Gay & Bi Country Boys

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This is a tribe for gay and bisexual rednecks, country boys, farm boys, cowboys & good ol homegrown southern boys and those that admire them. if ya like big trucks, big belt buckles, big dicks, tight asses, muscle cars, blue jeans, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, cold beer, country music and rebel flags... then what are you waiting for? Come on in and invite a friend to join too! RSS Feed what is XML?

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Cody Ryder Jr
For my buddies back home  photo flag
Here for action, are you up to it  photo flag
Older the better  photo flag
Party boys  photo flag
Man in style  photo flag
Cigar and all is here  photo flag
Building for the future  photo flag
This is what you get  photo flag
I know what you want, so just ask  photo flag
I've been waiting for you  photo flag
Taking a little juice  photo flag
On the fense line  photo flag
16 Gay Tennessee  topic
TN Redneck Country Daddy  topic
dating  topic
Chubby cock worshipper seeks aggressive daddy  topic
TEXAS GUYS - Gay & Bi Country Boys in Texas  topic
seek love  topic
Gay & Bi Country Boys Arizona  topic
FLORIDA GUYS - Gay & Bi Country Boys in Florida  topic
find love  topic
I'm a cock sucker  topic
A man loves men for sex  topic
New hustler tribe  topic
New hustler tribe  topic

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