Story Uncle Carl fucks Joe

Finally Uncle Carl agreed to fuck me after leaning that my dad approved. But that is another story for another posting.

Carl got off work Thursday and came to the house and
Chatted with my dad for a couple minutes (making sure that it was oki to fuck with me) and then we just walked on down the hall to my room and closed the door. He looked at me and said, "You're a handsome fucker and I wanted you the first time I ever saw you." "I wanted you, too, Carl. You're really hot stuff to me and I want you to stick your big dick in my ass and fuck me."

He took my hand and I got on my bed on my back and spread my legs. He
immediately got between my legs and pushed them back and said, "You're
fucking beautiful, boy. I want to stick my big dick in your butt now."
I looked at his dick and it was the most beautiful dick I've ever seen.
It had a long thick foreskin and the head was much larger than the long

His dick shaft had big veins on it and it was very dark compared to
mine. He was putting off a lot of precum through his big open piss hole. His
dick was AMAZING and I couldn't wait to get it in my asshole. I wanted to
feel him unload into my guts.

He rubbed his dick over my asshole and then he looked into my eyes and
Aimed his cock right at my asshole and started to push. I knew it was going
To hurt a lot and I was ready to be brave about that and not freak him out.
He kept pushing very gently and my asshole started to spread up onto his
Huge cockhead. It started to hurt a lot as it went further into me and I
Wanted to get the major pain over with as quickly as possible so I looked into
His eyes and demanded, "Stick it in me. Do it!" He didn't have to be told
That twice. He gave a quick hard push and my asshole stripped back his
Foreskin and his cockhead went into my ass and I gasped at the pain. He looked
Into my eyes and said, "Just relax and I'll wait. Take your time and relax.
I don't want to hurt you more than I have to."

I relaxed and he waited and then I reached out and put my hands on his
Hard butt and pulled gently and he started to rotate his hips and loosen me
up. He was decent about that and gave me a lot of time. His dick was really
thick and I was having a major problem with it. My asshole was
alternately clamping down hard around his big shaft and then relaxing as he gently dugaround in me with his dickhead.

I was finally ready so I pulled on his ass harder and he shoved about
Three inches of shaft into me and I groaned and then moaned and kept pulling.
His dick was tapered and got much thicker at the base. It was really hot to
feel it going into me and spreading me open more all the way in. I was
grunting and moaning and he was going out of his mind with lust and

I loved the wild expression on his face. His eyes were flashing and he
Was actually showing me his teeth. What a fucking animal this guy was!

He kept pushing and it turned into a real struggle when he got to the
Last four inches of his dick, which were much thicker. He was patient but
persistent and finally I was able to take the whole big stalk and I felt
his groin push against my butt. I put my fingers in his deep asscrack and
pulled on him and he moaned and started to dig around in my guts. We
were both going out of our minds with lust and passion for each other.

When I was loosened up he started to fuck me with long slow in/outs and
I athletically responded and used both of my rings on his dick and he
Moaned and alternately kind of growled. He is a fucking animal when you get
Him really hot.

He picked up the cadence of the fuck and was finally doing some really
Hard deep in/outs on me and he liked to dig around in my guts when he had his
whole dick up my ass. I was getting off on having the chance to have my
hands in the asscrack of a big hot guy like Carl.

Finally he gave me a distressed look, opened his mouth and yelled. Then
He buried his dick into me and I stroked my cock hard and we started
Shooting at almost the same second. He jerked violently with each streamer out
Of his big cock and I pushed on his hard rippled belly with my thumb. He
Just looked into my eyes with extreme lust while he shot and then he bent
Down and French kissed me and I sucked his stiff tongue. It was some really
Hot and very affectionate stuff. This guy was a big hairy teddy bear after
He shot and he hugged me and it was wonderful. I continued to grope his
Hard butt and I finally rubbed his asshole and he moaned into my mouth. What
A hot fucking guy!

He finally pulled his dick out of my stretched asshole and we got up and
took a shower together in my bathroom. As we dried off he said, "I'm a
lucky motherfucker to get a chance to dick you." "Ditto," I quipped and
we both laughed. It was in place and neither of us had any problems with
each other. We liked each other a lot and the sex was wild and amazing! I
had never taken it in the ass from a guy anything like Carl. It was a whole
new day.
posted by Bill on Friday, January 3, 2014 - link to this photo

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