Gay Dad And Son

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This is a place for all the Gay Dads and Sons out there. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Line up men, the auditions will begin now  photo flag
Drop by and do drop in, I'm waiting  photo flag
Join us for after hours  photo flag
Going for a ride in the country with good buddi...  photo flag
Dad knew how to make friends in the navy  photo flag
Album, Grandpa was always so friendly  photo flag
We've been here before  photo flag
A lawn party to member, dad always plans well  photo flag
A kiss, is a kiss, is a kiss, what more to say  photo flag
That's it son, take your time and enjoy what da...  photo flag
Uncle Joe always had a laid-back attitude about...  photo flag
What's under the wrapping is always so good  photo flag
Family farm  topic
v yng  topic
NO LIMITS fantasy CYBER role play\age play.  topic
young teen chub in cali looking for fun  topic
dads with lads ?? perth australia  topic
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any dad home with his son and willing to chat?  topic
Looking for Daddy  topic
Irish dad/pervs  topic
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New Tribe Young ! people.trib...  topic
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