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I know every city has it's own codes but can anyone point me in the right fire troupe is trying to do public performances and we want to do it legally(without getting fined).so if anyone could help with any info on permits and legalities I would be most appreciative.we are in houston, texas so if there are any specifics on that it would be great
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    Tue, November 7, 2006 - 8:54 AM has a bunch of good info on it, also Tedward can help coach you on how and who to talk to for most permit stuff. A good start is insurance from Clowns of the US. The second would be to see what your city and state fire marshall require as far as registration. Our group first had a city of Reno fire marshal permit but then we grew too large and we were turfed to the state fire marshal who permits pyrotechnics etc. Wh had to work with them to create a Fire performer category for registration. In addition to this the venue usually needs an open flame permit and depending on where they want you to perfrom they may need a special use permit which would be needed for any venue at the same location. Hope that helps.
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      Tue, November 7, 2006 - 9:16 AM
      thanks that really helps get us started
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        Tue, November 7, 2006 - 10:44 AM
        If you Are in Houston, then also take a look at the slideshow on the NAFAA site...
        I've used it many times in the LA area to help educate fire marshals about what we do.
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          Fri, August 1, 2008 - 2:12 PM
          Here is the City Municipal Code for the Houston Fire Dept. Fire Prevention Division.

          this office is manned by fire marshals for the HFD...this can be found at

          Sec. 34-48. Fire prevention division; duties generally.
          The fire prevention division of the fire department and its personnel shall be charged with the primary duty of enforcing all laws of the state and ordinances of the city covering the following:
          (1) The prevention of fires.
          (2) The storage and use of explosives and inflammables.
          (3) The installation and maintenance of automatic and other fire alarm systems and protection systems, fire extinguishers and equipment.
          (4) The maintenance and regulation of fire escapes.
          (5) The means and adequacy of exits in cases of fires from factories, schools, lodging houses, convalescent homes, hotels, asylums, hospitals, churches, public halls, theaters, and in all other places where numbers of persons work, live, or congregate from time to time for any purposes.
          (6) The investigation of causes, origin and circumstances of fire.
          (7) The conducting of fire prevention campaigns and the circulation of fire prevention literature, for the benefit of civic clubs, labor organizations, business and commercial enterprises, schools, factories, lodging houses, hotels, lodges, hospitals, convalescent homes, churches, halls, theaters and the general public in the interest of fire prevention and public safety.
          (8) Such other duties as may be imposed from time to time by the mayor, the laws of the state, ordinances of the city, and by the chief of the fire department and the fire marshal.
          (Code 1968, § 18-3; Ord. No. 73-2079, § 1, 11-21-73)


          i am in atlanta. as far as they are concerned, if you provide a complete fire plan, and show you have a knowledge of the performance, performers, any flame effects, all fuels that will be used, and pay them their required $135 then they are happy.

          if you need any help as to what a fire plan needs to look like let me know and i can email a complete file.

          these are really simple, a map, an overlay of the performance area, performer guidelines, safety instructions, first aid instructions, MSDS sheets on ALL chemical/fuels used....its a simple recipe, one that can just have the names changed for whatever you have. also, its good to show the fire marshal or inspector that comes out to your event the fire performer safety guidelines, and that each performer will be required to read and sign stating that they understand, and if ANYONE fucks up, their tools are extinguished, and they are asked to leave. this shows the officials that you are more concerned with safety than putting on a good show. trust me this works well.

          good luck!!!

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