how many times per day?

topic posted Tue, August 3, 2010 - 12:55 PM by  James
if you had a boyfriend whom wanted to fuck all the time (wishful thinking)
how many times per day do you think you could TAKE or GIVE before you could not take it any more ?
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    Depending on the size of my boyfriend's cock and roughness of the fucking, I think I could take it two or three times day with a day off to recover every three or four days.
    If it's making love, I can take more. If it's just pure, rough sex, I could only take less - about twice a day.
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    I would take it as many times as he could can give it. I have yet to reach my daily limit of cock and I have certainly tried in the past.
  • I can take it as many times as he is able to give it. When I was a teenager, I was gangbanged by over 150 guys for a club initiation, in the course of one very long saturday. I am now 54. Last summer my ex got me off three times in one hour. Basically, what it comes down to is how horny you both are, and how long can he fuck before cumming. Some guys can fuck off and on all day without cumming.My ex could.
    • I'd love tyo be gangbanged as you were by 150 men, how was it sharing any details, Im like you if a hard cock is available I want it fucking me till I cant stand it any more, dont want injury just lots of hard fucking cocks filling me with cum

      reading about your initiation was hot, did you want it or were you forced
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    In our early yrs together we seemed to always be either fucking or sucking, now it has slowed down to perhaps three times a week with each other, we both have fuck buddies on the side.
  • give and take , huh..... well for me, i've given 7-8 loads in a day, and tasken at least double that, or more at 'events'....
    but the average is probably 2 or 3 a day.... depends on mood more than anything...
    first cum first serve...and vice versa.
  • I think I can take loads of sperm as much as a top can give me. I would be naked all the time to serve a master everytime he wants to.
    • sure, but i think as i've aged i've shifted to quality over quantity...
      and there were times where i had more than i could handle...
      well, sorta' , kinda' ... almost... nearly....
      they don't call me the energizer bunny for nothin'....
      but one does have to breath and eat on occasion..
  • Three or four times seems to work best. I've been gang banged a number of times and with a lot of sex comes soreness the days following. It's worth the pain but you need to ready for it and use lots of lube.
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    With all things being equal, twice a day and more on Sunday's. My personnel best was getting 6 loads in 4 hours out of this hot 21 year old top stud. He fucked me until it was painful ... for him anyway.

    My personnel best for number of loads is 8 in one day. I then spent the next week in recovery because my dick was so sore.
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    15 cocks in my ass in 2 1/2 hours and wanted more. I want to get fucked for 24 hours straight if possible anyone want to try it with me?

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