Father son incest

topic posted Wed, September 30, 2009 - 1:58 PM by  Dan
WM, 40, really turned on by father son incest and would like to hear from other guys into it, either fantasy or real. Maybe swap stories and fantasies.
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Washington, D.C.
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    Tue, December 29, 2009 - 7:08 AM
    I was 15 when my uncle (dad's older and divorced brother) fucked me for the first time. I stayed over at his place, for my parents were out to a theatre play. He was 43 at the time.

    We started watching straight porn. He caught me looking at the bulge in his boxers and before I knew it he pushed my head over his cock and started fucking my face. He shot his load deep down my throat.

    That night I slept in his bed, instead of the guest room. In the morning he was hard again and that's when he popped my cherry. Been fucking me ever since. Still does me from time to time nw. Not as often as I'd like him to, due to the distance between us. :-S
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      Tue, December 29, 2009 - 6:43 PM
      that is so hot, patrick. thanks for sharing. wish i had a young stud who's cherry i could pop. where are all the young sons in my area???
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      Re: Father son incest

      Tue, January 13, 2015 - 12:36 PM
      That is really hot! 43 yo man putting the moves on his willing nephew! Wish I'd been there watching!
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    Sun, January 3, 2010 - 7:13 AM
    Real son here. Got started with my Dad when I was 19 and went with him on a trip during my spring break. We jerked off together one morning after he caught me while I thought he was in the shower. Talked about it later that day and he told me he'd been having sex with guys since he was 17 (started with his best friend's Dad) and had been thinking about the two of us together since I was about 16. Got to hugging, then kissing, then took it from there. Best and most intense sex of my life... and we continued that for another 9 years.
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    Sun, January 3, 2010 - 9:49 AM
    Have to admit, recently I've been thinking about and being turned on by the thought of a real life father and son. Would like to watch father fuck or make son suck him, you know...daddy is the top, son is the bottom. Especially if daddy if built.
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    Sun, January 3, 2010 - 3:38 PM
    We are a really real, biological Dad and (adult) Son. We have lots of video of us going it at. Check out the links on our profile to some of our homemade taboo incest porn. Let us know what you think. Thanks!
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    Sun, January 10, 2010 - 8:11 AM
    I posted a few days ago about recently thinking about seeing a real life father-son. What I'd like to see is a real life father-son, with the son over the age of 18 (adult son) and a top father.
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      Tue, February 16, 2010 - 4:09 PM
      never did it with my dad but did it with my uncle as well as my best friend and his dad when i was a teen.
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      Sun, July 14, 2013 - 2:45 PM
      That would be me. My son was 19 when I took his virginity, at his request. He is 21 now and we still have sex from time to time.
  • bj
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    Re: Father son incest

    Thu, March 18, 2010 - 2:48 PM
    I started young with an older cousin of mines........he was fucking me bb and had me sucking on his man size cock......loved every min of it
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    Sat, March 20, 2010 - 11:58 AM
    My brother and I had sex from when I was very young until I was about 20, and he was about 23. Also played around with my cousin when we were very young.
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    Sat, July 10, 2010 - 10:09 AM
    my dad and i were like best friends when i was growing up we spent alot of time together anytime we went away for a weekend i knew at bedtime he was going to brush his cock against me pretending to be asleep and end up goin at it,we always pretended nothing happened it went on until i was around 17 i wish i had the nerve to say hey i want you inside me again i miss it so much!
  • Dan
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    Re: Father son incest

    Sat, August 7, 2010 - 6:56 PM
    Very hot stories I'm 23 bottom son and only got to be with my best friend growing up he was my 1st and I would cum just from sucking his dick I loved it. I was 14 he was 16 when it started and it ended about when I was 16. When I lost my cherry I asked him to take it 1 day when sucking his nice dick in my back yard in a tent I had and he said ok and I sat on him and pushed it in then rode him til I felt him jerk as he pushed in me and came. I prefer older men (he was bigger and a lil older) but didn't get 1 til a boss sucked me off at like 16 at a job in the basement of a house we were painting. I wanted him but heart problems limited me. So I had to wait and at 18 met a man whom I was with a few times. Sorry I didn't have a relative but I always wanted my grand fathers dick and my best friend's (1 who took my cherry) uncle's. But let me know if any dad's in my area want to "hang" out.
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    Tue, August 17, 2010 - 12:29 AM
    Mmmh, I really envy you, lucky guys and lucky dads!
    My dad was great in every sense, but he simply neglected the sex part. I would have been more than willing to become his sextoy if he had just given me a sign.
    Love this group,
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    Wed, September 15, 2010 - 10:04 PM
    my first experience with my friends father

