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Hey girls,
It's Roxie. I started this tribe because I like bending boys over. I only have one picture in my profile and it's obscure, and that's because I work in politics and I can't afford to have my identity public. Or maybe I could, I don't know; I just don't want to risk it.
Whatever the case, I've been trying to do some self evaluation, so as to come to terms with why I do what I do and want what I want lately. I went to Burning Man this year and it brought a number of questions to the fore.
And what I first came to was that, well....I work in politics, around the locus of power that is predominately male—and so, of course, it would make sense that I would sexually work out some demons to balance all of that out. Namely that would entail fucking men in the ass, making them wear thongs or women's clothing, or even sometimes giving them sexual homework that involves them—who are otherwise straight—taking pictures of themselves as they suck off one or their gay guy friends. Hot, yes? It was all about power and humiliation (as well as liking pics of gay porn, too, yeah)....
I work with men who have power and so I enjoy sapping them of it through fucking them in the ass?

The realization felt cheap to me, fun as all my boys have been.

But then I had an encounter with a young guy, maybe 24 (I'm 36 and I don't usually bother with guys his age), at Burning Man this year. And for the first time, bending him over wasn't about power play so much as intimacy—as in, well...anyone can have a one-night stand; few of us are crazy enough to go as far as letting a girl peg you the same night you met her.
Long story short, I made love to this boy. In his ass. I fucked him for an hour and a half, 8.5 inches inside him....and I've never felt closer to anyone. He was there not for power or humiliation or whatever else—but rather, for real human connection.
Me, him, and our toy: I've never felt closer to anyone. I used to be all about crushing ass and being crazy and even sadistic. Now all I want is to make love to his ass again. Forever. Amazing.

Thoughts? Who among you ladies aren't just about power play and such? Who, when doing your boy up, actually make love to his ass instead of something else?

