Whose Cum did you taste first?

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Just wondering...
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    My own when I was 13.

    But do you know what is so strange?
    I recognized the taste immediately...but there are no memories.
    • I suppose my first cum taste was of my own too. I was thinking whose was the first from someone else. But I used to taste my own cum all the time, from about 12 onward. Even started shooting in my own mouth, and then self-sucking when I was 15. Still get so turned on doing it to this day...
  • My brother when we were teens. He was the first to fuck me also.
    • First cock I ever sucked was my brother's... I was 14, he was 19 at the time.
      Our cousin, also aged 19, had her wedding and half of the invitees were similarly-aged fellas. After hours of seeing some hotties dancing and bouncing, my hormones were through the roof...

      My brother got drunk which was very unlike him. My parents told me to make sure he reaches home (they said i was too young for a wedding anyway). When we got to the house, i started to take his shoes off. My brother was smiling and telling me how much he loves me and how grateful he is that i'm taking care of him.... I got him undressed down to his briefs...
      I put him on the bed and stayed with him. Changed myself into my PJs and went to bed together... After a while, he started snoring and i saw a window of opportunity... With those hotties at the wedding having primed me, i was lustful for some cock and my virgin mouth wanted it right there and then...

      I started fondling my brother over the sheets then got bolder and put my right hand under the sheet and over his briefs... His snoring went on uninterrupted.. i placed my hand in his briefs, and felt his pubes and hairy balls. I caressed his flaccid dick and i could not believe my fortunes... His cock got hard but he was still asleep. Already feeling hornier and bolder, i went down on him. I still remember the smell of his cock... A faint trace of urine was flooding my nostrils... I started sucking his dick, going up and down, just as i had seen it in movies countless of times. I remember how mechanical and silly it all seemed... With time, my brother's dick got super hard and he started to move in his sleep. I was soo not ready to give up but i got so scared and i stopped... I still regret it to this day. I wish i could have continued... What's the worst that could have happened?
  • My cousin's. I was 11-12 and he was 15-16, when we first started to play around and I had yet to cum. He showed me how to JO and then to suck him off. Before too long, I started making cum and almost always clean-up by licking my cum up....
  • My mom roomate son Corey @11 yo then later my kid stepbrother Kyle @10 yo during my teens I alternated during parents divorce. Later my kidstep move out after announcing his coming out of the clost. I went to college and off to USAF in Travis AFB in Fairfield Ca in Solo County. As for Cory mom move out never to hear of Cory or his mom again.
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    My first taste of that salty goodness I can't live with out was my pre cum fromfront daddys hand I didn't like it at first it took me a few years to enjpy the taste of cum
  • My kindergarten teacher, when I was four. I use to stay later after school until my mom could pick me up. And one day I was crying because I wanted to go home and he said he would let me play with a special toy if I stopped. He pulled put his cock and told me to play with it under his desk. Then he told me to suck and I did. We did that for the rest of the year. He became my 1st grade teacher too. He was caught when I was in 5th grade.
  • my cuzins he was 17 and i was 10. i sucked him dry and he busted mad cum all over my face and down my throat, he licked it all off and then spit it in my mouth and i enjoyed it, then we made out swapping the cum and then i ate his ass while he nutted in a cup, and we took turns drinking it and then he pissed all over my chest and bum in the shower. Was a totally hot fun time too bad i could not cum yet i would have made him take all my nut in his ass and mouth

  • a guys I met online. It started as me, him, and his blindfolded wife. Then he just strarted having me come over and suck his cock once a week.

