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am a 35-year old gay man who started fantasizing about sex with my

biological dad back in 1975 when I was a 15-year old teenager. I found

myself very aroused whenever I saw my hairy 45-year old dad nude. How I

loved to catch a glimpse of dad in his bedroom in the early am or late

pm after he had showered. I was obsessed with getting a look at his

thick, fat 8-inch cock surrounded by dark pubic hair that ran up to his

stomach and chest.

I often spyed on him through the crack in his bedroom door, I loved that

hairy chest and large cock. Although nothing ever transpired between us

at that time, I am sure that Dad knew I wanted him. During this time, I

masturbated excessively in my room over the idea of having sex

with him. I used to wish that he would come in my bedroom while I was

stroking and fulfill my fantasy. In my fantasy we did just about

everything, but dad was usually the top, and I was his submissive


My parents divorced in 1985 and Dad moved to Florida a year later. I

also came out to both them and they were fine with it. In the summer of

1990, I took a trip from New England to Florida to visit my dad for

three-weeks. My motives to visit him were innocent as I had not seen

him in awhile and I missed him. During my first few days there, I

couldn't help but snoop around dad's bedroom. I wondered if he was

pounding any pussy regularly or masturbating. I was looking mainly for

rubbers or porno magazines like Penthouse.

To my amazement, I found a cum rag in his nightstand (which had been

used more than a few times) along with a porno magazine. What shocked

me was that this porno magazine contained graphic pictures of men and

women fucking. In other words there was just as much cock shown

as pussy. Finding this kind of magazine in my dad's nightstand made me

question his sexual preference.

That night Dad and I went out for dinner. We drank beer and got caught

up on each others lives. When we returned home we had a drink and then

Dad said he was going to take a shower and call it a night. I decided

to stay up for a little while longer and have another beer.

Suddenly, I looked up to was pleasantly surpised to see Dad in the buff.

His 55-year old body still looked good, the only difference was that his

hairy chest had some gray in it. "I just wanted to ask you want time to

wake you up" he said. With my eyes glued to his big cock I replied

"when you get up Dad."

Dad's cock was nice and long and his balls hung low just like I

remembered them. This started me fantasizing again, but I told myself

to stop being silly. But my horniness got to me along with

the beer we had drank.

fter he left I decided that if there was ever a time to try to make it

with him it was now. I went to my room and stripped off my clothes and

waited for dad to finish his shower. When I heard the water stop

running, I entered the bathroom in the nude and asked dad where he kept

the towels as I also wanted to take a shower. He interestingly eyed my

cock and while handing me a towel from the closet. I instantly got a

hard on! I stood there showing off my erect meat. Then to my

delight dad got erect. He chuckled and said "Well, I guess we are both

feeling the same way son." Are you bi? I asked. Yes, he replied.

Actually I think I am gay like you. I couldn't believe

my ears! The fanstasy of a lifetime was coming true.I pushed Dad out of

the bathroom and onto the couch and said "Let's jerk off together." OK

he said. Together we stroked our meat till I let out a loud yell of

orgasm. Dad followed within minutes.To make a long story short, we

began sucking dicks later that day. I found out that Dad was an

excellent cocksucker and had been sucking dick in Florida for the past

few years.

Dad and I had great sex during my stay. Dad and I 69'd and sucked and

sucked till we both shot our loads. It was fantastic!!! One day we

even rimmed each others ass. I ate his hairy asshole like it was candy.

He ate mine too and fingered it, which triggered me into a horniness

that I had never known possible. Soon Dad was fucking me and shooting

his hot thick cum down my throat. We couldn't believe how exciting it


What was it like? The fantasy of a lifetime. I sucked off the man that

I always dreamed about. None of this has had any negative emotional

effects on us. In fact, we are both quite proud and closer than ever!

Dad and I indulged in sex constantly during my stay with him. We became

cocksucking/fucking buddies. I felt honored that my dad loved me

enough to do this with me. My sex drive was quite overpowering for me

and I practically wore my dad out with my libido.

