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One time when I was driving to see my parents for a week I had to stop at a public bathroom. I started using one of the urinals when I realized something was written on the wall. It wrote, Horny? Use the stall on the right. I decided to check it out. I went into the stall and found a gloryhole. I stuck my dick through it and in no time I was getting the blowjob of a lifetime. After I finally came i decide to get on my knees and return the favor. He finally came in my mouth and I finally left keeping his cum inside my mouth for a good part of the trip. On the trip back I went back and we gave each other blowjobs again at that gloryhole. Anyone else got some interesting gloryhole stories?
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  • oh yeah I got 7.5 so have fun in the glories..theres one in the local park big enough for 2 cocks ye slide get the other one side your underneath and work 2 at once..
  • and standing at the stainless when a straight tradesman cums in ..and a mouth open inside the glory on the cubicle opposite..beckon the trady to out his cock in the glory the other kunt does all the work..standing behind the tradesman working his man nipps..then as he tenses to blow pull him out of the glory and get the seed yourself..thats what a real man does..the kunt inside gets nuthin wasnt worthy enough was he..
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    i'm at palm springs glory hole/arcade and when a cock came through i jumped on it with my mouth.i recognized his voice telling me suck me baby,suck me and then recognized his bracelet as his hand jacked his cock and i sucked. holy shit it's my dentist and all the blood drained out of my head.THEN i thought hell this is kinda hot and really got my own frenzy going and he blew all over my face and down the front of he took off rather fast as 'they do' and i thought--yep voice,bracelet,and cut cock as he is jewish dentist!! lol this just happened 2 wks ago and will be in dentist chair in a couple months. don't think he will recognize my mouth! ha,ha danny

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