Gloryhole bondage/torture

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Just curious if I am the only guy that wonders about having his cock and balls tied or clamped in a g/h
and abused / tortured while stuck on the other side of the wall with no way to protect them?

Total fantasy for reality here, Anyone else like this idea?
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    that sounds pretty interesting. I can't say that it has ever crossed my mind. I do sometimes fantasize about being in bent over and unable to straighten up,hands cuffed to a spreader bar with my feet shackled . I would have my wide spread ass pressed firmly against one hole ,my open mouth against another hole on the other side, nipples clamped and not to be let out till I have serviced enough cocks. Your way does sound good too.
  • How about having one's cock sliced off? That was the subject of a story arc on the (super excellent) TV show "The Shield" a few years back.
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      Have fantasized often about having my cock and balls sliced off, all kinds of settings and situations, but have to admit, having someone castrate me and cut off my dick in a glory hole is one scenario I missed. Any more thoughts and/or stories about losing a cock like that? Would love to hear about anything.
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    I've had a similar fantasy, to be told to show up at a hotel or motel room, wearing back thigh high hose and pumps, black leather collar with short leather leash, earrings, wig, mouthgag, wig, makeup, black bustier, with a coat, arrive at room door at appointed time, pull blindfold from my purse & put it on and slip it up above my eyes, remove coat, get to my knees, pull leather handcuffs from purse (keys in purse), affix cuff to left wrist, pull blindfold down over my eyes, reach behind me to attach right handcuff, then knock on door with my forehead, with no idea what fate awaits me, what will be done to me, what i'll be made to do.... but knowing it'll be recorded on video for me....
  • I'm a kinky masochist and was looking for a glory hole where i could have my cockhead touced lightly with a cigarette or blown out mastch.
    It has only happened once to me in vegas at a bok story glory whole.
    I experience this type of play with tg's/females at bdsm parties but can't find a glory hole where this occurs.

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