Grandpa's Cum Lesson Story

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Day 1: So, grandpa told me he wanted me to keep a blog, so here it goes. My name is Dylan. I’m 12 years old. I just started junior high. But grandpa want me to keep track of every time I masturbate, like what I do and how often and what I’m thinking about. I jacked off just now when I got home from school before anyone else gets home and I was thinking about my grandpa the whole time. See, last night, I spent the night as his place. He doesn’t live far. As long as I can remember, I’ve been spending at least one night a week over there so my dad and mom can have a date night. Last night, we were watching “Game of Thrones” when this brother and sister started have sex.

“Wow, that’s hot,” grandpa said. I was so embarrassed, just to be seeing a woman boobs and a guy’s butt with my grandpa.

“But, they’re brother and sister, aren’t they grandpa?”

“Well, they’re not hurting anyone, are they?”


“And they seem to be enjoying it, aren’t they?”


“I think it’s really hot.”

I watched for a few second and got lost in watching them kiss and roll around naked.

“I guess you think so too.”

I had gotten lost watching. “Why?”

“Cause I can see your dick is getting hard.” I looked down and could totally see my dick was had and pressing in my shorts. I put my hand over it. “You don’t have to cover it boy. Be proud you’re hard. I’m hard watching it too.” I looked over and could see a bulge in his gym shorts. He usually just sat around in those shorts and a whit tank top. I noticed all the muscles he had. I’d never thought before what a good looking guy he was, but he really was. I guess I got a little lost looking at his shorts too. He put his hand over and adjusted. “I hadn’t realized you were old enough to get hard too. Are you jacking off?” I felt my face get hot and looked down.

“A little.”

“Oh, that’s no good. NO good at all.” I was so ashamed. Why had I said anything? “Boy your age, you should be jacking that every ten minutes.” I looked up and smiled. He stared at me a second and winked, “I’ll be right back.”

I sat there for about fifteen minutes, but he never came back. I walked up stairs and heard his tv in his bedroom on. The door was just slightly open. I tried to look through the crack, but I couldn’t see anything. I opened the door, and there he was, totally naked on the couch stroking his penis. “Oh, I’m sorry.” I shut the door as fast as I could.

“It’s okay. Come on in.” I opened the door again. He was looking at me but still playing with it. “I told you, you don’t have to be embarrassed. We all do it. A lot. It feels so good. Sometimes, you can even do it with your friends.”


“Sure. Have you ever seen a guy jack off before?”


Well, why don’t you come in and watch me. Maybe you’ll learn some tricks you can try.”

“Okay.” I took a step in and looked at the tv. It was another guy jerking off.

“See, he’s doing it too.” Grandpa laughed and slid over a little. “Come on. Take your pants off and I’ll show you.” I did as he said. I laid down next to him in my tee-shirt and underwear. “I can see you’ve got a nice bush of hair growing there. And your dick looks like it’s getting to be a good size too.” The guy on the screen started moaning real load, then his whole body tensed up and he grabbed his penis hard and short his stuff all over his chest. “You shooting a lot, boy?”

“I have a couple times.”

“You’ll get to see mine in a couple of minutes.” Grandpa’s dick was so big. I could have put both my hands around it and still not got it all. I looked back at the screen and two guys were jacking off now, only this time, they had their hands on each other’s penises.

“What are they doing?”

“Well, you know how good it feels when you play with your own dick?”


“It’s even better when another guy does it.”

“Really? You have other guys play with your penis? I mean, dick.”

“Whenever I can.” I kept staring back and forth between his dick and the tv. “You want to try?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t have to, but if you want to feel mine, you can. And if you want me to put my hand on yours, just say so.” My head felt so empty. I could feel my dick getting harder than I’d ever felt it before as I watched my grandpa’s dick and the guys dicks on tv. I really wanted tp touch it, but I was so scared. But finally, I guess I couldn’t take it anymore, or I just forgot to be afraid as I was staring so hard, but I reached over and grabbed his dick with my left hand. Grandpa moaned a little. “You want to just slide your hand up and down it, just like those guys are doing?” It was so smooth and big. I could feel all the veins and stuff were real stiff. I only got to do it a few seconds when grandpa let out a shout. “Fuck!” His stuff went all over his stomach and down my hand. He was breathing real heavy, then he looked over and whispered, “Take off your clothes, boy.” I stood up and took off my shirt and underwear. Some of his stuff came off on my clothes as I did. I laid back down. “This will feel real good.” He rubbed his hand through the rest of his stuff on his belly and put it on my dick and started moving his hand up. “Does that feel good? Me using my cum to lube up your cock?”

I couldn’t talk. It felt amazing. My whole body was shivering. I nodded and sort of said, “Yeah.” It was so intense, I felt like my cock was going to fall off. I put my hand on his to stop, but he kept going. I heard the guys on the screen start moaning loud and shoot their cum on each other. I’m not sure what happened for a few seconds. It was like everything went dizzy and I felt my cock start jumping hard a bunch of times. Then the shivers were all gone. I looked down and saw I had cum all over grandpa’s hand too.

“How’d that feel?” I tried to talk, but couldn’t. I smiled up at him and slid over to put my head on his chest. He wrapped his arm around me. I loved feeling all of his naked body touching mine. I looked back at the screen and saw the two guys running their fingers through the cum on each other, then stick their fingers in each other’s mouth.

“What are they doing now, grandpa?” He let go of my shoulder and did the same thing, sliding his fingers through the cum on my belly. Then he reached up and put them in his mouth. When he slid then out again, the cum was all gone. “Did you just eat my cum, grandpa?” I saw him swallow.

Then he leaned his mouth right next to my ear and whispered, “It was the best cum I’ve ever tasted.”

“Really?” Then I felt something wet in my ear. It tickled, but grandpa pulled me closer and I realized he had his tongue in my ear. After a few seconds, it stopped tickling and started sending the same shivers all over me. Then I saw his hand reach down and get more of my cum on them and slowly slid them in my mouth. I sucked on them till I had it all and swallowed. It was thick and warm and kind of salty. He kept doing it over and over till it was all gone.

“Now, suck on your own fingers.” I brought my hand up and saw some of grandpa’s cum was still on my hand.

I slid them in my mouth and swallowed it all. “Mmm, grandpa, I like yours even better.”

“There’s still more.” I reached over to his belly and kept scooping up and eating his cum till it was all gone too.

“I want more, grandpa.”

“Well, guess we’ll have to make some more. If you start jacking off a lot, you can eat it every time.”

“But I like yours more.”

“Tell you what, I’ll save all of mine in a jar for you if you save yours for me. I’ll give you something to put it in. You can hide it in that freezer of your parents in the basement till you come back over.”

“Does everyone’s taste different?”

“I think you should find out for yourself. All guys love to jack off together. Why don’t you see if you can jack off with a few other guys this week. And when they shoot, try some. In fact, you should start a blog about it so you can keep track. Then, when you post it online, I can read about it till you come over next week.”

And that’s just what I’m doing.
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