes to underage drinking so I can’t. On top of that I’m hornier than hell and want to beat off but I’m sharing a tent with my dad and can’t.

All I can do is watch as the guys get drunker and drunker while I get more thirsty and tired. Everyone starts falling asleep in their chairs and I decide I’m gonna head back to the tent and get to sleep. I really need a drink so I cross past my dad to the cooler and there’s not water left but there are two beers. I look around and no one seems awake so I grab the beers and make my way quietly back to our tent two sites over.

I sit on the picnic table and stare at our fading fire from dinner—slamming each beer just in case someone wakes up. I watch the embers and think about going home and Jim and his hot cock and get a little horny. I stand up and almost fall over because the beer has hit me so hard. I try to be quiet as I throw the two cans in the trash so no one can hear me. That and if they looked over they’d see my raging hard on.

I climb in the tent and almost immediately pass out because of how stuffy it is. I debate pulling my sleeping bag outside for the cool air but I’m drunk and horny and realize I want to beat off which I can’t do outside. I strip down quickly and am about to put on my shorts when I see Jim left me a present in my bag—his jockstrap.

Since it’s so hot and anything I wear to bed will make me uncomfortable I decide to put on Jim’s jockstrap. This makes me so horny that I get even harder than I thought and as I climb in the sleeping bag I can’t help it. I start to rub myself through the jock—up and down the length of my shaft. I’m so into it that I barely have time to pull my hand off my cock when the tent door flies open.

Before I can even react my dad grabs me by the hair and drags me out of our tent. I try to keep my sleeping bag with me so I can stay covered but I can’t. My dad dumps me on the ground by the fire and points at the ground. I look down and see the two beer cans from earlier—shite.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” My dad gets madder and madder as he rants about how he doesn’t want me drinking—what he’ll do to me if he finds out I’m drinking at school—and I’m in total shock as I shiver in the cool breeze in just Jim’s jockstrap. I keep nodding my head to what Dad’s saying and hoping I can get back in the tent before he notices what I was doing when he came in. No such luck.

Dad suddenly stops and looks me up and down. “What the hell are you wearing?”

I can feel his eyes bearing into me as I try to think of an answer. See, I’m not an athletic guy and so the fact that I own a jockstrap—much less wearing one—is huge. My dad is waiting for an answer and I can’t think of anything to say. My dad pulls me up by the hair.

“Where did you get that?”

I know that I should answer but I can’t think of anything that would make sense. My dad gets madder and suddenly pulls my hair harder—pulling my head back and making me arch my back. It’s at this point that my dad sees my semi-hard on and he gives me this mean grin. He reaches down and slaps my cock. I gasp in pain from the blow and pleasure from the touch.

“I’m gonna ask again. Where’d you get this?” My dad waits but I say nothing because I’m scared. He reached down and grabs my cock and squeezes—it hurts but I’m horny too and go flush as my cock twitches in response.

My dad looks me up and down slowly and chuckles. “If you ain’t gonna tell me then I’ll have to beat it out of you.” He pulls me over to the picnic table and across his lap. “You ain’t too old for me to beat your ass.” And with that my dad starts wailing on my ass with an open palm.

I start to cry right away—which only makes him slap my butt harder. I’m scared because I’m getting harder than ever before from the friction of my jock against my dad’s jeans. I’m trying to twist my cock out of the way so Dad can’t feel it but he’s holding me so tight across the waist that I can’t budge.

I keep crying as my dad goes to town—hard hits across both my checks. “Are you gonna tell me what I need to know?” I can’t even speak as I cry harder from the pleasure of a hand on my ass. Not even Jim touched me there.

Suddenly my dad pulls at the waist of the jockstrap, almost lifting me up. Shit—Jim’s name is on the band of strap and Dad could read it if he looked. The beating stops and I breathe a sign of relief as the cool breeze blows over my hot cheeks. Maybe it’s over—maybe his done—

“Jim?” My dad sounds almost shocked. He grabs my hair again and pulls me up to look at him. “Why you have Jim’s jockstrap? Are you one of those fags that steals from the locker room?” I know that any answer is wrong but I have to say something.

“Jim gave it to me.”

After first it’s dead silent—I can hear the hiss of the fire and the chirp of crickets. My dad lets go of my hair and for a moment I think everything is fine. I look up at his face and we lock eyes for a moment until—SLAP.

My dad backhands me across the face, so hard that I land on the ground on my hands and knees, with my stinging with fresh tears. I can hear my dad stand up and over me. “My son—the faggot. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to your mother and made you play sports.” He strands my back and pulls my head back to look at me. “Fucking little punk—a bitch.”

He lets go and gets off my back. “What I’m gonna do about this?” He paces back and forth in front of me—I’m scared and shaking on my hands and knees in the cold—my penis half out of the jockstrap from all the being shoved around. I reached down to tuck my cock back in when my dad yanks me up off the ground.

“I just gave you the beating of your life and you’re still touching yourself? Maybe I need to teach you a lesson.” With that my Dad spins me around and lays me across the picnic table—my ass half in the air as he stands behind me. I can hear the sounds of him undoing his belt and I start to cry again.

