Gay Dads And Sons

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READ EVERYTHING BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN! THIS IS NOT A CHILD PORN PIC TRIBE! I have never understood someone wanting to join a tribe that is all about pics, yet think it's OK for them to just have that ? over a silhouette on their profile! Well, it's not OK in my tribes!
* You must have a pic on your profile to join! If you look through all of the members on every tribe I moderate, you will not find a ? over a silhouette! The majority of them had the balls (Some lips) to post a pic of their face. However, I don't care if it's a pic of a paper bag, as long as you have a pic. If you can't bother to post a pic on your own profile, I don't see how I can bother with you to participate in this tribe!
* If you have the word "Pedo" spelled in or used in any way in your profile, or your profile pic is of a child or children's underwear......Move the fuck on!
* Spammers deleted quick!
* No cartoons, drawings, jokes, photo-shopped, or pics the size of a postage stamp!
* It says Gay Dad And Son "And" being the key word! Some people need help with that, so here's your lesson...."And" means also, with, plus, in addition, together. "And" does not mean by itself, alone, one, or single. So here's the end of your lesson, since "And" means all of those other things above, and not "One" or "Single", I don't expect to see single pics of Dads or Sons since the tribe is called....Well, you get the lesson I hope. This is meant for those that needed it. Yeah, I know, scary, but there are some! There are tribes to post the single pics in, this is not it!
* If you are posting a series of a scene, post them in order! No one likes to see the end of anything before the beginning! To do that, you post the end pic first....Then the beginning one, they will show up in order!
* Steer clear of the obvious porn star/model pics, they are just really over done, get really old, and are a dime a dozen on the internet already!
~ Most important......Enjoy! RSS Feed what is XML?

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