During my last week, dad told me he had a friend he wanted me to meet

named Len. He told me that this friend was his favorite fuck buddy, and

asked me how I felt about having a threesome. I told Dad I was all for

it! Dad invited Len over the next night. When Len arrived, dad put on

a video. It was a real hot fuck movie and I could see that dad was

getting a huge bulge in his pants from it. Before I knew it, dad was

spread eagle and his hard cock buried in Len's mouth. He groaned and

moaned as Len slurped on his hard cock and sucked on his oversized

balls. Len said "I want to watch you fuck and suck each other." Len

instructed us on what to do. "First, eat each others asses, so get in

the 69 position!" he ordered. Dad and I Iayed down and spread our legs

out. Then Len pushed dad's face into my hairy buthole and dad ate

away. I moaned with delight as he massaged my hungry fuckhole with his

tongue. Len stroked his cock as he watched dad and I rim each others

asses and suck each others cocks. Dad sucked on my cock and big balls

like a pro, he ate my asshole so well! He was hornier than I

had ever seen him! I pushed my tongue deeper into his ass as he moaned.

I put one then two fingers in his hairy daddy cunt. This got me so

hot that I was just about to cum, then Len commanded, "Stop!" Now put

your cock up your son's ass and fuck him!"

I laid on my back and stroked my cock. Len lifted my legs apart and dad

greased my ass with some KY. I was minutes from shooting a major load

but I knew I had to hold on. "You be a good bottom for your daddy!"

ordered Len. As dad prepared my ass, Len lowered his big thick cock

into my mouth. I think my dad really enjoyed watching me suck another

man's cock. "Loosen his boy-pussy with your fingers!" Len said. Dad

inserted two figures up my ass to loosen me up, then two more.. He

fingered fucked my ass - it felt great. Then he put the tip of his cock

on myhole and pushed it in. With my legs pushed back, dad picked up the

rhythm till he was slamming my but with his rod, he groaned loudly with

each thrust. I masturbated myself as his cock slammed in and out of my

buthole, I could feel his balls slapping against mine. I was in ectasy

as I moaned loudly. I sucked every inch of Len's large cock as he

shouted, "Fuck your son's ass man!" and dad watched his dick go in and

out of his son's ass.

I was in absolute delight as I experienced my father's huge cock in my

ass and Len's big tool in my mouth. The fucking went on for awhile

until dad let out a loud moan and shot his load in my ass. Then Len

shot his load all over my face. I shot a huge load, it was intense!

Len then said "It's time for me to fuck your daddy's pussy for awhile.

Wanna watch boy? "Sure!" I exclaimed. "Your daddy is a little fucking

sex whore, did you know that!" said Len. Len forced dad on all fours and

ate his butt out. Then he rubbed some KY on his hairy buthole. I

pushed my 8-inch dick into dad's face and he swallowed as much as he

could. The look on my dad's face was that of pure ectasy as Len mounted

him from the back. Dad grit his teeth in pain as Len pushed his dick

into dad's moist buthole, it was a tight fit at first but then Len was

in and pushed his thick cock to the hilt!

Len fucked him for a little while in that position in a very rough

manner. He pulled dad's salt and pepper hair as he rammed him. Then he

threw dad on his back and pumped him real hard. I was almost ready to

cum again watching two hairy dads fuck. Len ordered Dad to sit on his

dick and ride it like a horse, to my amazement Dad rode it without any

problem - boy, we were certainly alike! Len fucked him on his side,

lifting his leg up allowing me to get in there to suck away! Len put dad

on all fours again and I got underneath and watched Len's cock go in and

out of my dad's juicy hole. Dad's hairy balls hug low and swung back

and forth as Len plugged him. Len yelled, "Your dad's a real good

fucking whore!" Why don't you give him a try. I mounted

dad, pushing my dick up his ass while he layed on his back. Dad stroked

his cock rapidly and rubbed his silvery black hairy chest and squeezed

his own nipples. "Fuck me son" moaned dad. I fucked him until I came

it was the best fuck ever! We rested for awhile and fucked and sucked

repeatedly that night!

I have a lover now and he loves to hear this story. One day we hope to

visit Dad and who knows what could happen!

Father and Son - Part II: The Adventure Continues

The next day dad, Len, and I went out for brunch to a nearby gay bar. I

was getting to know my dad in a special way that I never imagined. I

was seeing a side of him that completely amazed and enticed me. He

seemed a little nervous and uncomfortable that morning, probably because

of all of the things we had done the night before and what society might

label us as committing. The word incest didn't seem to matter to me and

at this point I cared little about what society thought of us. I was

more concerned about my relationship with my dad as I truly felt an

enormous love for him. A love for him as my sexy father and a love for

him a fellow gay man.

