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It's complicated.

The Divine Name

There are many different ways in which the Judaic tradition views the idea of the Name of the Divine. On one level, the Divine has no name because the Divine is that which is beyond naming. On another level, the Divine has a name but it is a name not to be spoken; this is called the Tetragrammaton or the four-letter (YHVH) name of the Divine. When this name appears in prayer or in the sacred texts another divine name (Adonai or HaShem) is spoken in its place.

On still another level, there are many names of the Divine; names which seek to comprehend the Divine by naming its attributes, qualities, and the ways in which it relates to humanity and all of creation.

There are Kabbalistic meditative practices for all of these levels of divine naming. Kabbalists have also discovered and constructed additional names of the Divine that are mystical combinations of Hebrew letters related to the Divine. These "Lettered Names" are used in advanced Kabbalistic practices to help the individual practitioner unite with the Divine (see below).

Here is a list of some of the Judaic Names of the Divine and a mystical interpretation of the divine attributes, qualities, and ways of relating they represent. It is said that the reading and speaking of these Divine names can be a powerful spiritual practice in and of itself.

Abir: Strong One.
Adonai: Guardian; Keeper.
Avinu Malkeinu: Patron; Wise Counselor.
Boreh: Creator.
Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh: I Am That I Am (Exodus 3:14).
E'in Sof: The Endless; The Infinite (Kabbalistic name of God).
El: The Source; That Which Calls; That Which Invokes.
El De'ot: Source of Knowledge (1 Samuel 2:3).
El Echad: Source of Oneness (Malachi 2:10).
El Elyon: Source Most High (Genesis 14:18).
El Emet: Source of Truth: (Psalm 31:6).
El HaGadol: Source of Greatness (Deuteronomy 10:17).
El HaGibbor: Source of Courage and Strength.
El HaKadosh: Source of Holiness (Isaiah 5:16).
El HaNe'eman: Source of Faithfulness (Deuteronomy 7:9).
El HaShamayim: Source of the Heavens: (Psalm 136:26).
El Olam: Source of Eternity (Genesis 21:33).
El Yeshuati: Source of Salvation (Isaiah 12:2).
El Yisrael: Source of Awakening (Psalm 68:35).
Elah Sh'maya: The Source and Calling of Heaven (Ezra 7:23).
Elah Sh'maya V'Arah: The Source and Calling of Heaven and Earth (Ezra 5:11).
Elah Yerush'lem: The Source of the Vision of Peace (Ezra 7:19).
Elah Yisrael: The Source and Calling of the Awakening Self (Ezra 5:1).
Elohay (or Elohim): Honored One; That which is to be revered.
Elohay Avraham, Elohay Yitzchak ve Elohay Ya`aqov: Honored One of the father of great multitudes, the one who brings laughter, and the one who prevails.
Elohay Kedem: Honored One of the Beginning (Deuteronomy 33:27).
Elohay Mishpat: Honored One of Justice (Isaiah 30:18).
Elohay Selichot: Honored One of Forgiveness: (Nehemiah 9:17).
Elohay Marom: Honored One of Heights: (Micah 6:6).
Elohay Mikarov: The Honored One Who Is Near (Jeremiah 23:23).
Elohay Mauzi: Honored One of Strength (Psalm 43:2).
Elohay Tehilati: Honored One of Praise (Psalm 109:1).
Elohay Yishi: Honored One of Salvation (Psalm 18:47, 25:5).
Elohay Elohim: Honored One of Calling (Deuteronomy 10:17).
Elohim (or Elohay): Honored One; That which is to be revered.
Elohim Kedoshim: Holy Honored One (Leviticus 19:2, Joshua 24:19).
Elohim Chaiyim: Living Honored One (Jeremiah 10:10).
Emet: Truth.
Elyon: The One that is Most High.
HaKaddosh, Baruch Hu: The Holy One, Blessed be.
HaShem: The Name.
Immanu El: The Source who is with us (Isaiah 7:14).
Kaddosh Israel: Holy One of the Awakening Self.
Magen Avraham: Protector of the father of great multitudes.
Makom: The Omnipresent One.
Melech ha-Melachim: Counselor of Counselors.
Ro'eh Yisrael: Guide of the Awakening Self.
Shaddai: Almighty Source of Blessing.
Shekhinah: Divine Presence.
Tzur Israel: Rock of the Awakening Self.
YHVH (Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey): That Which Is and Will be; the Source and Author of Life.
YHVH-Elohim: That Which Is and Will Be Honored (Genesis 2:4).
YHVH-M'kadesh: That Which Makes Holy (Ezekiel 37:28).
YHVH-Nissi: That Which Is and Will Be Our Banner (Exodus 17:8-15).
YHVH-O'saynu: That Which Is and Always Will Be Our Maker (Psalm 95:6).
YHVH-Ra-ah: That Which Is and Will Be My Shepherd (Psalms 23:1).
YHVH-Rapha: That Which Healeth (Exodus 15:26).
YHVH-Shalom: That Which Is and Always Will Be Our Peace (Judges 6:24).
YHVH-Shammah: That Which Is and Always Will Be Present (Ezekiel 48:35).
YHVH-Tsidkenu: That Which Is the Source of Righteousness (Jeremiah 23:6).
YHVH Tzva'ot: That Which Brings All Things Together.
YHVH-Yireh: That Which Will Provide (Genesis 22:13, 14).

