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Why am I facinated by the feet of Sarah Palin? It has nothing to do with her politics or whether I agree with her or not. I just like her feet. I think maybe perhaps it is because she is a Governor and in high office. We never see the feet of people in those positions. I might feel the same way with Hillary Clinton or Condi Rice. Also, Sarah Palin actually has quit a few pictures of her feet (I posted the newest one on this site). They aren't that pretty, and if she was anyone else, I probably wouldn't take a second look. But because of who she is, I like them. I'm going to hell for this, right?
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    I have been searching for photos of Sarah Palin in flip flops or thong type sandals. That would do it for me if I were to see a close up picture of this. Anyone ever see a picture of this?
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      Did anyone see that photo of Sara Palin's painted toes while she was giving a speech? Had some decorations on them. Looked cute. Far too cute to be President, unless of course she seduces the various world leaders into doing what she wants. Hmmmmm. Maybe that's her plan.
  • I am also fascinated by the idea of seeing famous women's feet, Sarah Palin being one of them. I do not like the photo with the decorated toes because her big toes look ugly but the other one in the red open toed shoes sans the decoration is nice. However, seeing the rest of her toes would be a real treat (I hope!). I have searched endlessly for photos of bare feet of Hillary Clinton, Ann Coulter, Ariana Huffington and others. Do you have any links to any of these?
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      I agree with you. I would love to see her barefoot or in flip flops (up close of course). Any I also am turned on by feet of famous women. I couldn't care less what their politics are, love them or hate them, I would faint if I saw Hillary Clinton or Ann Coulter in flip flops. My heart is racing just thinking of that sight. And when that new Supreme Court justice, Sotomayor broke her foot, I quickly searched for a photo of her foot. I found nothing.

      If anyone does have a link to a foot picture of a famous woman, please post it! You can have sex with my wife if you do. I will be too busy looking at the photo to notice.
      • Whitaker again. I have two photos of Justice Sotomayors broken foot in cast; one close up and one panorama. If I can figure out how to post photos on here I will do it now.
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          OMG PLEASE!!!!!! I want to see that picture very much.
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            I just found a new photo of Sarah Palin's feet with a french pedicure. I have posted it in the photo section. Now if I can find her in flip flops, my time on earth would be fulfilled.
  • i have seen the pic that is posted on here. i must agree with u my fellow foot lover. she does have some sexy feet.
    • Feats don't fail!

      Whodat saw Russia, coming, from her house?

      And THEN they went after the Ukraine, and THEN we didn't have enough, to say.

      See WHY NOT? (Somebody not Russian lives, in the former Imperial Russian territory, now a state.)

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