wear/sniff out/jackoff in dads briefs

topic posted Sat, November 26, 2011 - 11:11 PM by  Bill
my dad and I used to hang out in our white briefs. sometimes he would wear a jock. we would look at porn, jackoff and stuff. sometimes I would get his briefs or jocks out of the laundry, put them on and jackoff in them. nothing makes my cock harder. anybody else do stuff like that?
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  • Hmmm!! I really get off on wearing my sons' kit sometimes, particularly shorts etc. Likewise my sons "borrow" bits from my wardrobe. Only one of the three is gay, but the other two say "what's the point of having a gay dad if we can't raid his wardrobe sometimes. I wouldn't wear their shorts in their presence, that would creep them out.
    We have had differences of opinion about me in tight jeans, particularly with my permanent bulge. I also like doing their laundry, makes me feel good and it's kind of kinky in a forbidden fruit sort of way.
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    i was always in my briefs as a kid and wore jockey y fronts just like dad, he would get down to his briefs at every opportunity, i cant count the amount of times we would end up with or hard cocks bulging out or briefs and having a wank together, of course i was too young to cum but dad always squirted enough for the both of us, last time we got off in our briefs together was on my 14th birthday when he brought me new underwear and asked me to try it on, as soon as i was in front of him in it i got rock hard and so did he so we jerked eachother off, i would wear his briefs and he would end up wearing mine, couldn,t keep track of whos cum was in the pouch at any one time
  • As a boy there was a handsome Daddy that lived alone above us and he always kept his door unlocked. I always used to sneak up there when he was at work and smell his dirty briefs. It was so hot. The smellier the better. If there was pee or cum spots on them after I got my fill of the smell I would suck on them. Never failed to get my heart racing as a boy smelling those stinky briefs. I forgot all about it till I read your post. Thanks for the memories.
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    i never really hung out with my dad in underwear, but i WOULD always dig through the dirty laundry to find the sweaty jock he had worn to the gym so i could smell them, try them on, taste them, jack off in them, etc. ;)
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    I always got my dads underwear out of the dirty clothes and look for driedd cum and etc. ;) I would always take them and put them under my bed and then eat and lick all of the cum out of them:) sometimes there were about 3 or 4 under my bed at once! also one time at my older cousins house i went and used the bathroom and saw his dirty clothes and picked up his dirty underwear and smelt them and licked them i love my cuz and dad ;)
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    When I was in my teens I was fascinated by condoms and cum. I used to listen out for my parents shagging, then the next day I'd look in their room or bathroom for any evidence. I can't count the number of times I fished out used condoms and tasted the cum or rubbed the cum all over my cock and still makes me hard thinking about it. Anyone want to connect on skype or msn?

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