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So as this music is taking of in its slow progression... i will love to hear your choice of artists and latest releases - last years or the present:
Mine is Midimiliz ( no way without him) aka spirallianz and his late albom "Nonstandards"
and great releses at "Qubic loops" and "Cold cuts" among spirallianz "Stereopack" in 2003.... for what i can pull out from my head.
Kino oko a member of the great BIgwigs also with an astonishing new albom called "Lost entertainment.... and great tracks on - "Arise" & lots more
Loopus in fabula - with "fat ladies bingo" and with the "ultra pop" from his home label
Magus - " the remixes" 2005....
still more to come - got to go!! im signing a contract with some DJ's manager today!! wish me luck...!
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    Mon, July 10, 2006 - 6:15 PM
    I dont have much psytech in my collection yet. I just got a copy of Triac-Mean Between, which is very nice psytech. I havent heard much of it yet but I like what I hear so far!
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    Re: Latest releases!

    Tue, July 11, 2006 - 10:08 PM
    Midimiliz guys also have another project called Extrawelt.
    VEry nice music... although very distant from their psy beginings.
    THese guys can't be classified anyway. its just good music.
    No album yet.
    Singles found on various labels- Cocoon, Kompass, Border Community,

    There's a new compilation from Horns and Hoofs records:
    Abracadabra mixed by Alex Tolstey (Boshkebeats) featuring
    new Midimiliz rmx, Rockitmen, Metalogik, Fuzzion
    Sounds pretty good.
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      Re: Latest releases!

      Wed, July 12, 2006 - 4:32 PM
      Nice one Dan..! even tho i dont wanna get to spread around with various of styles but stay focused on Psy tech.... Abrakadabra is a great releas i heard didnd listen to it Yet.... im Dj'ing Electro tech as well and i will love to hear more!?
      Another new one's are "Refresh" comp by Dj seth from aeon records. there you will find Big wigs N.rumjet and La baaz & more
      Rewierd from jester records. there - Tao, Spirallianz, N. rumjet,
      Triac, and metalogic....& more
      Another great grop i love is the German "Klangbilderzeuger" after getting adjusting on pronouncing this verb you will love them for sure... i didnt realy hear nothing about them and i think its a co production of 2 artists - any more info on those guys will be great.
      Pay attention on "Progus" as well - More info??
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        Re: Latest releases!

        Sat, August 5, 2006 - 4:16 PM
        Did you hear The" Idea fx" compilation by the way?? its from horns & hoofs entertainent as well.
        the only thing psyshop had to say about this one was - A new compilation from horns & hoofs. ( just to let us know how much attention folks have on that kind of music)
        Its a great albom and you will find a shoot of remixes by Kino oko, Epi centrum, fuzzion and a very groovy one from the Paka - "Hali frogz"....
        Check it out....

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