Invoking a Gay Incubus

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Has anyone had any success in invoking a gay incubus yet? There seems to be a lot of people asking, but not a lot of answers. Comments anyone?
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  • I think the christian superstition of the Incubus is rather lame. The visiting Daimones I may have encountered have been generally kindly, instructive, and inspiring manifestations, whether they have come from within me, or some external realm. I think we all have within us an internal sexual Daimone, probably several, which are summoned by events or conditions in our external lives. I tend to think of them as companions...anthropomorphic chambers of the soul, which pleases me because it feels like I'm traveling with friends.
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      I appreciate your sincere honesty and thought behind the answer to your question. I could not have done it. I kept seeing this question and thinking very "down the nose" thoughts about he ideology behind it. I could not fathom the lack of understanding.

      My gratitude.

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        From studying different aspects of the occult, I've come across a number of different well-known mediums and people gifted with amazing psychic talents. What I find amazing is that their veiw of the "Truth" or the nature of the entities and realms that lie beyond the boundaries of this physical world is similar, but rarely the same. It is well known that the truth to what we seek is often similar but usually different for everyone. It is truly amazing that there are many that cannot fathom this understanding.

        Thank you for pointing that out.
  • I have to say I have some issues with this question. Not specifically from you Yvonne, but just invoking and incubus
    a) invoking is generally considered the process of calling a spirit into one's self. Its usually done only with Deities or Beneficial Spiritual beings. I suppose if you were pissed enough and wanted to rain wrath and destruction down on someone, invoking a destructive spiritual being could be done, but even then, it would most like be a Deity, especially one you had a close relationship with. I would think.
    b) an incubus (or succubus) is general considered an evil spirit that preys upon people while they sleep, drawing out thier vital essence. The sign of their presence while you sleep is nightmare, feeling exhausted upon waking, and nocturnal emissions ( ie waking up and realizing that you have cum while you slept). It's also possible that you will wake, but be unable to move, or feel as though you are being strangled while you are awake. Generally they are not considered desirable spirits to have visit.
    Both these things make me question why you would want to invoke an incubus at all. A spiritual energy vampire that draws its sustenance by sexually stimulating you. Not something I would want to share a body with generally thinking.

    However, as Greybat gave idea to, there are many spirits out there, and if you are looking for a Gay Spirit to have Spirit sex with, I am sure one can be found. I myself have one, that visits me to help when I am locked in the throws of an unhealthy attraction to give me the a satisfaction that helps me break the obsession, at least in the past. The last time I saw him, he was answering my call to get to know my spiritual allies better.
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      Greetings Hern
      Thank you for your comments. You proceed from a misunderstanding. Your view of an incubus is more of a Christian one. My view of an incubus comes from a demonolatry perspective. In an attempt to distinguish themselves from Christian dogma, demonologists often refer to all non-earth bound spirits as demons or more correctly as daemons. The term incubus or succubus is used more as a way to identify the intent of the daemon. In this case, the intent would be to have sex with a male daemon, not to encounter a spiritual vampire. From your comments, it sounds like you’ve already encountered one. I’m curious. How did you attract this spirit?

      By the way, the description that you gave earlier of being “unable to move, or feel as though you are being strangled while you are awake” is a well-documented phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. I experienced a couple a few years ago before I started studying demonolatry. Although harmless, It can be a frightening experience.
      • THanks Yvonne for the clarification. I would have understood it better from the beginning I think if the word daimone or daemon had been used. While my education in demonolatry is limited to the Goetia and a few personal experiences with entitites that wished me harm, I am aware of the language difference between demon and daemon/daimone. I am also familiar with sleep paralysis. I would say the difference between just sleep paralysis and an attack would be the presence of about 90% of the sign I mentioned, not just one or two.

