Was it cheating, or was it rape

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When I was 17 Dad came home and told me he'd lost his job because the rescue squad had been disbanded and the headquarters was being moved to the county seat. I immediately knew who was behind this, Darren Worthy. I had been working for his wife after school through a part time employment project my high school had set up. Because my guidance counselor knew I was interested in politics and government she got me a job in Mrs. Worth's office as basically a "go-fer". It was a great job for me, I got paid and could learn the workings of a real government body; even though it was only on the city level. Mrs. Worth got her job because her husband was county commissioner. The third day I was there he came in, said hello, and as soon as she left the room became an octopus.

I told him no, back off, and I think I even threatened to turn him from a rooster to a hen. He left and I thought it was over. The day after Dad lost his job Darren came into his wife's office and informed me three things. First, he was the one that got my Dad's unit dissolved, second, he could get my Dad a position in the new unit as a supervisor - all he had to do was talk to his wife, and three none of that would happen unless I went with him to the family cabin for a weekend. He left, but not before he told me I had two days to think about it.

At this point I had no one to talk to. If I went to Dad he would have said no, and probably beat Mr. Worth to a pulp. At the time I thought if I went to Mrs. Worth she would've called me a liar, fired me, called the school; and my dreams of a political career would have been over before it started.

So I said yes. He told his wife, and my Dad, that I was going with him to help get the cabin ready for the summer. The Worth's "cabin" was actually a mansion on the shore of the biggest lake in the area. Dad sent me off saying call me every night and remember "I love you". Mrs. Worth was ecstatic because she didn't have to hire someone extra to do the work I was going to do. It was going to be four days with this schmuck and I was going to be isolated. The first day it was all work and I thought everything was going to be okay. We actually worked on getting everything ready and both fell asleep, in separate rooms, from the work of the day.

The second day we finished early, and that's when Darren showed his real intentions. He suggested a "swim" in the lake after the work was done. We hadn't brought swim trunks because it was to early to swim. The water was freezing. When we came inside he wrapped a blanket around me and told me to take off my wet underwear and sit by the fire. He came in nude and climbed under the same blanket. I told him this wasn't cool with me, and he said "You want to keep your Dad's job?"

That's where it went to where I think y'all know. I never told Dad, or Mrs. Worth. Dad died without knowing the truth, but he did get that promised job. Darren ended up getting shot by an angry father of another kid he did like me. He got shot twice; once in the chest which ended up making his heart never working at 100%; and also in the groin that -according to local gossip-never worked again.

My question to the tribe is this. Did I cheat on Dad, or was I put into a position that I had no choice of the outcome. I can't talk about it with Dad because I don't have him with me anymore; and I know since he's on the other side he knows what happened. what I'm asking is did I do what I needed to do to protect my family, or was I just an idiot kid that allowed this bastard to pull all the strings he needed to get what he wanted. Plus, was it okay with me or did I just shut down and let it happen.

So, was it cheating, or was it rape?
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