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moderated - created 04/02/08
I think I am up to the challenge,
just a couple of pet peeves of mine that might impact the group, for the better I hope. We'll see (ha ha)
I know we all have different views on erotic, we have our own little sparks
can we stay away from dead dicks on the older crowd
let your pics STIMULATE everyone.
The other thing that irks me
COPYRIGHTED PICS yeah I know if it's on the net, there are no copyrights, but to see a name at the bottom (or anywhere else) on a pic is distracting or spamming, If you drop me a line and tell me what trips your trigger, it will give the group better focus

Post and talk about the art of the male body... anything related to the male body . Tribe is an exchange of thoughts not just a photo study, discuss. Having said that this is a study that requires images. Feel free to contribute. .

Finally...have fun and get others to join in.

To join you need to have some sort of profile pic. Doesn't matter if it's a photo, a cartoon, or a geometric shape, as long as it's something other than the generic grey silhouette.

A note on picture size:
Nowadays even cheap cell phones have megapixel cameras, so I think there's really no excuse for posting photos smaller than 640x480 (VGA-resolution). So unless they're really, really, really hot, I'll delete tiny pics from now on.

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