    i fell in love with my best friends father, anthony. he was kind, handsome, praised me. when i was 14 i stayed over isiahs for the wknd. was helping them with jobs round the outside. it was a hot summer day and so after cleaning the cars there was a water fight. everyone got soaked. when i looked at anthony i could the clearly defined muscles of his abs and chest through his wet t-shirt and his short nylon running shorts clung to his groin and thighs. it was beautiful. he was an extremely handsome man. i got an instant hard on and sat down and watched the family carrying on. i excused myself and went upstairs to dry off and get dressed. when i threw the towel in the washing hamper i noticed there was a few clothes at the bottom. it was obvious these were anthonys. horniness got the better of me so i fished around. i pulled out a workshirt and mens underwear. i was so horny i sniffed them while i jacked off. i could smell his musky scent on both items. i wanked into his undies and was lost in the smell. even today i can remember the world falling from under me, anthony walked in on me playing with myself using his clothes. he was coming to dry off, and hello, he catches me. i remember the panic and embarassment washing over me. he came towards me, i must've looked so terrifed. he hugged me and put me up on the washing machine and locked the door behind us. he took off his wet clothes and gripped our cocks together. he kissed me and raised his armpit and buried my face in it. i smelt all of him. someone knocked on the door to come in, he calmly said he was washing up and they left. he was so calm and collect where as i was a nervous ball of horniness LOL. i was licking and sniffing his armpit while he was jacking us. he came first all over my cock and groin. first time i had seen another guys sperm. my cock was coated. he kissed my lips and then went down and sucked my cock. i had never felt anything more beautiful in my life up until then (filet o fish combo was the closest thing to the best thing i ever had up until then). he was sucking his cum off my dick. i came pretty fast and he swallowed everything. i sat there spent and feeling wonderful and scared. he put me in the shower and washed me quickly then i got dressed and went out

    i didnt know how to face his father. i felt embarassed but craved the sexual experience we shared. couldnt bring myself to stare his father in the eye after that. kept my distance from him for a few weeks. when i came around to hang out he asked to speak to me in private. felt worried about it. when we talked he apologised for doing what he did to me. i said sorry for being so scared. he talked about feelings, what we did, privacy and that if i dont want it to happen again he won't ever try it again. i told him i wanted it to happen again. we shared a handful of discreet sexual encounters. my favourite one was when he turned up to take me to soccer practise. izzy was sick. when i hopped in he groped my groin and i let him jack me off on the way to soccer practise. i came in his hand and he quickly put it to his mouth to eat it all. he came back after practise to pick me up. we drove to an industrial area and made love in the backseat. we had shared quick discreet oral sex and kisses in passing but never had full body naked sexual contact. thats when he popped my ass cherry. i came pretty quickly while he fucked me, no condom. he had velour seats and i remember making a mess on his car seats lol. he carried on fucking me and came inside me. it felt nice having his body behind me and feeling him inside me. needless to say im happy i wasnt the one to clean up the seats. we both poured lots of sperm from our dicks. i remember the words i love you come out of my mouth. he kissed me and held me for a few mins

    i have since moved away but still keep in contact with izzy and his father. in my heart i still love him and am searching for that connection again
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    Mon, September 20, 2010 - 3:42 PM
    I always had a thing about my father but never had any encounters with him although I have seen his cock once or twice and almost caught him jerking off a few times. He used to watch porn in our living room and play with himself when he would hear someone coming he would quickly turn off the channel and put his long and thick uncut cock back in his pants but the bulge was always so obvious.

