Mistress Mommy? Master Daddy?

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my ageplay Im available for daddies and mommies..
Ageplay practices may include:
* spanking
* diapering (i.e. putting the submissive partner in diapers as though he/she were an infant)
* humiliating medical procedures such as rectal temperature taking, the insertion of suppositories, the giving of enemas.
*or dress me up like a doll..its up to you.

Setting: A underground sex slave school. Turns its Victims into sex slaves with sexual related classes. Name: Jenny
Gender: F
Age: (4-17)
Sexuality: straight
Cup Size:Flat chest-b cup(depends on age)
Height: 2'11''-5'4''(depends on age)
Weight: 40 lbs-100 lbs(depends on age)
Apperance: Short Brown-blonde hair.
Personalitly: fun, flirty, innocent, bubbly, scared
Clothes:Jeans and a tank top, little girl panties,
Piercing: ears
Just starting to develop out…

Backstory: A sheltered overprotected, home schooled child. you are her dad(MOM)(but she doesnt know that, Mom(Dad) threw you out after she(he) caught u molesting Jenny while she was taking a nap in her crib when Jenny was a day old...but you've had hidden cameras so u could perv watch her as she grew older, then last week Mom (DAD) died...Jenny was running away from foster care and you kidnapped her when she was walking alone in the dark) and dolled her up her up(make her look like a real slut..playboy bunny type.) Train her to be a sex slave to u, use her for pornography stuff(since she wants to be a give it to her...only in a tricky way..) ,etc. (IM JENNY)

I wake up in a cold dark room..“WH where am i ? wha whats going on?” I sob trying to move but something is holding my arms back, I whimper out loud in fear Suddenly a bright light comes on over where i was bound, blinding me......and i hear a computer voice..“video recording of Jenny...slut number 000001453” ........u walk in and shine a bright line on the table above me, blinding me more...(u smile at my scared little body, “but first ur initiation....” u smile. “computer, start notes.” ...“starting notes on Jenny aka slut 000001453” …u restrain her to a metal table and strip her down...going to give her a body examination........(or u can use a latex vac bed if u want...totally up to u
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