Looking to be a sex slave BDSM S/m

topic posted Sat, October 30, 2010 - 2:31 AM by  Leesa
wanting training for sexual slavery S/m BDSM willing to try anything
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    Hello Leesa. Master Ron here. I am looking here for someone for My needs and wants. I am interested in first getting to know a little about you, your background, why you want to become a sex slave, and what experience (if any) you have had.
    Contact me here or A_TEXEN@YAHOO so I can email/im you. I want to see if you are sex slave material!!
  • Leesa,

    Post a picture of your figure either in reply to this post or with your profile. If you want to hide or obscure your face for privacy, that is acceptable.

    What experience do you have with s/m and BDSM in general?

    How closely do you link your masochism with your desire to be a slave?

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