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A group designed for those in the gay community who enjoy watching thier boyfriends get fucked or sucked. RSS Feed what is XML?

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New York City
Fantasy question  topic
Gay cuckhold boyfriends in Chicago  topic
My husbands ex  topic
Gay Cuckold Italy  topic
love eating creampie from husband  photo flag
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close up view  photo flag
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forced to watch  photo flag
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any other fags living a life of cuck?  topic
new gay cuckold tumblr  topic
gay cuckold porn?  topic
bull cock  topic
Saturday night in the back seat.  topic
What to do, what to do  topic
a new cuckolding relationship begins...  topic
Cuckold Dating  topic
My Best Friend and My Boyfriend (true story)  topic
A new gay guy loves nude men  topic
Tonight  topic
Not alone  topic
My partner fucks a guy with a nicer ass than mine  topic

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