Anyone here like to stroke while reading erotica?

topic posted Sat, September 3, 2011 - 11:32 AM by  JEFF
Hello men. Just wondering who here jacks off to erotica—those trade paperbacks in the gay section of the bookstore. I've been writing smut for a couple years for them and I'm curious: anyone here with "sticky" pages in their books? ;o)

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Jeff Funk
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    I prefer stroking to erotica you have to read. It engages your imagination a little. It may sound strange considering how many images I post on tribe, but visual materials are not something I stroke to at all. They may appeal astetically (sp), but they dont excite.

    Do you read any from certain people? I have a few books collectiing work by or edited by John Preston.
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    Yes very much.. I teels really good to masturbate and read stories on Nifty and Assr. I can control myself as I edge a bit more easily while reading.... I also find it exciting to see things that turn me on sexually that I have thought about since I was a kid being written about by other men who share my same stimulus. My boner can get very hard sometimes when reading.... much harder and bigger and wetter than with photos.... and it feels great to masturbate at those times.
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    What is ASSR?
    • Absolutely. There was a time when merely looking at photos in a magazine brought me to bursting point. Then I graduated to watching porn. Today, though, I infinitely prefer good erotic writing. Porn pics and videos leave nothing to the imagination. The written word, however, can be highly evocative and one can imagine the sensations, tastes and smells of sex while reading. There are some pieces of erotic literature that I read and re-read often. I grow hard at the thought of reading a favourite scene or chapter. I stroke throughout and time myself, edging so that I explode at just the right part of the story. And yeah - some pages are a bit tattered and yellow, and some book covers bear a slight sheen of vasoline!
      • David's right. There's nothing better than well written erotica to "get the juices flowin." I especially enjoy reading a favorite part over and over, edging for as long as I can until I can't take the tension any more and shoot. There are times that I find this type of release VERY satisfying!

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