    • My own first but properly a tutor when I was about 15 .
      I was kinda spoilt because he had a nice above average cock and big almost purple balls that made a lot of thick strong tasting spunk.
      He used to fuck me a lot and was a very good lover but sometimes I would just suck him off if there was not much time.
      Xx wendy
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    Best friend when we were 12. We'd been jerking off together for a while. Then some curious sucking/licking. But eventually we played truth or dare, and his dare was for me to suck him till he blew. We swapped head regulalrly after that.
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    I was 7 when the neighbor dads age started me. The 2nd time we were together he made me drink his cum he told me that as a man it was his duty to seed me so I can make my own 1 day!
  • I get so excited reading these responses that I have to stop and catch my breath! Father/uncle/adult sex has been my major fantasy since I was 6 years old. 50 years later, it hasn't happened and I still masturbate thinking about it! A distant father, no close neighbor men or uncles, and the fact that I was raised to believe that I would go straight to hell for touching my weiner, didn't help! Just to imagine the very fortunate fathers and sons, loving and making love as I write this is nearly overwhelming. It is clearly not an erotic thing with me, so much as sensuous lovemaking between a boy and his father, or a father and his son. You lucky guys! Maybe in the next life.
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      I had the same situation. Distant father, no brothers or male cousins, or anyone else I thought I could turn to. It's a shame really, but it's great to know that not everyone shared our fate.
  • My own was the first I tasted but now thinking back it had to be pre cum. I was only 10 when I got my first taste of dick and cum. It was with my mom's nasty verbal boyfriend. I must of loved it cause to this day I get hard with nasty talk, and a cock around.
  • I have know clear start time but I do remember him making me happy since I was waiting for his nightly feeding and I knew that I was always naked like he was when we fed me... he laughs about my memories... my sons clearly recall their naked rules and they were cum hungry and still are like me... and random loads were learned by them being held over my 3-4 y o open mouth and tongue to catch the drops and always had a bunch of him on my face and smelling it on my pillow
  • my older cousins when i was 7. they were circle jerking with a few other marine guys when i walked in. they asked if i can keep a secret n i said yes. then their buddy put his dick infront of me and told me to milk it. i listened n he started to moan. then my cousin put favored lube on his dick n told me to lick it off.
  • It was a friend. I was 13, he was 15, we were in his family's country house and got really drunk. He was talking about girls while I couldn't stop thinking about him naked. Luckily he fell asleep, drunk, and I gave him my first blowjob. He didn't know it happened.
  • My first was my first cousin that was 2 years younger than I.
    He also gave me my first blowjob. Over the years, whenever
    our families visited, he and I would always sleep together
    and play around. This went on from when I was in 5th grade
    through my college days. Our families just didn't visit.
    We eventually started fucking and 1 Christmas, he had a
    friend stay over and we all had a good time that night! We
    havent' gotten together in years, though.
  • Mine first, just had to taste it. Then it was my bothers who was 12 when i was 14. We shot a lot of loads into each other, sucking, fucking and exploring. It happened almost every night for one hot summer.
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    When I was a boy my dad and I shared our tiny bathroom twice a week for "bath night." I loved being naked around him. I was fascinated with his seemingly enormous cock (compared to my teeny-weenie) and was soon fantasizing about it. One Sunday morning I helped him make the beds and in the wastepaper basket beside his and my mom's bed was a large ball of bathroom tissue that I suspected contained a freshly loaded condom from their early morning fuck. I offered to empty the trash and outside I hid the wrapped condom until I could get away to unroll it. Sure enough inside at the center was a freshly loaded condom with some of my dad's pubic hairs caught in the roll when he pulled it off. I carefully handled the precious gift and hanging down in the end was about a tablespoonful of my dad's recently shot sperm. It was watery but I knew was still relatively fresh, only a few hours old. Knowing it came out of that big hairy cock I had been fantasizing about, what was a son to do but to eat it? I was about ten or eleven then. Although I would have preferred my dad to ejaculate it fresh directly into my mouth that load in the condom had to do. So I carefully raised it over my head and poured his semen into my open mouth. Today, at age 67 I can still recall how it tasted. It reminded me of freshly mowed grass, not at all unpleasant. I swished it around between my teeth, like mouthwash, and swallowed it little by little. Had my father ever found out what I did with his cum I am sure he would have made arrangements to give me fresh loads whenever I wanted!
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      The first load I tasted, besides mine, was from this older guy that picked me up when hitch hiking. All I can remember was how hard his cock was and then all the cum he filled my mouth with....I could barely swallow it all. I was 15.
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    I was already craving my uncle's cock and cum by the time I was 6 years old. I must have sucked him off 1000 times until I was 16. I asked him one day when it all started and he chucked and said I did not have any teeth at the time. It was very funny - what a great gift he gave me!
  • my cousin when i was 8, he was 16, i remember him kissing me then telling me to kiss his dick and ill get cookies later.. lol i wanted the cookies, so i licked and kissed it, then he shove a few inches in my mouth told me to suck it like i do lolly pops i did, and i enjoyed it, made precum was all in my mouth, then he moaned and shots of his cum wet down my throat, still remember how sweet he tasted, would suck him off anytimes after that.
  • I don't know if this was actually first, but the one I remember best was the first night my Jr High friend slept over. it was summer, in the tent in our backyard, we were in 8th grade I think, and we were talking about sex and girls, and eventually got to blow job talking. he had never had oral sex before, and I sucked his hard cock till he blew a huge load and I remember it tasting wonderful ! We had a lot of sleep overs after that !
    • My uncle's when I was 5. I remember I undid his pants when he was asleep and I put my mouth around it. I still remember the smell and how fast he shot in my mouth. I choked on it but couldn't wait to do it again and again
  • My uncle's cum was the first taste of cum. Our first bath together is when he first kissed me on the lips, sucked on my 9 year old boy balls and cocklett, and fingered & cleaned out my boy pussy. It wasn't much longer after we started bathing together that he had to tell me about men's hard-ons and boy's woodies and how to make them feel good - I keep seeing his cock get really big & hard while I sat on his lap and it would poke out under my little balls. He told me that sucking on my little boy dick and licking my boy pussy weren't just to get me really clean but it was also a good way to feel good. He said I could try it if I wanted and of course I wanted to so he stood up out of the water and let me try it for a bit and just as quickly as I had started licking he told me to wrap my mouth around the tip and close my mouth. It was my first shot of cum and if I hadn't of gaged from so much of it shooting into my mouth I might have thought it tasted good but I wouldn't figure out the taste for a little while longer.
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    My uncle's when I was 7. He was driving me home and I was giving him my first blowjob. A few minutes after he pulled over because he wanted to watch me. Found a dark spot to park. Right after the engine was off his right hand went under my shorts and he began to finger my virgin boy hole. He told me "No matter what you better keep your mouth closed on that cock J". Seconds after he moaned like crazy and my mouth got filled with something. Without thinking I just began to swallow as much as I could. Cum still came out of the sides of my mouth. I just kept sucking and licking my uncle because I realized this tasted good. My uncle stopped me and brought me up to lick the excess cum off my face while deep tongue kissing me. Ever since that 1 night I have always been a fiend for cock and cum.
  • mine when I first started cumming around 13, then in HS a bud and I would suck and jerk each other. Didn't taste cum again till I was in my late 40's. That's what being married will do to you. Disappointed I was never able to taste my dad's
  • My cousin when I was 7. He's 5 years older than me. We'd been playing with each others cocks for a little while, but still nothing beside the innocent curiosity of it all. One night we were sleeping in the same room, well he was sleeping lol. I started playing with his cock, a little worried he would wake up and yell at me. That's when I smelt his cock, It was so sweet and enticing. I tasted my first cock that night. Licked, sucked, got a little carried away with myself. "What are you doing?" He's awake, I get a little nervous and stop. "Well, you better finish what you started." What!?!? Awe fuck yeah! Right back onto his cock I go. I loved sucking on that meaty cut cock! It seemed soo big at the time I never thought I'd ever get that big (thankfully I did ;)) He shoots his load and I know! I'm gonna swallow it all down! Well, most lol. It did make me gag just a little.

