any other fags living a life of cuck?

topic posted Wed, January 9, 2013 - 10:14 PM by  Mike
My ex BF moved in with my husband and i about a month ago. they're sharing what was my and my husbands bed every night, I moved into another bedroom. I listen to them fuck whenever they do, and i can always go in and watch them too. i really fucking hate that he lives here now, but i guess i have to get used to it. i love seeing him naked around here though, knowing that nice cock is fucking my husband everyday because im worthless and cant.
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  • Mike that is so fuckin hot! I'm 44 good looking dude in New Orleans with a smokin hot partner of 8 years. I made an arrangement several years ago with him that I would not mess around on him ever if he would agree to occasionally hookup with another hot guy and then tell me about it. This has progressed to a state where he now has one bottom and one sub boy who service him on a weekly basis.Sometimes he'll take some photo's or video for me. I totally get off on him enjoying another hung man.
    Last weekend he hooked up with this young guy with the largest penis he'd ever seen. The guy stayed the night and they slept together in our bed while i stayed in the guest room.
    The next morning my guy woke me up and said I want you to come in here and see something. I was really hesitant as it's been 8 years since I was with someone other than my partner. He said" this guys cock is HUGE and you have to see it compared with your little dick". I went in and yes it was incredible... he asked me to sit in a chair and watch as my boyfriend enjoyed his huge superior penis. I watched for an hour and took photos. The guy kept asking me to take off my shorts but I was so insecure about him seeing my dick I couldn't even get hard.
    This was so fuckin intense I've jerked off thinking about it for a week now.
    • Fuckin HOT YEAH!! these guys haven't had anyone over since the weekend my ex moved in, that was just to tell a few people why my ex was staying with and let them know he was sleeping WITH my husband. that was their idea obviously. it turned out ok in a way, a few of our friends now know all about my little one, and have contacted me regarding it. i think David, my ex bf, is feeling a little unwelcome here, he keeps asking, "you wanted me to take him from you, didn't you?" then i say i don't know, hes not sure where i'm at, but neither am i. i AM still glad my husband Dan is getting plenty of sex, and he wouldn't be if i didn't tell my ex to screw him. im still trying to figure out how fucking him one time ended up with him moving in.
  • Yeah--- my big dick is worthless too. My BF has been getting fucked a lot lately in our bed by other guys. He has one steady guy very muscular, a real stud, that spends the night with him. They ususally kick me out after they fuck in front of me and I jack off. I have been reduced to cuckolding and I masturbate everytime I think about their fucking. I am just a fucking worthless and weak cuckold masturbator.
  • Yeah--- my big dick is worthless too. My BF has been getting fucked a lot lately in our bed by other guys. He has one steady guy very muscular, a real stud, that spends the night with him. They ususally kick me out after they fuck in front of me and I jack off. I have been reduced to cuckolding and I masturbate everytime I think about their fucking. I am just a fucking worthless and weak cuckold masturbator.
    • I watched my husband get fucked in the ass this morning again. it was , a new guy, he told me he didnt want me watching.
      he said my dick reminded him of his kids, and fucking with them watching, well, he made me leave, when they were doing fucking this guy came back outside where i was sitting. we talked for a bit. i asked him if i could or suck him off or if he might want to fuck again, he chucked and said "i really dont think youre worth wasting an erection on." i just replied, no im not.. he laughed a good one, got up and left
      • Saturday night I was on the couch watching a movie. My guy was sittin next to me working on his laptop. After about an hour, he asked me to pause the movie and turned the laptop towards me to show me this hot hairy guys pics. He said I need some service and this guy wants to get on my cock. I'll be back in an hour or so, kissed me and left.
        He came home three hours later and told me he was too tired to tell me about it. I had to wait all night wondering what happened. Sunday morning I asked him to give me some head. He said "No, I got my fill of dick last night, but if you want to jerkoff I'll tell you what happened." I did and he told me a great story of how much he enjoyed the guy from the night before. I shot over my head.
        It took me three years to get him to mess around. Now that he freely has sex with others, he's so good about letting me know. He'd never fuck around with telling me first which keeeps the trust in our relationship.
        It's so fuckin hot!
        • skype: dejan.explodishka

