Gay Dad And Son

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This is a place for all the Gay Dads and Sons out there. RSS Feed what is XML?

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This can be yours, I can take anything you got...  photo flag
It's Fair time again  photo flag
Want some action, just call  photo flag
Son you always were a good fuck and good sport  photo flag
See what you like and want big daddy  photo flag
Dad said stand and take it or else  photo flag
Nephew Joe is experienced sharing his ass among...  photo flag
Dad always knew just how to let me have it  photo flag
Digging for the goal  photo flag
Album what dad saw in the park 1955  photo flag
Silly sex is fun too  photo flag
Meet me after my show  photo flag
Having problems posting images to site  topic
v yng  topic
How yng  topic
looking for pervs in nyc  topic
any dads in Milton Florida  topic
I want to have sex with my father.  topic
live zoom  topic
Gay boy looking for a kik daddy  topic
any single here  topic
still looking for someone into real incest to c...  topic
anyone in Boston?  topic
Elastrator use  topic
Any perv minded men/boys in Oregon?  topic