    I was such a horny little kid, very open sexually and yet I never had a pervy man want to rape me :(
  • When I was 5, my 17 y/o cousin, 17 y/o step brother and 15 y/o step brother led me into the barn. I didn't know what was happening. They made me suck their big teenage dicks and they came in my mouth. I don't know who was first to unload in my little throat but I remember having a dry orgasm when they came in me. We moved when I was 7 but I got my throat and eventually my ass fucked too many times to count and have never regretted any of it.
  • my dad told me he was giving me his cum since I was born..and my first memory ever is when I was 5 and he told me that in my yogurt is his cum and then he explained that from that day I'm gonna drink straight for the source..and why is it important for me
  • it was my cousin i was 8 years old. he was kissing me and then told me to lick his dick, and put my lips around it, slowly i did it and enjoyed it, it was like a tasty lolly pop, cuz he rubbed a strawberry lolly pop all over it and kept doing it to i sucked on it good only half of it the whole thing was too big for my mouth, then all of a sudden he moaned and i was in for a surprise jizz squirted down my throat and all over my face. he licked it off and told me to swallow it is like milk good for you so i did. and it tasted sweet. after that i was my cuz professional lil boy sucker and swallowed hi anytime
  • My cousin -- I was 5, he was 13. Tried exposing myself to an uncle when I was older, but didn't take. Used to fondle my kid brother too, and had a spy hole to watch my dad and older bro in the shower. Miss those days.
  • I was 16. It was during my summer scouting expedition to our New Mexico scout ranch, Philmont. Since my troop wasn't going, I arranged to go with another troop. I had befriended someone who shared an interest in baseball so when it came to choosing tent-mates we naturally paired up. On the second night I was awakened by the feeling of pressure on my belly. I saw his hand on my stomach and a "look" on his face. I knew the look. I sat up and we kissed clumsily. I was pretty hard by then and he sucked me off. I then reciprocated and had my first taste of cum. Now, whenever I suck someone off I think about that first time in a tent in a small clearing and it makes me smile.
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    My Dad, he was and still is a fucking stud, big and hairy, worked construction and did farm work all his life. I was maybe 10-12, found a used condom in his bathroom's trash bin. Goddamn that thing was loaded! I remember the breath catching in my throat and my heart pounding. I stuck my finger in it at first and gave it a taste. I ended up drinking the whole thing, had it turned inside out sucking it hard. Man I wish I could relive that day.
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    I taste first my brothers cum. When i was 16, my brothers 11 and 12 fuck me together. I get full loaded in my ass. After i clean the cocks from my brothers with my mouth. Mmmmmm, good stuff.

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