p.s. on a cruder note, we never even touched his shaft but he 'made it' anyway. I've never seen that before. And I've definitely never seen so much cum. Any similar experiences, ladies? I like hearing from men, but I take the lady side to heart more often. Nothing personal, boys, it's just a male-dominated tribe and I'm often solicited. I do value your opinions but I take it with a grain of salt sometimes. kisses anyway....
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  • I'll have to say the first time I did this with a very playful sub was not about slamming him, it was about making him have a very intimate time w me and a new fun thing to make him feel dominated but in a very caring way. Bravo to you that it turned into a beautiful thing. I do agree I love to take the energy away from men as well.
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    If anyone had all the taboos about anal sex reinforced by society and various institutions, I am that person. Being very heterosexual, not understanding why any man would be interested sexually in other men, playing intercollegiate sports and in a very traditional fraternity, and going to medical school where all the misconceptions of how unhealthy anal sex were reinforced all engendered a disinterest in it. Despite that, I always have enjoyed being around assertive/dominant woman and have had a great time being the submissive with them. So, my interest in other things that a man could submit to has been picqued after my fantasy of being tied up and teased mercilessly by a former girlfriend finally came true. There was a woman I dated in residency who wanted to try anal sex, and clearly we had no idea how to do it. I did not dilate her, we did not have lube, etc.
    Well, recently, I found a woman who enjoys anal sex and introduced it to me. Through her "tutoring," I learned that anal sex is much more than just "pounding that ass." It is a long gradual process that eventually gets her excited enough to beg me to do that. By having her lead the way and guide entry initially, I realize why she has enjoyed it and I thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of my cock inside her ass.
    From her days as a lesbian, she owns a dildo and a strap-on harness. As mentioned above, I always have been curious of being on the receiving end of it. As it turns out, "pegging a guy" has been a fantasy of hers! And, one day, she received a surprise when one of her old lesbian lovers on whom she had used a strap-on, placed a Dan Savage Q&A article on her nightstand. I told her I wanted to read it. So, a few days later, we read it together. We started very slow. That night, it was just her fingers playing with me before I penetrated her per anum. Then, a few weeks later, she used her fingers and then manually inserted her dildo into me. And, then, eventually, I got pegged with her using the strap-on. She entered me very slowly and gently with me bent over the bed. Then, I turned over on my back and she re-entered me, and played with my cock until I came. In addition to the pleasure we both had, it was quite a bonding experience emotionally. I felt my male enregy drain out of me and into her and loved it!
    Finally, a few nights ago, she pegged me again. This time, it was for much longer, and we had all sorts of positions (at least four or five). She started out slow and then would begin humping me hard. (Afterwards, she was impressed with exactly how much work is involved when we men are thrusting into them-- although I think we are built for that and women are not!)
    Anyhow, I write this to inform any couple who is interested in trying this to start out slowly. Although on the first times she played with my arse I asked her if she wanted to use the strap-on right then and there, she appropriately held off and we just kept on increasing the time spent and intensity of the activity at each next session. Also, our love-making even during those session have been full of other activities; so, it just becomes another part of our physical intimacy.
    I hope this is helpful to any other readers.
    Also, I do have a question: I am not sure if I necessarily get little physical pleasure in being pegged. Sometimes it feels good, often it seems different (not painful but not necessarily pleasurable). But, the image of her in those positions and the pleasure that she experiences in addition to the bonding experience we have gone through does make me want to keep doing it. Does anyone else feel this way about getting pegged?
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    Roxanne, can we be married? Please?
    My SO hates it. Hates the idea of it. Refuses to consider it.
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      I'm glad you brought up a detail that so often gets glossed over. While some of these posts are about punishing a boy in his ass with a big rubber cock, making him cry as he cums, etc...well, the best part about it isn't sadism or being dominant so much as exploring the far reaches of the body--physically, culturally, spiritually even. And the intensity and taboo nature of the experience breeds a kind of intimacy that can't be found through too many other things. a boy giving up his perceived 'manhood' for a girl as she bends him over is incredibly hot and intimate.
      Few people are lucky enough to explore this with someone they want, love and trust. I first tried it just out of curiosity with a guy I didn't really like--he didn't have the body (and esecially the tight and hairless/perfect kinda ass I wanted) but he was willing and I was curious, so we had fun...
      But when I finally got it right with the perfect boy who was in it for the right reasons (and had a very perfect ass--ask me off list and I might just send you a pic or two--FUCK, perfect hot boy ass), well...then it became more than just a fetish. It was transcendent, an expression of intensity and sharing in both knowing that we are both crazy.
      Bigger, better, harder, deeper, more fulfilling--and just sexier. I wasn't fucking a boy in the ass; I was making love to his ass (albeit roughly, from time to time). THe noises he made were so...perfect. Aroused, in pain, vulnerable, and full of that look in the eyes--like don't ever stop ever, please please please....
      I wish I could hop on him now. I'm awake way too late, alone with a 9-inch strap on and my boys are so far away.
      as I said before, I wish we had a tribe for strap-on bootie calls, mediated and controlled by women. Men can respond only to requests in their areas. That way girls can get their due, explore--and, who knows--maybe even make love to a boy's ass. If they have the impulse and time, they can solicit a boy and just do it.
      I mean, I wish I had that option so easily presented sometimes.

      • I would willing ly volunteer for boi booty calls. LOL. I enjoyed reading your enthusiasm in these posts. It is refreshing to find women that really enjoy pegging rather than doing some poor guy a favor. I would wish that there are more of you, but the rarity and taboo of pegging seems to be right where it needs to be. Unique experience that is not trivial or contrived. Persons enjoying each others openly and passionately by pegging.
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      well, I'm not much of one for marriage...and I'm sorry she's not into it. Maybe you need to find it outside of the relationship. Ideally you could talk it over with her and get her blessing, but failing that (I know it's complicated), maybe you should just frequent some gay bar-like scenes and find a straight-curious gay girl to work out her issues on your ass.
      There is no easy answer if your girl won't do it for you. But if it's a fantasy you need to fulfill, well...I dunno. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Find some crazy girl who's into it and let her work herself out on you. Honesty is ideal, of course...but if this is the only thing wrong, it isn't out of the question to find it elsewhere. It' may be sketchy, but fuck: every boy I've fucked in the ass says it's the best. so you probably owe it to yourself to take it deep from a hot chick. orgasms are explosive. I mean, imagine a girls soft feminine eyes staring deep into yours and she fucks you with a cock that's bigger than yours. Nothing like it, baby, the cum shoots all the way up to your face sometimes.

