Prayer to the Baron, Maman Brigitte, and Ghede (and all the Ghedes)

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Respect to all the Dead,
To those who have gone before
Into that world beyond.
Thank you for making tracks for us,
For living your lives on this Earth,
For giving us the benefit
Of your knowledge and experience.

Baron Samedi, we ask for your Counsel,
We ask for your Judgement,
And for your Forgiveness.
Let us learn from our mistakes
And from the consequences of our actions.
Help us with healing
Bring our family together as one,
And awaken fertility and creativity
In our lives, for the good of all.

Maman Brigitte, show us how to be reborn
Into a new form, with new powers,
Regenerated in new loving ways.
Help us to be straightforward and blunt
When we need to be,
And how to be quiet and mum,
When we need to be.
Bring us your toughness and strength,
Bring us your wit and your grace,
And show us how to judge and to measure
The best way to go
The best thing to say
The best bet to play.

Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte,
You know the Law of man and the Law of God,
Let all legal matters proceed in our favor.
You are fair and just in all you do and say,
Bring us a way of achieving satisfaction
In this life and beyond.

Papa Gede, be here in all your glory!
Entertain us, ease our tension,
And soothe our pain.
Joke with us about sex and death,
And let us see, in the mirror of your sunglass,
Our bare and basic humanity.
You bring us clarity and truth,
You are Death, the best Advisor in all matters.

Teach us how to balance our life
So to live with zest and with sexiness,
With our whole heart and soul,
Getting to the essence of every moment!
Give us the power we need to conquer life,
To use and enjoy it,
Rather than be conquered by it.

Help us to keep the children
At the center of our human family.
Heal them, protect them, and keep them well.
Show us how to cherish them as you do,
For they are our future.

To All the Ghede Family:

Teach us to delight in life’s contradictions
To appreciate life’s paradoxes
And to live with life’s mysteries, in peace.
Show us how to laugh with you,
Making fun of the forces that impinge upon our lives.
Guide us as we venture into unfamiliar places and times,
Keep us safe as we learn to maneuver through
Unfriendly territory; help us to survive!

Knock us off our high horse,
And show us that we’re all the same,
Peasant and King, President and Pauper.
Lighten us up and show us
How to pass the test that you bring.

Be with us when we need to remember our mortality,
And bring to us the wisdom of all who have passed through the veil,
As, hopefully, we will gain wisdom when we die.
And it’s OK if you forget about us, too. ;-)
Because we know we will meet you
On the borderline etween dimensions,
Where we will dance together
Throughout eternity
And find no limits to life and to love.
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