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The Galactic Council is a collective of musicians, poets, artists, and activists who facilitate hip-hop activation sessions to empower people's voices. About next level topics such as Mayan time, eco-green consciousness, new earth ideals, spiritual empowerment, human harmony and progressive visualization.

You do not need to be a proficient MC, our collective is about empowering you to be the "M"aster of your "C"reation in all that you do in the light of truth, love and compassion. MC, is you and you are one with us. We invite Professional MC's to upincoming MC's. We invite other MC's in crafts, business, organization, art, music, spirituality, communications, diplomats, seekers, and teachers.

Visionary Leaders which empower us all to become our highest in the best principles we share with each other in respect..

Galactic Council Collective is an activated community, a movement to gather and share. We seek to create a SPACE called the Welcome "H.O.M.E. Project"

Heaven on Mother Earth
Healing of Mother Earth
Honing of Mother Earth
Habitat of Mother Earth
Honoring of Mother Earth

A Portal Educational Zone for festivals maybe some day a festival.

The Galactic Council Crew is a group of MC's and musicians that are initiating the larger Galactic Council of Planet Earth.


The 'Galactic Council' Story

In 1987, the world witnessed a visible Supernova explosion and the so-called Harmonic Convergence took place, giving rise to a new era of galactic consciousness and understanding.

During this time, the Mayan Calendar came into awareness of many people and books like The Mayan Factor started increasing our understanding of the galaxy, through a more synchronistic perspective.

The Science of Time is one of the many ideas which were discussed in the original Galactic Council meetings, which were private gatherings where intentions were set for people to study and communicate about cosmic subjects, and open the door to the higher planes of mind.

Now these meetings continue through the mediums of music, poetry, and healing, in a west coast collective of visionary M.C.s known simply as the Galactic Council. Their new album "Galactic Funktion" was produced by Resonant Sun and Cerberus, and was a collective effort of over 14 people.

Galactic Council is a West Coast Outreach team of the Temple of Hip Hop.
KRS-One, Legendary Teacha and Archiever of the Hip Hop Community, activator of minds and freestyle rhymes. Founder of the Temple of Hip Hop, an educational organization to keep the roots and integrity of the sacredness of the Hip Hop movement.
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