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Garden geeks has been created for people to talk online about about the benifits of growing your own herbs, fruit and vegtables, aswell as other garden related topics such as worm farms, composting etc RSS Feed what is XML?

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New to gardening... help the city girl out!  topic
some trees in my garden  photo flag
my small pond in spring  photo flag
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Moon / Fire / Dance / Drum / Fun  topic
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Walk Against Warming  topic
Newbie  topic
Inconvenient Truth  topic
i love my orchids  photo flag
A serious post  topic
Free gardening!  topic
A not so serious (lamp) post...  photo flag
What is a good mulch to use for natives?  topic
Cucumber Grip  photo flag
Roses!  topic
Mango Butterfly  photo flag
Indoor plants  topic

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