Urethral reroute questions

topic posted Sat, June 18, 2011 - 5:37 AM by  peter
Urethral reroute is a mod I've never had any interest in before, then it suddenly dawned on me, from a Masters point of view there might be various advantages. E.g. without anything passing down slaves penis there would not be any emissions from it, making it more hygenic, no precum drips or danger of cum unexpectedly being shot out, slaves penis could be locked up and slave could still piss by another route. Then it also suddenly dawned on me what it would be like for the slave with a reroute, trying to imagine it on myself. As I masturbate I imagine it might feel very different, would the penis feel very different? Masturbation of the penis, now I think about it may include a lot of sensation in the inside of the penis, including the urethra, would that feel very different if it is rerouted? Also I imagine the point of masturbation is to get the sensation of all that cum squirting down the center of the penis and shooting out the end, in other words masturbation is very much like milking, trying to encourage the cum out the end, so maybe the penis and sexual stimulation and orgasm would feel very different if that connection was broken, in a way sort of rendering the penis partially useless - an extremely horny thought a potential Master might force that on me.

Forgive my ignorance I know very little about it - would a reroute involve cutting it somewhere near the base of the penis and making it exit nearby, leaving, presumably a tube (urethra) still in the middle of the penis or is this somehow removed, or blocked where the break was made? Could there be problems in the future with infection within the tube still in the rest of the penis because it is no longer regularly washed or flushed with pee?

I'd be grateful for any information on how a reroute would affect the performance and feel of the penis, or any details of the operation, etc
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    Sat, June 18, 2011 - 8:12 AM
    I'm certainly not an expert on this, but have my own experience, albeit not with a reroute. I've done a subincision about half way down my short shaft, opening up the urethra to allow for manual stimulation.
    In my case, I don't miss the feeling of semen shooting up to the end of my cock. I hadn't really thought about it until I read your question.
    I have found that sans the urethral spinchter at the 'end of the tunnel,' there is now nothing slowing down the flow and I shoot much further and my orgasms are more intense than they've been for several years.
    I do miss being able to pee a straight stream but that function really went away when I got my PA piercing years ago. It's just more diffilcult now and I have to carry a small tube to use a public urinal.
    I'm rambling, so I'll stop. I'm not into Master/Slave but hope that my experience helps.
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    Sun, June 19, 2011 - 12:10 PM
    I'd love a reroute. As it is, I am cathetered so that I cannot control my bladder at all and I have had to sit to pee for years due to chastity. To have my cock as nothing but a sex organ, would be wonderful. I've never had the interest in topping in sex, nor have I ever done so. For me, to make my cock essentially useless would be a great thing! Perhaps a master would enlarge it with silicone so it is huge like a sausage or with steel balls or a penis plug to make it hang so heavy. Those would be great things!

    I also love huge balls too and want mine siliconed to be much bigger than they currently are. I've done saline before, but you cannot do both, so I have stopped that in anticipation of silicone hopefully soon. :)

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    Sun, July 29, 2012 - 4:13 PM
    I have suddenly taken a great interest in this particular mod and I've heard you can go to an expert to get it done properly. Does anyone know where you would go? Can a professional body piercer do something like this WELL or do you need to visit a doctor?

    Also, I had a thought. Can you make two holes about an inch apart and have the rear one be for pissing and cumming, and put a tube facing forward into the urethra (toward your cock) and make liquids exit your cock that way? This makes total sense in my head. I'm seriously considering this. It would make for some really fun watersports play as a top, pissing all over someone with whatever liquid you want or letting a submissive drink all kinds of things from your cock--beer, for instance.

    Also, as I've read from someone who's had this done, NOTHING comes out of your dick ever again, not a single drop of precum even (unless what I mention above is feasible), but that means no body fluids. That seems like it would make sex safer for a bottom because nothing is getting injected into their ass or mouth, no body fluids anyway. You could still wear a condom for anal to be extra safe, of course.
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    Sun, July 29, 2012 - 4:18 PM
    OP, based on what I read from the guy who did this, it's very simple. Just poke a hole in the taint straight through to the urethra and stitch it open so it doesn't heal closed. Urine and semen take the shortest route to exit which means they never make it to the penis. He says pissing is even more satisfying now--he feels like he more easily and thorough evacuates his bladder now with the shorter path and the lower friction and resistance since it's traveling less. He still cums like before from dick stimulation but it exits the new hole. His dick still functions normally except for nothing ever exiting it again.

    He said there's no use trying to block the hole to piss normally. It's just sprays harder. Apparently there's no way compete with the pressure of the collapsed urethra in front of the hole. You will forever piss from the hole closest to the bladder.

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