Gay Satanists

public - created 12/11/08
Couldn't find a tribe group for gay Satanists, so I made one myself. The group name says it all. Note that this Tribe is for and about gay and bi men 18 years or older, and that includes content as well as members! So HAIL and welcome! RSS Feed what is XML?

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sacrifice  topic
SATANISTS in Toronto?  topic
Pedo chatstep  topic
am I not all that is beauty  photo flag
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simply follow me, and you will understand servi...  photo flag
driven by a master he does not even know yet  photo flag
driven by a master he does not even know yet  photo flag
2 be lulled into his service by men cloaked in ...  photo flag
-I-10.26.14 YES YOU ARE QUITE YOUNG, BUT ALL IS...  photo flag
forget my robe son,,, it is mearly a means to s...  photo flag
now that you have known joy,, let me take u 2 o...  photo flag
he now knows where he cannot find comfort  photo flag
who better to courrupt  photo flag
Los Angeles AIDS versatile Demon Pig seeking sa...  topic
Conversion Party  topic
Virginia  topic
cock eaten; then gang raped  topic
Boy needs rapping  topic
From a Recent jesus Chat Site  topic
hi... i need cock torture  topic
Alanta fellas  topic
sacrifice my cock  topic
UK  topic

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