After brunch Len asked my dad and I if we were interested in going to

the baths later that night. I was all for it but dad was vague about

whether he wanted to go. We decided to call Len later that day and him

know. "Don't let me down guys, after last night I want one more hot

session with the both of you." After Len left I asked dad if he and I

could talk.

When we got back to dad's place, I asked him to tell me about his first

gay experience. I wanted to know all about dad's entrance into the

world of men. Dad told me that in 1975 while on a business trip in Los

Angeles, he happened into a magazine-smoke shop and for the first time

in his life came upon an adult magazine-book section at the back of the

store. He strolled back there and looked the collection over. He said

he was drawn to the gay section and bought a picture magazine and a

couple of pocket books. That first purchase of gay material hooked him

and he found myself purchasing many more gay magazines and books.

For about four years all he did was read about the gay community and

scene. His job had him travelling extensively and he began to frequent

adult bookstores and gay movies in the cities in which he was staying.

He was in Los Angeles again one weekend evening at a gay movie house

watching a fairly actionless movie when his sexual urges overcame his

normal apprehensions and he headed for a gay bathhouse he had seen


The unmarked entrance to the baths was at the rear of a building. He

gathered up his courage and opened the door. Once checked in and

finding himself in the orgy room watching a fuck and suck movie, he

became engaged with an Oriental man about his own age and they headed

for a private room where they got into a 69 scene. Dad sucked his first

cock and swallowed another man's cum. He told me that he had

experimented tasting his own a couple of times previously. He said that

as soon as he took another man's cock into his mouth he knew he was

meant to be a cocksucker. When the man shot his cum into dad's mouth he

realized that he wanted and needed more of that delicious man cream.

Afterwards, he realized the many opportunities he had missed in his

life. The rest of the night at the baths he said he was unable to get

enough cock or enough cum down him. He stayed at the bath house all

night into the early morning. Dad estimated that he must have sucked

cocks with at least 25 different men in that time period. Wow! I

thought. I was starting to get turned on thinking of my dad as such a

permiscuous homosexual.

The following weekend he had to go to San Francisco, and at a bathhouse

there, he got fucked and rimmed for the first time by an older man that

ate his hairy ass, greased it up, and was in him before he realized it.

He shot his load without his cock being touched. He learned was that

getting fucked in the ass was another great turn on, even when there is

a bit of discomfort with the initial penetration. Also, it was at this

bathhouse that he engaged in his first orgy where dozens of men were

sucking and fucking each other in a mad tangle of bodies. He travelled

frequently and went to the baths everytime he could. Dad said that when

he went to the baths he would usually get fucked at least once or twice

while he was there. "My behavior is very addictive in bath houses, son.

That's why I was not sure if we should go with Len tonight." he said.

I was intrigued with his story and told him that sucking and fucking

with him only made a stronger bond between us. I also said that he

could do what he wanted at the baths as I had no problem with it. We

were not just father and son - but friends too. I told him that I was

proud to be his son and that I was really happy that he was gay and

comfortable enough to let me in his gay life. I also told him that I

totally enjoyed having sex with him and Len and hoped that we could

share more hot experiences with each other before I went back to Boston.

Dad looked worried as he anxiously played with his dark moustache.

God, he was such a handsome man. I couldn't get over how hot he was!

Dad looked at me sternly and said that he felt shame over what had

happened and feared it might result with negative consquences. I asked

him to explain his fear. He told me that he never imagined having sex

with his youngest son and was concerned about what could happen if this

information ever got out to friends or family. He was particularly

concerned about my mother and two brothers. He said he wasn't concerned

about his gay friends and even new a guy from one of the clubs that

often had threesomes with his son.

"Shit dad," I said. "First of all, mom could never possibly find out -

and as far as your other sons go you should probably know that Dan (my

oldest brother) and I used to jerk each other off and suck each other

off." Dad was shocked, "But Dan is heterosexual!" he exclaimed.

"Bisexual is more like it dad. Dan wouldn't give a shit, in fact he

would probably want to join in! And Gil (my other brother) well, I

never did anything with him, he was always so shy, however; he got one

hell of a cock from what I remember. He could never find out about this

unless we told him, and as far as I am concerned this is between you,

me, and Len!"

