My favorite Penis modification.

topic posted Mon, October 17, 2011 - 2:33 PM by  Lexi
Well, my favorite glans modification is a frenulektomy a have done for quite some years.
The advantages are: 1. The foreskin can be pulled further to the rear, thus a larger stroke is possible with the Masturbation and the foreskin is more mobile. 2. The Penis looks better, since the foreskin can be pulled nearly fold less to the rear. 3. The Penis leaves itself much better to cleanings.
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    Wed, October 26, 2011 - 2:24 PM
    I describe my method times as I have removed my frenulum. Everyone has to know himself what he wants to do.
    The frenulum remove the prepuce (frenulectomy) I can only recommend. The advantages are:
    First The foreskin can be pulled further back, this is a major hub for the possible and masturbation, the foreskin is more flexible.
    Second The penis looks better, because the foreskin folds can almost pull it back.
    Third The penis can be kept clean much better.
    I have the frenulum completely removed even with three interventions, the following method.
    Prerequisite work is clean and sterile, ie Wash hands and penis thoroughly and sterilize the surgical site.
    First, I have the penis dipped in ice water for about 5 minutes, then one does not notice the cut. After sterilization of the frenulum, I (can not slip a pair of scissors with you) with a sharp pair of scissors, the frenulum in the mid to glans (penis) cut bottom.
    It bleeds a little do not panic. Next, I inserted a sterile Mullröllchen into the wound closed and the foreskin (wound glued otherwise). Then I closed the foreskin with a strip of adhesive plaster and pulled on a condom, if still leaking a little blood (which was not the case).
    The next morning, I carefully opened the foreskin (the bleeding had stopped) and urinates after additional disinfect the wound and inserted a new Mullröllchen closed the foreskin back. But that's how I can open the plaster to urinate easily. After one week the wound had been healed so well that I could not resist masturbating careful. Incidentally, the pain is unbearable are limited slightly.
    After a few months after the wound had healed well, I have only the rest of the frenulum on the Glansunterseite, and after that was healed well away on the inside of the foreskin in the same way. Ultimately, I say cut out a triangle. With the result I am very satisfied. The surgery is now 30 years ago, so I mean the judge can.
    Have fun!
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    Sun, January 1, 2012 - 2:18 PM
    With the result I am very satisfied. I can never find any impairment in the sense (proprioception). The visual impression, I find it very good (see pictures). The surgery is now back 45 years, so I mean the judge can. I do still think it was a good idea to make frenulectomy.
    When I performed the surgery (frenulectomy) even 45 years ago there was no Internet. So I had no information and had to figure out everything yourself. It would then have been completely wrong, go to a urologist and ask him for this intervention, which indeed should be done only for aesthetic reasons and because I wanted the foreskin, masturbation better to pull further back. Medical reasons were not available. Similar reasons are certainly even today the scales give the intervention, which is relatively harmless, even make yourself. Extreme hygiene and care is necessary, however. Of course it was also lucky that it turned out so well. But it was not only luck but also caution here, because I had to recut several times to obtain the known result. Incidentally, I have never had a problem, and am still very satisfied with the outcome. Emotional loss I can not tell.