Gay Male Body Modification Lovers

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This Tribe is for Gay/Bi Men with any body modification they wish to show off. Is your body your "canvas". Stretched lobes, piercings anywhere, tattoos, scarification, branding. Unique Body Jewelry as well? The Tribe is for networking with other men into these interests, and sharing ideas. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Eunuch  topic
HOT!  photo flag
Oxballs ring  photo flag
Got a new cock ring  photo flag
Got a new cock ring  photo flag
2 first ampallangs  photo flag
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Foot modification/surgery  topic
looking for top to castrate me  topic
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Neutered young balls wanted !!! I lost mine no...  topic
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To all  topic
my balls and penis for extrem modification  topic
Question  topic
Do You Have Suturing/Stitching Skills?  topic
Castration in Cancun?  topic
dorsal nerve cut  topic
0ga PA  photo flag
New P.A  topic
PA, Castration, Hypo, Phimosis lover wants to m...  topic
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