    I now have a Daddy friend who we do sexual roleplay with, its hot, he is 48 and I am 22. I have known him for years and he is a real dad also but seperated from his wife. He fucks me hard and I fuck him also but really Im a little sub bitch for him mostly. We explore many things toegther, piss fun, fisting. I have never been so turned on by anyone else in my life. I am only starting to really appreciate him lately. I do love him very much.
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    Sat, October 2, 2010 - 1:56 PM
    This to me is a hot topic.. I would Love to find a guy in Portland, OR to play with like this..
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      Sat, March 26, 2011 - 7:53 PM
      I used to spy on my real dad at night through his bedroom window in the back yard while he looked at his porn magazines and jacked off. It was so hot and got to see him do it too many times to count. Due to work schedual changes, my dad also changed his play time so I haven't seen him do it in a long time but recently found out he was bisexual while snooping on his computers internet history. I'd like to one day approach him about his little secret and tell him my secret about enjoying watching him and see what he says but I am too much of a pussy to say anything. Few months ago while at my parents house it was just my dad and I there and I almost got the courage to say something but didn't.
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    Wed, April 6, 2011 - 8:26 PM
    Father/son incest
    when i was yonger my stepdad (sd) and i were alone allot ,my mom worked for the arilines and gone allot.At night my s dad would put me in the shower with him before bed, and when he would soap me down he cleaned real good in my boy crack, and peepee , and while showering he always would touch me with his cock, when we were done he would dry me off and rub me down real good, and when putting lotion on me he rubbed real good between my legs, and boy crack. I would sleep with him cause i didnt want to sleep alone in my room ,and one night i woke up to feeling his lips around my peepee and touching my boy hole, i stayed real quite cause it felt so good, once he knew i was awake he moved up ontop of me and started kissing me and touching me everywhere and then got off me and then with his hand took my head and moved me down towards his cock, man it was real big and being a little guy it seemed real real big, so i licked on it sucked it and then he j/o while i sucked the head of , then he cumed all in my mouth and i hadnt swallowed it so when he was done he had me swallow it then pulled me up to him and started kissing me .. From that night on it would happen a few times a week, but the next day we never talked about , he just told me it was only between him and me , not to tell anyone else. There were nights when we went to bed i would always wait for him to mess with me but would fall asleep , and on the nights he would i would wake up to him messing with me , so then it started happening in the shower and he would suck me in the shower and have me suck him in there . Then i got to the point when we were laying in bed about to go to sleep watching tv he would lay next to me rubbing me and touching me and then would wet his finger and start playing my boy hole, and started putting his finger in and then pull out and it would hurt like hell, and he would tell , hang on the hurt will go away and whisper in my hear hang on baby boy it will go down , and sure enough it did and then he would wet his finger agian and this time would get it all the way in , oh it felt so good , so for a long time he would finger me with one finger and then two, then other nights when we played around then he would get me naked and i would play with myself and he would get up between my legs and put the head of his cock in my boy hole but only the head and j/o till he cumed inside me, i would j/o or after he was done he would help j/o me off till this small amout of boy juice came out but it was very little and then he would lick it off, so it just got so that we were doing this allot and i loved it , oh it felt so good, and we would start in the shower and finish in the bed, but in the shower he would rim me good and make me rim him and then he started pissing on me in the shower , i loved it , he would get on his knees in the shower and get to my level and would piss in my boy crack and it would come out threw where my peepee was and could feel it on my little balls,,,,about maybe a year later my s dad started putting his cock in my boy hole , but he would have to finger me with on finger for a while and then two fingers and then he would put it in me , oh dam i loved it ,,,,, my s dad was a big pervert he would show me xxx videos , and would make me eat his cum , and would make me sniff his dirty underwear , and he would sniff and lick my little boy underoos, so as i got older we started doing more and it was hot the more we did the more i liked but for the longest time we would ever talk about unless we were messing around and as i became a teenager we started doing allot more , my dad had a friend of his join us , i woke up one night to a dark room and felt my dick being sucked on and thought it was my dad , coming to find out it was my dads friend sucking me and my dad was there in the dark watching him and then my dad made me start sucking his cock , they already had my shorts pulled off and i was totally naked and so were they , and before i knew it we were all in my bed naked and i had these two older naked men touching me everywhere and there naked bodys were all over mine it was hot and they took turns fucking me and my s dad cumed in me and his friend rimmed me until he got all the cum out of my ass then he made me suck him until he cumed all in my mouth it was so dam hot , and still to this day i cant get enough of my s dad , i long to have him on me , in me and filling me up with his dad cum
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    Fri, April 8, 2011 - 3:15 AM
    into bro/bro, love to yahoo
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      Mon, April 25, 2011 - 5:29 PM
      I'm 34, thinking about trying to initiate this with my Dad who is 65. Any thoughts/ideas on how to?
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        Wed, April 27, 2011 - 6:05 AM
        do u spend any time with him, does he live alone, set it up so he sees u jerking ur cock, looking at mens pics or vide, he will either stay and watch, leave, if he starts to get angry he is actually wanting it, take it but keep ur cock out, he will keep looking at it.
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          Sat, April 30, 2011 - 9:47 AM
          oh jim your such a naughty boy i would love to catch you playing with your cock when your suppose to be sleeping
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        Tue, December 9, 2014 - 9:16 PM
        It's never too late. I had been having sex with my uncle, my fathers brother since I was 5 the girl leaves s few minutes later years old. We would have sex at porn theaters, his car, alleyways and pretty much any place we could find including his basement when his wife was not around. This lasted until I reschednoubertynsnd my voice changed. 3 years ago my 58 year old father came to visit me in New York for the first time since my parents divorced 5'years ago after 37 years together. He came from Floridw with a pal of his who was also in his 50's , but much younger looking as was my dad. Dad decided he was very horny on his second day so he hires s Russian hooker and invites me to fuck her with me. I oblige as I like pussy as well. The escort turns out to be a very thin, model looking girl flat as a board. While we are double fucking her , my dad in her pussy and I in her ass. My fathers dick mistakenly impailes in my ass and not tehe hoe. Having it in my ass coated with pussy juice brough t me over the top and I spilled my seed in the cunts asshole. My dad comes in my ass and gives me a heavy cream pie. After the escort leaves I went to sleep and my dad getst right behind me and proceeds to fuck me for 8 hours . He came inside of me 6 times , each time flooding me with his cum. . By the end my dead falls asleep. I go downstairs to get something to drink and his friend follows me to the bathroom pullls my shorts off and proceeds to gfuck me using my dads cum as lubricant. During his second ducking session on the bathroom sink , my dad walks into e bathroom and orders the guy to take his cock out of my hole , he puts me in the shower and cleans me up.then instead of peeing in the toilet he makes me take his piss as punishment. . 3 minutes after he is gone his friend foes into the bathroom turns the water in the sink on and finishes the second fuck , now more turned on then before cause he feels the warmth of my dad's pee in my home and nuts pretty fast. My dad continued to fuck me every night until he left a week later. We have continued our fucking sessions and get together every 3 weeks where either I go down or he comes up to see me for a duck marathon. He's the type that when he cums he continues fucking . So at the end of about7 hours I am literally flooded with his dick juice. Now he's 60 but the fucking continues . By the way my dad is a 6'2 guy with an 11 inch cock. I'm 5'9 and have an 8 inch cock.
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          Re: Father son incest