      Good luck.

  • I am glad you found that sensation. It is what got me, and now I am hooked. I feel so close to my wife now. I mean we loved each other before, but there is just that much more trust in something like this. It's not so much about who's doing who, as it's about me allowing her the same access to my body that I have to hers. I keep this in the category of lovemaking, nothing so crude as "anal" sex. More like sharing each others bodies and keeping open to new sensations. It definitely helps you bond closer with your lover. I hope you find someone that shares as much as your favorite lover did, because I think it would be torture to lose such a closeness.
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      I gather from your post that given your profession and the men that you have to deal with, that pegging not only gives you a sense of empowerment but perhaps an opportunity to release anger and frustration. Maybe what was unique about your BM encounter was that it touched you on a different level, that it wasn't just about dominating him but also about pleasure, both his and yours.
  • Roxanne, sounds likethat was a great experience showing what pegging is all about. It is awesome when that connection happens. The first time i was pegged it was very similar, although not quite an hour long, ;-). What started out as just a day hanging out with a very good female friend of mine, turned into a pretty steamy makeout session. After some of me fingering her, and her reciprocating on me. (that alone was incredible) although previously I performed anal play on myself, this was the first time someone was inside of me and the sensations were not like any I had before. we were really enjoying this with eachother when she suggested using her vibrator on me. WIth me laying on my back and her on top of me, she made love to me. Without at all touching my shaft it felt like I was continously having an orgasm. She must have been hitting the p spot perfectly. I came within a few minutes, I didnt think that could happen concluding a great "first time"
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    That was a very intense confession. All I can say is that when my wife pegs me, it's very intense emotionally for both of us (plus the tremendous prostate massage for me), including the enhanced sense of closeness between us. I feel like I'm giving her something by being open to the role reversal, she loves giving me the incredible pleasure. We both feel very attached afterwards. We get this from some other things we do, switching the giving and receiving roles, but pegging is definitley one of our favorites.
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    Wed, January 23, 2008 - 2:38 AM
    Roxie, I know what you mean: I'm in a mostly-male field, too (finance). Pegging/male ass-play has definitely had an element of domination to it in greater or lesser extents in my relationships, usually depending on how into D/s the guy is in general. I also feel like the power trip is (for me) about making them feel *so* good in a way that is a bit taboo.

    Quick story: recently I hooked up with a guy who's very tall, incredible body, confident personality, etc. We met for the express purpose of me pegging him. I had my strap-on in place, he was gorgeously naked and hard in eager anticipation...Then he gets a phone call from work. He's on the phone going over these boring technical details and the whole time his eyes were riveted with hunger to my strap-on. It was unintentional foreplay, him wanting it so badly he could barely talk on the phone...

    There is also that intimacy, having the guy vulnerable. I'm never rough until he's ready for it and always careful about the "warm up" and whatnot... and sometimes I feel like he's opening up to me on more than just a physical level.

    Thank you for describing your various experiences -- it helps me think about my motivations as well. :o)
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    Re: For women to repond and guys to read ...

    Wed, February 13, 2008 - 3:02 PM
    "Thoughts? Who among you ladies aren't just about power play and such? Who, when doing your boy up, actually make love to his ass instead of something else?
    --Roxie "

    The first time I had a chance at doing a guy with a strap-on, he was a fellow switch to fantasized about it, wrote porn about it, and claimed to be thrilled when I brought one with me on my visit to California. That is, he was thrilled until it was actually time to be intimate. He put it off and put it off until our last night together, whereupon he decided to eat a plate full of partially cooked chicken at a buffet and get so sick that there'd be no pleasant way to have any sort of sex, let alone pegging. When I asked why he kept eating the chicken when he knew it was poorly cooked, he said "It tasted good." Either I can assume that he really was that brain-dead, or that he was actually terrified of me running a fuck for a change.

