Yes we are many....

topic posted Thu, November 15, 2007 - 10:57 AM by  Kate and Mike
We are many... many more .... Yes we are many more than we think we are.... It's only a matter of time...
It's a matter of courage or fear to look within us.... there is everything... just open the door and go trough it... the other side is shinning and there is no fear at all.. Everything is as normal as always... and no one is right or wrong.... If you enjoy something ,,, go for it !
We are a couple that is open to love in all the ways... I like to pegg my husband so good that he looses control and come on his pants... and he is so please to be pegged hard by me... And also I love so much to sit on him and let him drive me crazy and control me... If there is love nothing is bad (if both agree)
Let's be real and enjoy our selves....
posted by:
Kate and Mike

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