        From what some of my friends have told me, that spirit sex is a common occurrence as you develop a relationship with spirit allies. Especially in dreams or during non normal states of consciousness (shamanic journey, astral travel, pathworkings, etc...). I would think if its an experience you want, one of your spirit allies is probably willing to do it.
    • Do you not find that the visitation is coloured by the temper of the psyche receiving it? The mind will travel to extraordinary places, both during and before actual sleep. Often we will experience types of sex that would not interest us in waketime, and if you were poorly informed or had faulty spiritual guidance, such as a church that condemned homosexual congress, it would be a genuine fear that you had been demonically violated.
      You and I, Hermetic, seem to have an awareness of the beneficent aspect of sexual daimones. They definitely can be dark and destructive, like anything. But the little bits of kindness in the universe go a long way.
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        Yes, I agree totally. The xtian church can unfortunately color our perceptions. Leaving the church was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

        Daimones are incredible entities. I have a growing respect for them. I’ve encountered two gay incubi/daimones already. They were very playful. Some of them can look very scary too. I haven’t encountered any destructive ones yet. But as they all say, like attracts like. Many who meet me describe me as a gentle spirit, perhaps that’s the reason why I attract also gentle daimones.
        • i went through a very import stage of working sexually with daemon. i had some close allies on this. that said my spirit connection is all to do with horned animals, spirits and deity. so my daemons were horned.

          with daemon i had to use pain and blood to call and manifest. needless to say that this isnt taken lightly. ulitimately i also tried sigils and journeying. mine were demanding but not harming to me.

          in sleep, i have had sexula encouters that were most welcome:) ive also had attack, and i dont mean night terrors or sleep paralysis. this is where casting of safe space saved me. knowing protective measure is always handy. we attract what we attract... even what we dont want tells us something about ourselves.

          i recall my years with daemon one of the most important of my life. very affrming. the only problem i have, even in "enlightened" pagan circles. is the contiinued attitude that deamon = bad spirit. they deserve our respect.

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            Thank you Draeyk for your well thought out comments. It sounds like you have grown a lot in your experience and rapport with the daemons. Yes, I do agree. They need our respect. At times I think that it's more of what we believe in than the terminology. Some say daemon, others say demon, some say spirit guide, while still others say guardian angel. What do you think?

            I was curious too about the books you've read on invocation. How did you know that your particular daemon was more receptive to offerings of pain and blood? Did you read that somewhere?
            • yes, terminology is an interesting point. especially when you consider that what we call, for example, a deity in "our" culture has a different name in another and can take on slightly (wildly?) different forms. what we call daemon maybe take on a very different meaning elsewhere.

              i have to say i dont use books. i work intuitively. my early searches and callings kind of opended a door, part of what happened next was related to my own needs. the daemon i met responded to that and we could build our connection based on what both "he" and i needed as a base line. the blood and pain was simply a relection, response and a "knowledge" of what needed to be.

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                I have worked intuitively as well, it is where most of my information comes from. I am a bit of a spiritual landing pad.

                I trust in that learning and compare it to others experience. I know the neutrality of my greater guidance, the oneness that is neither or both of polarities of good and evil.... I know when that energy, when I let my mind go and open to that power.... I know when it closes around me and pushes something away, that thing pushed has never been correct for me.

                We all should trust in that feeling. Resistance is not always an unwillingness to know or an unwillingness to change, it can be a natural reaction that says, this is not right for you.

                In the end it is what makes our lives fulfilling that is worth the effort, not that which will continually gratify a certain sensation. If there is learning in your pursuit and your life is made better, in your personal and the greater sense, then the journey is worth whatever the trouble is.

                Sometimes we seek to know but knowing is always so good, it is in discovering our reasons for want, for desire, for the urge to know that may lead to the bigger questions and answers.

                To seek. To learn. To know.

                Journey well.

