plant Jamaican Lilikoi:

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Dear Doctor Glen (Glendalf) has started and potted a great number of Jamaican-Lilikoi keikis, here in Hilo. If you'd like to acquire a few of these for propogation, please say so. We're not selling them... yet, we're definately accepting donations, always! Thanks!
  • Can you tell us more about Jamaican Lilikoi. I am into planting all kinds of usefuls. Some lilikoi can easily get out of hand, though. Some concern there. I also am of the mind that plant exchanges are a good thing. I have given away many plants to my Growing neighbors and almost always gotten something useful in return. often things I didn't have any of before. Plant all the food you can in your own yard, then plant all your extras in your neighbors yards. that way we will all have plenty.

    This is my project.
    • Aloha, Zen.
      Jamaican Lilikoi is a passionfruit with a soft, orange colored skin... the fruit inside the shell is white and sweet, with no hint of sourness. The vine is not known to be invasive, as the yellow passaflora can be. I'm glad to hear of your enthusasm; keep planting.
      • This sounds like a specimen I tasted on Maui. It was very good. Yes I would be interested in providing space for it in the eco-ark project. I'll be getting back out to Hawaii in a few weeks.
  • Last time I checked, I had some jamaican lilikoi keikis. I was told they had to be thru a digestive system to sprout, but no, I just split open the fruit and let it rot in some potting soil and more sprouts came up than I could separate and transplant into individual pots. The chickens kept knocking over the improvised pots (plastic bags) and the heavy rain did in a number of them. A few hardy survivors remain. Mmmm-mmm, can't wait.


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