    About two years back, I started dating bisexual dominant who really enjoyed anal play. Because he is dominant, he was very wary of anyone assuming that because he loved prostate stimulation that he was somehow a bottom or submissive. Once he felt comfortable and confident that I didn't see servicing his ass as the same as making him my bitch, I got suited up and we gave it a try. (I won't get into the enema hiliary here. Let's just say that we needed a lot of practice. ew.)

    To start out with for him, I lay on my back and he drove, sliding up and down on the dildo and me as I got a pretty view. Eventually he acclimitized to the situation and let me up to be a more active partner. He directed which positions we took, and I adjusted my speed per his requests. I didn't adjust my position until I warned him that my knees were screaming, and then only moved slowly. He loved it, and we've doing anal play since then.

    At the recommendation of another partner, we've bought a Feeldoe (Stout). It is the first vibrating strap-on I've dealt with, and I love that thing. Okay, I wish it were longer, but still -- purr. I actually ended up moving before my dominant partner was ready for me to the first time we tried it. *blush*

    I've also worn the Feeldoe for my submissive partner. We haven't managed penetration yet (he hadn't cleaned himself out before I got there. Again, ew.), but he has sucked my strap-on cock quite enthusiastically and he really, really wants me to do him. If he's fulfilled a deal we made waay back in August by the time I next see him, then I'll do his ass. I picture missionary with his legs in the air, and spooning with my legs pinning his while giving him a reach-around.

    Having been the recipient of some truly attrocious anal sex (my record is bleeding for four days afterward), there's only so far I coud seriously take the dominant-angle with my submissive. Would I spit on him? Well, considering that he begged me to piss on him and reacted as though I'd licked his cock when I finally managed to do it, yep. Slap him? He's requested that. Call him names? Ibid. Now, would I do that to my dominant? Ha ha HA! No. Not even if you tried to pay me. I want to keep dating my dominant. :) He's not into that, but my submissive is. Could I peg a guy who was neither submissive nor dominant to me? If I was attracted enough to and comfortable enough with him, yes. There might be hot and / or dirty talk, but how far into humiliation play it ventured would depend on negotiation and boundaries.

    I go by do-unto-others with anal play, given a little bit of tweaks for boundaries, neogitations and requests. When I already care about the person, I can take much more seriously the idea that I'm being entrusted with the safety, comfort and pleasure of a person who has a choice in who they spend their time with. I want to care. I want to bring other people as much joy as I'd like to receive. And even then, it's still a charge: the responsibility, the succesful tricks, the view, the exhausted, blissed-out cuddles. Is it domming? Service topping? Catering to someone else? Depends on when you catch me. :)
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      Re: For women to respond and guys to read ...

      Sun, April 6, 2008 - 4:30 PM
      I am not about power play when I finger my husbands ass or use toys on him. I love doing it. I love hearing him moan. I love to kiss him while I am playing with his ass. I do consider it making love. I love playing with his ass. It's a huge turn on for me.
  • Being "mostly" submissive, Ive yet to experience the slamming away humilation version, but the fantasy has certainly crossed my mind before... brought about by certain men. I have yet to discover a common thread between those who do evoke that fantasy, though, so perhaps its more a certain chemistry than a power play.

    In my experience, it has always been about mutual intimacy and/or pleasure. Now that certainly doesnt mean its all soft and slow and violin music playing or anything... sometimes it is anything but.
    • Hi, all! I'm new here but wanted to comment. I have several dildos that I've used on myself (which concept my GF loves when we use them on her). I bought a harness for my GF a couple of years ago and the first time she pegged me, IT WAS WONDERFUL! I didn't have to do anything except "take it" and she LOVED the feeling of power! My feeling of being under her control was exquisite! I'm (bought and) sold! :)

  • I love it when my wife fucks me up the ass telling me she loves it or fingers me up the ass while giving me a hand job demanding that I cum for her. Having a man get his prostate massaged is a great act of love from his partner. The intimacy it brings is incredible. My wife really enjoys the control she has over my sexual pleasure. And it makes me really want to take care of her needs. It wouldn't be fun for me to be pegged by some woman I wasn't intimate with. Call me crazy but the fact the only woman I have sex with is my wife and add to the feeling that I can be this open and vulnerable with her really makes for some incredibly intense sex.

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