How long does it take to get an "assgasm"

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Has anybody experienced an "assgasm" ? Does it take minutes or hours?
I have to be pegged yet, but I'm curious.
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    Fri, November 2, 2007 - 11:32 PM
    depends on a lot of things.

    the first time a vixskin dildo (softer so they can thrust harder and just feels better) was used on me...i came pretty darn quick with almost no other stimulation.
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      Re: How long does it take to get an "assgasm"

      Fri, November 2, 2007 - 11:40 PM
      I didn't take long for me. Maybe a few minutes. But I'm fairly orgasmic to start with, so maybe it transferred to my ass. When I've pegged boyfriends I use the smallest cock I have and slow-love them until they drip. Then I know I'm doing it safely and not hurting my sweet boys and occasional girls.
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        Re: How long does it take to get an "assgasm"

        Thu, November 8, 2007 - 1:38 PM
        I never get an orgasm from pegging; however, I do drip clear pre-cum continuously during the session.

        About three nights ago, I got pegged for about the fourth time. Before the session, I gave myself an enema and showered thoroughly. We finished dinner. She showered, and we began our love-making. I asked her if she was completely clean, she said yes, and then I informed her that I was completely clean as well (inside and out). Well, she smiled all the way through our very long foreplay and my cunnilingus from which she got about three orgasms. She then scampered to get the strap-on out of the drawer!

        She started very slowly, kissing me all over. She loves feeling my muscular butt, which I obtained from playing ice hockey and maintain at the gym (I squat 210 pounds or angle leg-press 500 pounds and the gym). Well, I turned onto my belly, and she started inserting a finger and then two fingers very slowly and gently into my backside. After about 10-15 minutes of this, she asked me if I was ready for something more. And, I was.

        We started with both of us on our knees, on the bed, and her pegging me from behind. Meanwhile, she would stroke my penis. Then, I lay completely flat, as she squatted over me. Then, she peg me, with me on my side. She drove me crazy by forcefully kissing me on the mouth, holding me close to her, and licking and kissing my neck and ears while I whimpered in absolute ecstasy. We kept at her pegging me for at least a forty-five minutes. Long and slow thrusts which occasionally were interspersed by fast and furious bursts. She could not believe that I could take it as long as she pegged me for that night. We have a large mirror facing us, and the images of her pegging me are incredible! When she finally tired out (and acknowledged how much work it must take for guys to keep thrusting like that), she wanted me to enter her vaginally. We were both surprsied at how excited she had become and how big the wet spot was that she left on the bed. I had been extremely hard for such a long time during the pegging, that our final love-making session (with me in her) was extremely long.

        So, you may never get an "assgasm", like me. Or, it might not take very long for my gal and other women when they are receiving anal sex. Nevertheless, the key is to start out slow and small (fingers) and then work your way further. I only recently have been on the receiving end of anal sex, and only now am finding that my body is more receptive to it than the first time. I also notice that giving myself an enema before the session helps. Otherwise, after the session, I am extremely flatulent and feel the need to defecate for a couple of days. (Hope that is helpful and not "Too Much Information"!)
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          Thu, November 8, 2007 - 8:07 PM
          Too much information? That's what it's all about , all the information that one is willing to give. I can never get enough of it.
          Thank you.
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            Re: How long does it take to get an "assgasm"

            Sat, November 10, 2007 - 9:49 AM
            I have had the most intense, prolonged and pleasuable orgasms from being pegged. If I let her know just how to do it for me. My soon to be ex introduced me to being pegged by a woman. She went out and bought the harness and picked out a nice long fat curved dildo with a flared head that looked likea real cock with veins and all. The curve and the flared head are the key. I can gor for hours, not like my younger days - though even then I was told that I went longer than most men, as I am one of those senuous, sensitive, giving, empathetic sexual (been gay, bi and straight - now just "sexual") man. I live to give in all ways in life - in my work, my relationships and love making. I can go hours pleasuring a woman as she wants without my need to cum, especially orally. (I'm good with the right guys, but that is another story). My wife discovered early in our relationship how much I liked my butt touched, rubbed, massaged, kneeded, poked, skanked, paddled (she bought a nice strap) fingered, and vigorously plugged. She offered to do the pegging and I was, er, open to it! The thing that made it really work was discovering the power of the prostate gland - hitting, rubbing, pounding the prostate at the right moment after lots of foreplay and prolonged butt fucking brings it all over the top and it can be controlled and timed for when I want it if she is willing to move in just the right way and keep going until I explode with an orgasm. I don't know what an assgasm is, but what I have experienced must be it.

            Now that we are splitting - I would love to find a bi- or just sexual woman any legal age who wants to have this kind of fun. Sigh! I'll now "submit" this post.
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    Re: How long does it take to get an "assgasm"

    Thu, November 8, 2007 - 6:24 AM
    I had a girlfriend who had never had anal sex but wanted to try it. She really enjoyed the feeling she got when my tongue stimulated her ass. She wasn't sure about having anal sex with my cock the first time so we used an average size soft vibrator. She didn't cum the first couple of time but enjoyed the feeling. One day I was performing oral on her and she slid the dildo in her ass. OMG I thought I was going to drown. When we finally did have anal sex she came fast, hard and in great quanities of fluid. She asked if she could use the dildo on me. No problem!! As she was sliding it in I got hard as a rock, she started jacking me off and it was a very short time before I was shooting a load everywhere. She was sooooooooooo surprised. We had a girlfriend of her's join us on a regular basis and she wanted to show her me taking the dildo and cumming. She used the dildo on me while her friend sat on my face and when I exploded both were happy.

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