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                Interesting method Draeyk. I'm curious, how do you go about recontacting the daemon? Does it give you its sigil to make your new attempts at re-inocation easier or are there other ways that they suggest?
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      As I see it the phenomena of sleep paralysis is what is commonly known in the South as being "haint ridden." My, perhaps, overly sensitive partner requires that we hang a holy stone (rock with a naturally eroded hole in the center, also good for peering into the spirit world or faery) above the bed to prevent spirits from using his body as a means to voice their discontent. When we lived in Columbia, SC and were renting a house he had serial episodes in which he had visions of a woman coming out of the closet (no joke intended) in his sleep who would simply scream at him. However he would be paralyzed and when she screamed her voice came from his mouth. After this had continued for some time we had the police arrive with a dollar bill in their hands and ask us if anyone at our address needed help. Apparently a woman who had lived there had written on the bill "if found send help to [the address]" and signed her name. We had been receiving mail for this individual, unpaid bills, etc. for some time. So we assumed the worst and smudged and burned sweet grass to appease her presence. The instances became less frequent after this.
      • I highly recommend this one book about dealing with spirits. Its called "Communing with the Spirits" by Martin Coleman. I am reading it right now, and taking his directions (which takes months to move onto the next chapter, cause he wanted to get some skills) but there are recipes in there for dealing with the dead.

        While sweetgrass and sage smudge things are good, I find people use them for EVERYTHING, when I don't think they necessarily work for everything.
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          Well sage and sweet grass are intended to 1)purge space(sage) and 2)feed benign energies (sweet grass). While they might be used often I tend to think that is simply because they are tried and true means of ritual cleansing. And when you have a lover who is convulsing in the throws of being spirit ridden by an aggressive entity a book that takes months to read a chapter might not fit the bill. Though I will check it out, thanks for the recommendation!
          • thats only if you want to become a necromancer does it take time to read and practice.

            I flipped ahead, and he has an appendix of recipes for incenses, powders and washes to help control the influence of spirits.

            Your qualities attributed to sweetgrass is very spot on. Which makes those qualities good in a general way, and yes, definitely in an emergency, use what you have on hand.

            This is what the book offers in the way to control spirits and thier influences.

            If you prefer to keep all spirits away, burn dragon's blood. resin, as that weakens and discourages spirits.

            Place 3 mothballs in the corners of your bedroom or rooms in the house. replace them as necessary. you could also use cubes of camphor, which also deters spirits from entering.

            Prepare a tea made of yerba mate, add that to a larger volume of water (like a gallon) and use that to wash floors, or spray carpet, walls, window sills and other things, as that also drives spirits away. You can also do the same with dogwood, as that confuses spirits, especially harmful ones.

            A powder to drive spirits away from a person, place or thing is described. Its really simple (shockingly so) and its made from powdered yerba mate and powdered eggshells (also known as cascarilla).

            Fun times!
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              Wow! I'm impressed! You know a lot about the things I'm hoping to know about in the near future.

              By the way, I did sort of wish for a gay incubus to drop by and one did make a visit last week. I was sleeping when I literally could feel something slip into bed with me. I felt a hand massage me in a way a guys do in foreplay. It felt good at first, until I realized that I wasn't dreaming. When I realized I wasn't dreaming, fear stirred in me. I then thought, well he's doing a pretty good job getting me all horny, may be he might be pretty good looking too. I then thought what if he didn't look cute? Terror then filled my mind. I projected the thought of "Please go" and it immediately left.
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              We incorporate a lot of hoodoo practices into our normal regimen of witchy practice. to include the floor washes and whatnot. My personal favorite is to sweep the whole house in a counterclockwise motion gathering the resulting dirt, dog hair , and debris into a big heap in the center of the house and then drizzle honey over the mess and then (this is not a practice easily handled by a Sally Sanitary) wad it all in to a ball and then go chuck the resulting ball of gooey psychic residue in the nearest body of moving water, ocean or river are fine. We already use dragon's blood as a sort of power booster in a lot of our work. It has always worked as magnifier of intent for me.
              • very fascinating ball thing. I had never heard of it before, but a good idea. The only hoodoo ball I have made is a jackball with beeswax, but that sounds very effective. I stopped to read you profile (cause I was intrigued) and I have to say, LUCKY!!! How is Georgia?

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