- ★ Kidnap, Rope, Gag & Rape ★

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NOTE: this group is intended for fantasy purposes only do not try any of these things yourself !!!! ADULTS ONLY This tribe discusses experiences and desires with gay male kidnap/abduction role plays/reality especially, but not limited to, rope and gag bondage. Pics welcome

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Favorite forced/rape videos  topic
Kidnappers and Victims  topic
If a dude kidnaps you  topic
Kidnap, brutal rape & more! Real scik nasty bros!  topic
Who here has  topic
home invasion and rape  topic
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30131_000A-200x300.jpg  photo flag
breaking in time  photo flag
you can feel the pain...........but not hear it  photo flag
click a new meaning of "mounted"  photo flag
choke hold your out  photo flag
fun fuck and now he controls you  photo flag
Slave training and it will be one he remembers  photo flag
make sure slave doesn't make noise!  photo flag
Try to get away! Never happen!  photo flag
controle that boy  photo flag
Chubby Limitless Object  topic
Kidnapped 2  topic
Boston College Slut Boy  topic
My first kidnapping experience  topic
Use me/Abuse Me  topic
Any kidnappers or victims in my area  topic
Chicago  topic

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