Man Whores For Women

moderated - created 03/30/08
[The rules as set-up by Cindy in this group are the following. These rules can only be changed by a vote of the women in the group. -Steven]

In this Tribe the women are the pimps and all of the men are our whores. The women are free to pimp out the men who live in their area to their friends and acquaintances. The men must be willing to do what they are told, and be open to any kind of services and inspection by their pimps.

This is a role play group. There is nothing illegal about our activities. Except for in the state of Nevada and other places/countries where prostitution is legal, our man whores are not allowed to accept money for services rendered. Women in the group, however, are free to be paid for their dating services by their their friends and acquaintances however they see fit.

Male whores must have a picture of yourself in your profile and your profile also must contain your location. These rules do not apply to the women (i.e. pimps) in the group. RSS Feed what is XML?

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