Female Sex Slaves for Men

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This site is for fun, and not to be taken overly seriously. That said, these are the rules:

All females in this group must follow every sexual command of the men in the group that are within a 50-mile driving distance. If he says, “come over to my place and take off your clothes”, you do so even if he wants you to get naked in front of a room full of people. If he says, “give me a massage and then suck my dick”, you do so. If he rolls over and says, “now, open up”, you do so. If he says, “pleasure my friend,” you pleasure his friend.

Within this group only the males are allowed to make any kind of sexual requests or offers. Female slaves must have a picture of yourself in your profile and it also must contain your location. These rules do not apply to the men in the group.

Nothing involving pain is required of our Female sex slaves, but all sexual commands from our women are. Have fun! Jess RSS Feed what is XML?

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