Wearing a plug in public

topic posted Mon, November 1, 2010 - 9:43 PM by  the bi bottom
Do any guys here, or I guess ladies too, ever wear a butt plug in public? I've thought about going to work with one, but never done it.
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the bi bottom
  • Yes, I've worn a plug in public, and honestly, if you have one with not too large a base, it's completely invisible. Also a lovely stimulation as you walk, move, sit, etc. It's harder to hide the erection than the plug.... lol.

    • I love butt plugs and wear them in public almost every day. I prefer xthick to keep my hole open wide with a flared base that fits into my harness... I always wear a harness, bob
  • I'm also thinking about stainless steel balls. Something heavy and without a base. Have a couple and feel them move against each other. I've seen a chrome egg, but honestly don't know if chrome is safe for extended exposure. Anyone know where to get em? Probably just large ball bearings would be cheaper and the same thing just marketed differently.

    I'm thinking wearing something to a club might be my outing with something like this. If I were to meet someone I'm not sure if it would be awkward or hilarious or say "excuse me, but I need to remove 2 pounds of metal from my ass before you can enter".
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    I've tried this a couple of times now. The key is having a comfy fit. That being said, it's alot of fun to have something nice tapping your prostate while you're doing mundane tasks. Extra sexy to talk to your boss or police officer while you have that plug in place.
  • i have driven around town with a plug in my butt on a dare but never in public.
    • I have used a Tantus Ryder out and about a few times. The base is a good shape for this. I did, while driving with it in wonder if I got involved in an accident and ended up in hospital that the police might nick me for 'without due care and attention' on account of the distraction of the plug!
      • I've done it several times and have always enjoyed the feeling. Knowing that you have something up your rear while doing everyday tasks like shoping... just makes you smile. I also have a cokring that has a part that goes between my legs with a ball that goes in my butt and have worn that out several times.
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    Yes I have...on a couple of occasions, though, not too many. It was very erotic to know and feel it inside while no one else knew. Of course I would call my GF to tell her about it while I was out walking around and she would get a kick out of it too.
  • I have 3 I wear comfortably. They range from 6" to 10" around with thick necks as I prefer the open feeling... I always wear a harness. No one knows but me and my significant others.., love wearing plugs all the time.... I have den friends who use with 2 plugs!!

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