          Wed, December 17, 2014 - 9:18 PM
          I never got to see my dad naked but always wanted to have a long term sexual relationship with male family members. These stories are so hot and makes me wish I had some. I did have sex with my brother when I was younger and a couple of adult family friends. Would like more!
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    Tue, May 3, 2011 - 12:59 PM
    My father liked to walk around the house letting me see his tight hairy ass through his underwear. I especially loved this during the summer when I saw a sweet brown sweat stain on the back of his white briefs from his dirty hairy hole, and the yellowed piss spot in front!

    So it’s no wonder that when I was 14-15, I groped my father as he was getting out of the shower, and his wet hairy balls felt so good in my hand!!

    I had always fantasized about feeling a grown mans hairy crotch, even before my teens. Hell, I was in the third grade when I thought a 6th grade teacher’s chest hair & beard were sexy. My dad often walked around naked prior to a shower, farting and scratching his hairy ripe crotch as he went. For some reason, I eyed him up and got really hard thinking about how his warm hairy balls would feel in my young hand. In fact I’m hard now!

    My dad looked hot!

    He had a tight bubble butt and hairy crack, leading to his hole, balls and uncut cock. I would often look at his ass while he was wearing his uniform! His pants fit his firm ass nice n tight. This groping experience was planned for a while, and one day I decided to feel a grown mans hairy balls…my dads!!

    So when the morning came I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet watching him wash his ass, uncut cock and balls. My cock started getting hard so I stroked it letting my precum work as lube. When he shut off the water my heart began to race and I kept strokin. He stepped out of the shower, and as he was wiping his ass dry I made my move, grabbing his wet hairy balls, holding them for a few seconds before he could react. In that short time of holding his balls, he watched me jack myself. Then to my astonishment, he got down on one knee and started sucking my pulsating cock. He stood up and locked the door. His hardening cock fit perfectly in my mouth as I knelt down and started licking under his hooded uncut cock.

