Gay Dad And Son

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This is a place for all the Gay Dads and Sons out there. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Good morning to you, be my guest  photo flag
Let me show you how the big boys play  photo flag
Show time for daddies  photo flag
Hi, daddies, we are here to give you a great show  photo flag
The late night shows are always popular with us...  photo flag
These French postcards are everywhere  photo flag
On a Paris excursion, 18890  photo flag
Lust seems to run in the family- 1888  photo flag
Let's admit it, Uncle Greg was slut  photo flag
Way to go big dad  photo flag
Son, Let me get undressed, them plow me good  photo flag
Son, Something to remember our good times  photo flag
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dad/son incest  topic
hot video fuck site  review
New Tribe Young ! people.trib...  topic
visiting Boston  topic
Son's and Dad  topic
dad and sons  topic
some of my PRIVATE groups  topic  topic
I am 30 years bisexual / heterosexual'm Portugu...  topic
hi  topic
NO LIMITS fantasy CYBER role play\age play.  topic