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topic posted Wed, November 7, 2012 - 3:11 AM by  Bearman
I was driving back to Philly from Harrisburg last night on the PA
Turnpike. I stopped in the rest area just passed the
Lebanon/Lancaster exit going east. It was about 7 pm. The rest
room was empty except for one guy standing at a urinal. He was
about 6'2" well proportioned wearing jeans, t-shirt, ball cap and
work boots. I took the urinal one away from him and pulled out my
dick. I kept looking over at his as he was standing a bit back from
the pisser. I could tell he wasn't pissing but he sure was shaking
his dick. He kept looking straight at the wall and wasn't giving me
any sign that he was interested. Yet, he kept his dick out.
Shortly, a real geek came in and took the urinal between us. I
packed up my dick but didn't leave. Instead, I walked to the last
section of pissers that were behind a small partition screening them
off from the main row. I took my dick out again. Soon the geek
left and when he did, the tall guy came to the pisser right next to
mine. This time, he turned toward me and showed me his dick. My
fear of getting beaten up was much less than my desire to touch his
dick and I reached out for it. He let me stroke it a few times. I
asked if he was in a truck that we could go to. He said he was but
would rather stay in the rest room. Although it wasn't my
preference, I wanted to suck his dick so I went into the last stall
and sat on the john Indian style so my feet wouldn't show and left
the door unlocked. A minute later he pushed the door open and
walked in. He took out his dick and started to feed it to me.
While I sucked him, he opened his belt and pants. I pulled them
down below his nuts so I had full access. I played with his balls
with one hand and let the other work up under his shirt to rub his
hairy pecs and nipples. Soon he started to shudder, he leaned
forward and stretched out one arm to brace himself against the wall
as he rewared my efforts with a hot load of cum. I swallowed it
all. When he calmed down, he still didn't leave and allowed me to
clean up his dick and lick his balls for about 5 more minutes. Then
he bent down and wispered thanks in my ear and said he had to get
going. It sure was a lucky stop for me. I hope I meet him again.
If he's part of this group and reads this, I'd like him to write me.
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