    I started tasting his precum and within minutes his creamy full load. His warm cum ran out of my mouth and dripped onto my cock. I stood up and dad took my cock in his mouth taking my full load, but not dripping a bit! I left the room. Nothing was ever done or mentioned again. It was something between a father and son that will not be forgotten!!
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    Wed, May 4, 2011 - 1:53 AM
    I'd love the opportunity to meet and join genuine fathers & sons
    who'd like to share a sub/bottom outsider!
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      Sat, May 14, 2011 - 11:44 AM
      Ditto for me. My fantasy is to make it with a bio father/son team who are into threeways. I cannot imagine anything hotter! This is a great thread, men... Hope to hear from any of you into the same thing. Let's keep it going.
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        Sat, August 10, 2013 - 10:11 AM
        I have to agree on this one. While I certainly have interests with my own dad/son/uncles/cousins, it would be hot to taste the flavor of another family like that.
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      Wed, August 27, 2014 - 2:44 PM
      That's so wild to read. My dad would haul my cunt out to do the 3 way and it was big bucks. Most dudes are afraid to play with the boy in front of dad. I played with a d/s couple visiting from France when I was 17. The dad was so handsome and had a huge cock. The son was just 18 and sort of unfinished growing into his sex. I looked like an adult by 14 because of my genes and trained as a whore early, I really intimidated the son. Those were a long time ago but I have hooked up with d/s at the naked beaches, truck stops and, well, arranged to hook up with the divorced gay dad by his son who I already knew....more than one d/s too.
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    Re: Father son incest

    Sun, October 20, 2013 - 5:46 AM
    i had started with an older cousin when i was too yng to know what sex was about.

    i was with a few older cousins before dad and me started, so i was in my late 20 early 30 with dad.

    i've written down my experiences and can send them to anyone who askes.
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    Re: Father son incest

    Sat, December 7, 2013 - 12:15 PM
    one of my cousins used to baby sit me, and he told me when I was older that he used to "feed me his milk"
    I became quite proficient at an early age, and I seduced almost every man in the family, I continued to have sex with them till much later but I would loose interest and move on to the next one,
    I even tried beast sex
    and oh by the way I have groups on each topic
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    Fri, January 10, 2014 - 1:00 PM
    I and my bro were started by our Uncle before we were teens. He had three older boys and one younger then me. We all would have sex in the barn in a big room that was setup just for this. This continued till I went college. My brother and I continued even after we both had married women. My first wife and I had no children, then I married another young lady. She gave me two beautiful boys, but she passed shortly after the second son was born.
    So I am a widower and single with two boys 12 14 now.
    Like a lot of straight dads I would shower with the boys, even now we like to shower together. When I remodeled I made a huge shower room of the work out room in the basement. Sometimes we even work out nude or just in our briefs.
    My boys are very social, like me, and have friends sleep over a lot. I also have friends spend the night with me. One dad I know and have camped and had sex found out my dad/son love and now he and his boys have joined us more then a few times.
    My brother has twins and his wife is like a refrigerator as soon as the twins were born. We camp a lot together and when they can all spend the night with us.
    I really enjoy reading what others have done, or still do.

    If you are on yahoo messenger I'm on as briefswest add me and send a message so I know where you found me.
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    Re: Father son incest

    Wed, September 3, 2014 - 10:38 AM
    Funny how I've never been at all attracted to my own father, but father/son relationships turn me on so much....
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    Re: Father son incest

    Wed, September 24, 2014 - 9:38 PM
    Started young (6) with uncle here and then dad got involved and would fuck me most nights at home. Still fuck around with both of them and love swapping stories.
  • d
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    Re: Father son incest

    Sat, November 22, 2014 - 12:56 PM
    I can remember wanting to see my dad's cock when I was very yng. I always wanted to see it hard and play with it.
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    Re: Father son incest

    Sun, November 30, 2014 - 10:14 AM
    My son and I are both adults, both of us have been married to women and both of us are fathers. Both his mother and I come from Greek immigrant families where male to male contact within the family and with close friends is common. Kissing and hugging man to man is a given in our families. So when we recently spent time together at an all male nude resort in Phoenix, Arizona, we took things a step further.

    This wasn't our first time being nude together. As adults, we have vacationed at this resort before. But this time we became physical with each other. My son has experience with swingers, male to male bating and mixed sex orgies. He isn't naive.

    We spent a few days together at the resort, relaxing and watching porn together. We got aroused together and we jacked each other. First I jacked off my son and used his cum to grease up my cock, then said to him "jack me off". He made me cum so hard. Later I asked my son how he felt about what we did and he responded: "I figured it would happen eventually".

    I have gotten a lot of support from buddies on BateWorld who have also had erotic physical contact with their dads and sons. Interestingly, I have not heard from many fathers who have had the experience with their sons. Maybe it is considered wrong from a father's perspective but OK from a son's perspective. I wonder about that. I hope to hear from other fathers.