“Please Dad—no…” I beg. My dad continues to undo the belt and laughs. I hear him stop and wait for the first slap—I hate myself for trembling.

“You got it all wrong. I’m not gonna beat the gay out of you—I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll never want a cock as long as you live.”

And with that my dad spreads my ass cheeks and sticks a finger in my hole. “I’m gonna do it to you like they do in prison—just spit.” And with that I hear my dad making a gagging sounds and suddenly I feel a heat at my asshole. Before I can even tense up my Dad pushes straight in my ass.

It hurts so bad I almost scream but my Dad quickly snaps his hand around my mouth—laughing as he keeps feeding me his cock. “What’s wrong? Does it hurt? Cause it’s only in an inch…”

I gasp and as I do I feel my hole open and Dad suddenly pushes in deeper, his cock straining against my ass ring. It feels like fire spreading deep inside me and as it stops I relax, feeling tension leaving my body. “It’s all in…” or so I think as I feel my ass adjusting more. I can do this.

My dad strokes my back and leans forward, whispering in my ear. “You think you can handle this?” I start to nod as my dad chuckles and his hands move down to my waist. “It’s only half way in…” And with that my dad grabs my waist and shifts his weight forward so his cock slides in fast and hard. I can feel my tears dripping down my face as Dad laughs. It hurts so much, and he’s going so fast and hard I feel like I might die.

And just like that—suddenly it changes. It stops hurting and starts to feel good as my dad works his cock in deep. I can feel myself getting into the feel of the cock and start to slowly push back against each thrust. I get hard as his balls bounce against me in a fast rhythm. I want this.

I’m scared though—my dad is whispering my ear the whole time. “I’ll fuck this out of you--faggot. I’m gonna bang you so hard that you’ll never walk again.” He starts to pull on my hair as the fucking continues. “I want to make you so sore that you never want a cock again.” He gets faster and deeper with his thrust as he rides me and without meaning to—I moan.

My dad grabs my hair and yanks me back so hard I arch my back. He continues to slam his cock in me and is gasping as he looks at my face. “God—you are a little bitch aren’t you? I haven’t fucked anyone like this since the academy…” With that he slams me down across the table and doubles the speed of his fucking.

I’m almost crying aloud now as my dad starts to slap my ass hard. I can hear his grunts as he pushes the full length of his shaft in me and starts to make circular motions with his cock inside me. I’m so hard now I might burst and I move enough that I can reach down and grab my raging hard on but my dad slaps the back of my head.

“No…” And to my surprise I feel my dad reach down and work my cock free of the jockstrap’s cotton pouch. I’m crying in a good way as I feel my dad’s hand slide up and down my cock, jerking me off in time to his thrusts. I try to keep quiet and bite my lip as the moans grow in me. I hear a weird low sound and realize my dad is moaning too.

Suddenly it becomes too much as my dad shifts his hips and hits the deepest part of my cave and without warning I start cumming. Not just cumming but dumping out buckets of spunk as my dad keeps his hand working on my cock. I almost pass out but then my dad shove his hand in my face and tells me to clean his hand off.

I slurp off my load as my dad fucks me even harder, bouncing me against the table. I almost fall to the ground when my dad suddenly pulls his cock out of my ass with a popping sound. He spins me around and lets out a load groan as he starts to unload.

Strings of cum land all over my chest, my face and cover the entire front of Jim’s jockstrap. I’m amazed as I watch my dad’s face in ecstasy as he continues to spray me with his man juice and even more shocked when he collapses on me—gasping for air.

We lay still for a moment then my dad looks up at me. “Come on.” He grabs me by the front of the jockstrap and pulls me toward the tent. “We’ll clean up later but for now you are grounded.”


“You’re going to have to spend the rest of the weekend in the tent…”

“But I need to take a shower—wash this off…”

My dad slaps me again—lightly. “Why when you’re just gonna be covered in more cum later?” I stare at him in surprise. “Once the guys find out, they’re all gonna want their chance at turning you straight—by fucking you till you can’t take any more.”

I realize my dad isn’t joking as he pushes me inside the tent. I lay back on the ground and listen as he calls out to the other cops by the fire. And that’s when I knew it was going to be a great.

And it was one of the best of my life.
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    Sun, February 26, 2012 - 5:30 PM
    I met an older guy in the bar in San Jose, Ca who used ot wear brown delivery one piece union suit _straps over each shoulder connected to bib and pants and brown boots and he told me he liked to be spanked cause it all started with his father spanking the hell out of him when he did something wrong and he began to like it and would get hard when he got spanked and he now can only cum when someone spanks his butt, he was strange but I believe him as he had nothing to hide about it.. just thought it was weird and this story reminded me of him... ohh yeah daddy spank me so I can get hard and cum !
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    Tue, April 19, 2016 - 1:04 AM
    I came across this as a new Tribe subscriber....I wish this happened with my Father. I have always liked to go skinny-dipping and I wish I could have done that with my Father. Always went with my Father on an over-night camping/fishing trip, but always had my sister and brother with us...If only I could go on a camping trip with my Father now and be intimate with him....and show him just how much fun two men could have!

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