          I got into cuckolding few years back. I have a boyfriend, a lifetime partner for several years, our love is base for a good cuckolding lifestyle.
          It all started when my bf told me about this sex thing he had with a guy, really muscular, huge cock, and how he was dominant towards him, made him into his little bitch and all.
          I got so excited and he noticed. One night he told me he was coming for a visit and if I would like three of us having a threesome. I agreed.
          From that night on I became his cuckold. That guy is here most of the time using my bf as he pleases. My job is to watch and sometimes assist by sucking the bull off, licking my bf asshole and similar. I have a lot of stories about them, me making them comfortable, arranging their days, romantic or sexual. If anyone is up for a chat about it, feel free to add me on skype: dejan.explodishka
  • i guess it is part of the nature of the small submissive guy in a couple. as i admitted my feeling of inferiority and submissiveness to my partner, i had to implicitly accept humbly, He is free to have other partners. He hides it from me, He usually arrange to meet up other guys while i am at work. He does not mention it, but i know my work schedule makes it complicated for Him. i wish He was more open about it and i am still a bit shy to tell Him that as a submissive to Him i can accept He cuckold me openly. that way it would make it simpler for Him to enjoy times with other guys whenever He feels like it. not too sure how to make Him be more open about it.
  • I'm probably living close to that as well. My bf and i have been together 16 years and just recently married. Well, shortly after he met and fell in love with this latino boy. Now he lives here and sleeps in my bed and uses my stuff because he's the same height as me. He's jealous so they are monogamous and Im a third wheel in my own home.
    • well, i guess u just have to embrace the situation. If ur husband has not kicked u out all together that shows he cares for u.
      we all have to love each others for what each one is. equality in relationships is a falacity.
      so in marrying him, u accepted his ways and to keep him happy. u can do just that and try to finf ur own happiness in the new relation..
      guess if u bring love to both of them, ur husband will be pleased and keep u in the loop. after all, it is the third wheel that makes the cart stable.
      • Mostly I'm just confused about how all of it makes me feel. I have like a duality going. I kinda hate it but also crave and love it. Hell, I just learned about this stuff last year and before that? I thought i was the only one. It's nice to know there are other's out there that feel the same way I do. Still no sex and still sleeping up stairs in the guest room. New guy seems to be settling in and taking my stuff and liberty little by little and day by day. He's already mentioned he want's my wedding ring. I just hope he doesn't ask me for it.
  • Unsu...
    My bf and I have been together for over 15 years now. The first 7 years we were monogamous and he was my fuckboy, I was his "man" After 7 years of owning his ass, I thought it would be fun to share his great hole with other Alpha men, I did. and he loved it….over time it went from tag teaming his hole, to him telling me to wait my turn and would only give me his ass once another man came in it. He wanted me to know that I no longer "owned his ass" He told me other men were fucking him better, longer, harder and usually had a bigger cock and I just didn't do it for him. Eventually, it lead to him letting me fuck him ONLY after another man stretched him out, he hated when I said his hole was a custom fit for my cock, well, not anymore
    He now prefers more hung, Alpha men and really doesnt give me much sex at all anymore, not even a blow job . Lately he has encouraged the other Alpha guys to tie me up, humiliate me and sometimes work me over in front of him so that he knows, that I know….Im no alpha anymore, psychologically neutered
    never set out to be cuckold, but learning to accept the natural primal order, and Im not the one doing the breeding. Now I have a collection of pics and movies of my bf, and many many other more Alpha men using and claiming his ass for their own…..he has now bought me a chastity belt, which I just freely wear. he likes my balls full and horny, and it makes it easier for me to handle the fact my bf is always getting fucked by Alpha Bulls in our bedroom, I feel like I deserve it. I am finding it harder and harder to find Alpha men to fuck my bf for me now, any ideas where I could find an Alpha Bull to fuck my bf for me? I still look for guys in the hope that I might get in that amazing hole, just for a couple minutes when he's done.
    any ideas where to find a stud? very open, ask, chat, explore…I seem to have my nights free now
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    I'm in a long distance relationship with my bf. We haven't spoken in ages actually. He's been going to the gym a lot and is looking way too good for me. I'm fat. I want him to fuck real men. He may already be doing it. Should I mention cuckolding to him? We haven't seen each other in almost a year. Maybe he'll throw me a bone.
  • I was the cuck in a gay relationship for just over 5 years... and I loved every day of it!
    After a few years of being together my partner said he wanted me to watch while he got fucked by someone else... the first few times were just magical. I would lay beside my partner while he was making out and having sex with someone else.
    After a few months I said I'd like things to go further and my partner agreed. He began dating and going out on the scene. I always went along but just 'as a friend' so as mot spoil his chances.
    After about 6 months he met someone, from the first moment it was obvious there was a real connection between the two of them.
    That night my bf brought this guy home and spent the night making love to this guy in our bed while I slept on the sofa (I didn't sleep much as I was so turned on.... watching them kissing and getting into each other was beautiful!)
    Eventually my bf told this guy about our situation and suprisingly this guy loved the idea. He moved in about 4 months later.
    I did all the housework, cooking, cleaning even working to keep them both.
    My reward was being allowed to sit on the bed while they made love every night. If I had been especially good I was allowed to 'prepare' them both for fucking and then use my tongue to clean the up when they were done.

    This went on for 5 years until my bf was killed in an accident.
    I'm in another relationship but sadly not being cuckolded. My current bf id tall, hairy and total top... I'd just LOVE someone to seduce him and let him make love to them.
    Anyone in the midlands area of the UK interested?
  • So this morning I'm lying in bed with my boyfriend snuggled up with him. He says"By the way, I've met a really nice guy that just moved to town. He seems really nice and just tested clean from any STDs. I've got a date with him tonight. I told him about you wanting me to find a hung stud for regular sex as I'm tired of one night stands. We are going for coffee and then I'll probably let him suck my cock to see how good he is. I don't want you to ask me about it or pressure me. I'll let you know how it goes when I feel like. I've emailed you some photo's of his hairy body and cock, you'll notice it's bigger than yours." "That's the end of the discussion. I love you and will see you later tonight."
    Pretty fuckin hot eh?

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