    I don't expect everyone to be fine with this or even to understand, but I do expect everyone on this site to be courteous and to TRY to understand that love can be manifested in many ways.
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      Re: Father son incest

      Sun, November 30, 2014 - 8:05 PM
      Thanks for posting this Nich...., very beautiful descriptions of your encounters. Father and son erotic contact is already based upon a 'real' love that father and son most naturally share. It seems to be a rare form of male eros, but, since a great majority of the general public consider this a taboo subject, it might be practiced more by men that we suspect.
      I am a rather spiritually oriented person, and to me Dad and Son erotic encounters, can be sacred acts.
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    Sun, December 7, 2014 - 1:55 PM
    My son and I make love. The first time he was 14 and he wanted to cuddle, then cuddle nude at night, and it just got going from there. We are far apart and don't see each other much but after he graduates HS he wants to come live with me full time. He will have his own room but he says he won't ever sleep there. Waiting for 2017. :)
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      Mon, December 15, 2014 - 12:17 AM
      Get you gear together, and make the scene as sexy as possible. Wear tight Levi's 501's, boots, 'have some porn mags in your room. Buy a couple of leather pieces to wear. I wanna hear about this. I've been fucking my Dad for many years. Now I'm fucking my nephew. (brothers son).
      We should be chat buddies (or more). Talk soon, Michael.
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      Re: Father son incest

      Mon, April 4, 2016 - 11:49 AM
      Congratulations! you and your son are lucky.
      I would like to know more details, it is very hot!
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      Re: Father son incest

      Mon, April 4, 2016 - 2:04 PM
      Congratulations! you and your son are lucky.
      I would like to know more details, it is very hot!
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        Re: Father son incest

        Mon, April 4, 2016 - 2:27 PM
        When I was young I had some experience with my father, I would like to return to that but not how to do it after so many years.

        Explain your experience here or in private.
        Here my story:

        As a boy I like to watch the furry and strong body of my father.
        He likes to go shirtless and in shorts all the time.
        When he watching TV likes scratching the package, or putting his hand inside the underpants.
        He always did no matter who saw it, I my mother or my sister ..
        I sometimes sat behind him and looked scratching or touching without looking at the TV, hoping to see more of his package.

        One day my mother and sister came out, he fell asleep watching TV, and I will touch a little hispackage, very carefully and with great fear.
        I even put a little spit in the package of my father.

        Some time later, I was still under 13, he called me one morning into his bedroom, he was with our dog, a small female.
        He asked me if I knew how to excite or if I had seen before. Then he began gently stroking her belly toward her pussy.

        The dog began to get excited and moved his hips like a dog to get excited.
        I laughed and comment that already have seen before.
        It is curious, then did not think, but over the years I realize that looking excite me or start some kind of sexual game with me, remember
        I was a child and did not have much experience in sex, so I do not think much, also he gave me a little shame.

        Some time passed, I started to talk about kissing than adults did in the film, "tongue kissing".
        Those comments made my father laugh..
        I guess that's why one day my father did the following:

        With him lying on the couch and I on the floor just below him, he dropped on me.
        I began to kiss me with tongue and also moved her hips, as when you have sex. His enormous weight compared to mine made me impossible to remove him off.
        To me he gave me much disgust, because french kiss was too much for me, and I thought it was a bad joke and we laugh.
        Over time, added to the experience of the dog, if I had been more mature surely we would have had real sex.

        Years later, I began to hide during school hours in my room to hope that he came, because at that time he would be home alone.
        And so he did several times.
        He saw porn and masturbated as normal. He ejaculated in a handkerchief and later, he left it on the room for laundry, after he left to do their thing.
        I came out of hiding in search of the handkerchief with sperm from my father. When I had it, I sucked hard.
        His cum was the first i taste
        After that I have not had anything else with my father, Over the years distance ourselves and now there is no relationship.
        But I have hopes to make peace once and perhaps seduce him for a blowjob, but it is quite hard to make it happen.
        Currently I have some incestuous relationship with another member of the family, but is personal and I prefer to tell in private if you want to share experiences.
  • Re: Father son incest

    Tue, April 19, 2016 - 1:08 AM
    Im into the Father/Son incest angle. I never did it with my Dad, but have always wanted to. The closest has been my past boyfriends in which I have always been a very good Boy/Son...I am 46 now and still a very good Boy/Son.

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