Dad seemed to get more comfortable. "I think you are one of the hotest

older men around dad, and I want to have sex with you while I am here.

Who knows if this will continue in the future. All I know if that it

feels perfectly healthy to me today. "Son, you are truly unique! I must

admit that I have had fantasies about fucking you for years! I used to

cum over and over again thinking about it. When you came out to me I

really got obessed with it, and now, we have acted on our fantasy and I

guess I am still in shock. I want you son, and I will miss you when you

leave in twodays." I bent over and kissed dad on the lips. I

unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed his furry chest and licked his nipples.

"I think going to the baths would be a great experience for us to share,

how about it?" "Okay, son, I'll call Len and tell him to meet us there

at 10 p.m."

Dad and I split a six of beer and did some shots of scotch. I noticed

an amazing change to him after he was buzzed. He became much more

aggressive and comfortable with me. We both knew we were in for a night

of hot sex with each other and with who know how many other men.

When we got to the bathhouse, Len also walking in with a friend who I

thought was one hot lookin dude! Len's friends name was Winston. He

was an Italian biker type around 45 yrs old I'd say. I secretly hoped

that Winston and I would get to share an orgasm later that night.

Since there was a waiting list for rooms, we all got lockers. We

proceeded to the locker room where we all took off our clothes. I eyed

Winston as he took off his underwear and got a great look at this big,

thick, uncut cock! It was massive! On my other side was dad with his

fat tool. What a night it would be!! Dressed in skimpy white towels the

four of walked into the halls where we decided to separate for awhile.

We were all on the list for a room so surely one of us would

have a room to settle into before the night was over.

I watched Dad, Len, and Winston walk away. I heard the whispers of some

young boys as they eyed all three of them. Shit, I thought, I bet dad

gets anyone he wants. I felt a tingle of jealousy and then reminded

myself that he was my father not my lover and I had no right to place

any restrictions on him. For all I knew this might be dad's regular

hangout on weekends. So anything goes! And anything did!!!

I decided to go in the sauna for awhile before diving right into sex.

There were 8 men in the sauna and three of them were going down on each

other in a 69 circle. One man jerked himself off watching as the other

two just watched. I hungrily watched for about 15 minutes until I felt

a hand go under my towl and grad by tool. I looked up and it was Len.

"Come with me Eddie," he said. As we walked down the hall he said "We

found a boy with a room and now we need one more boy!" I walked into a

fairly large room and a naked young boy about 21 was sitting on the

bed smoking a joint. He had a pretty large cock and was playing with

it. On the table was a large bottle of poppers, assorted rubbers, a

tube of KY, and one of the biggest dildoes I'd ever seen. Dad and

Winston were naked with hard ons. Dad winked at me as I entered the


Eddie this is Doug, said Len. I said hello. Doug passed me the joint

and said "Well this is going to be a real treat, watcha guys into?" Len

approached the Doug and asked "You like suckin big daddy dick boy?" "Oh

yes sir!" exclaimed Doug submissively. Len rammed his cock down

Doug's throat till Doug let out a loud gulp. The boy sucked away like

there was no tomorrow, moaning with intense pleasure with the fat meat

in his mouth. Winston then walked over and positioned the boy onto his

back and pressed his hard cock against the boy's smooth butt hole.

Doug was sucking off Len vigorously and spreading his legs apart

inviting Winston into his boy cunt. Doug jerked himself off as he

moaned and groaned with a mouth full of daddy cock. He spread his legs

as wide apart as possible and Winston grabbed onto his heels and pushed

them back.

Dad and I stood naked together watching this hot scene. Then dad said

"Guess I'll join in." Dad walked over to the threesome and stroked his

cock. I wondered what he was going to do. To my delight he got down on

his knees and proceeded to give Winston one hell of a blow job. I

stroked my cock up and down as I watched Doug suck Len, dad suck

Winston, and Winston rim Doug's boy pussy with his long tongue. Then

Len yelled, "Eddie, come take over for me here. I'm gonna help Winston

fuck this whore's tight fuckhole."

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    Darn! I love this story! I too have always fantasized having sex with my biological Dad....I still do. No matter thst I am 47 and he is 30 years my senior. He and and I both have hairy I can only imagine that we both have the same "equipment " as well. I only wish that I too had a Son of my own to help explore his, and my, sexuality together.

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