And here are some of the Kabbalistic Lettered Names of the Divine used in Judaic mystical practices. These practices include gazing at the Hebrew letters of the Name, repeating the letter sounds or the letter Names like a mantra, and meditating on the hidden patterns of meaning within and between each letter of the Name. (Note that Hebrew is read from right to left)

The Four-Letter Name:
The Tetragrammaton or the Name of that which is Nameless.



The Eight-Letter Name:
The Tetragrammaton interspersed with the word Adonai.



The Ten-Letter Name:
Derived from the first three Sefirot of the Tree of Life; Keter (Crown), Hokhmah (Wisdom), and Binah (Understanding).



The Forteen-Letter Name:
Derived through the transposition of letters of the phrase "Adonai Elohainu Adonai" from the Shema prayer.



The Twenty-Two-Letter Name:
Derived from the Priestly Blessing.



The Forty-Two-Lettered Name:
Derived from the first 42 letters of the Torah.



The Seventy-Two Lettered Name:
Derived from three verses in Exodus (14:19-21); each of the verses contains 72 letters, and when combined they form 72 names.
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    YHVH and the Genetic code are presented in JJ Hurtak's the Keys of Enoch. According to this link "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® is a spiritual scientific textbook that in poetic science states the issues of the future. The Keys examines the puzzles of life and gives a spiritual explanation as to why we exist in this reality. It should be pointed out that this text was not "channeled" but given directly to the author in direct face-to-face experience with two beings of Higher Superluminal Intelligence."

    "Original Research on Our Genetic ‘God Code’
    According to the Keys of Enoch®
    The Future of the Scientific and
    Popular Understanding of the Sacred

    The connection between DNA and the Divine Name of God (YHVH or YHWH) goes back over thirty years in the work of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® and from medical researchers who have worked with this information. The Divine Names are generally recognized as the biblical and extra-biblical Names of God used in the writings of the prophetic thinkers down through the centuries who brought forth a higher path of service in what was regarded as a profane world.

    In biblical and kabbalistic teaching, the fabric of the human body came out of the utterances of the Divine Word. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® (1973, 1975, 1977) makes the correlation that this Divine Name was the key behind the transcription code of chemical letters which develops the human body. In 1973 while at the University of California, Hurtak came to understand that there was a connection between the series of linguistic and genetic associations in the spelling of God’s name in the biblical Hebrew (YHVH). He constructed a genetic resource table using the Divine Name Code in a triple arrangement of letters, including the “start” and “stop” coding of letters for each of the sequences with the amino and nucleic acids. This work was presented selectively before the Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine in June 1973 by Dr. J.J. Hurtak and published in his book The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, which has been translated into ten foreign languages since that time, as a matrix for the interrelationship between language and genetics in the use of the name YHVH.

    Concerning the combination codes of DNA, which constructs the many complex amino acids,The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, Key 202, details the DNA code as a series of matrixes. The first and primal matrix square consists of permutations of the Tetragrammaton, the four letters in Hebrew which translate into Yahweh (Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh). This matrix is titled ‘Word Spirit’. The ‘Word Spirit’ table is constructed from the three letters of the Divine Name which in various combinations create the 64 cells. Although the Divine Name is spelled with four letters, it uses only three from the alphabet (Y-H-V, with the H repeated), just as DNA or RNA contain four nucleotides as “letters” but read only three at a time to make the codon that codes for the amino acids of our body. The Divine Name is no more static than the DNA sequences, and can be rearranged for different functions (V-H-Y, H-Y-V, H-H-V, etc).

    We are told in John 1.1 : “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God”, which cites a creative act with the WORD which comes from the Divine Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh as the God code within creation. After the first primal ‘Word Spirit’ table, the sequencing continues, ultimately to build the matrix table of DNA nucleotides which, in turn, code for the amino acids sequences, while the other faces of the square (cube) add additional mathematics and sound vibrational sequences.

    It has taken several decades of research to come to grips with the vastness of the coding mechanisms of human DNA. Researchers with The Academy for Future Science in the early 1970s affirmed the reality of an actual “code” on the level of our genetic make-up that co-evolves life according to a higher evolutionary plan. This challenges the inherent indeterminacy of the physical world itself and shows higher levels of symmetry and balance, that is, a world not originally dominated by the so-called chaos theory.

    Simply put, there exists a three-fold or trinity process that imprints the genetic instructions of the amino acid sequence that are governed by the interplay of the three letters of the Divine Name –YHV– which are used to create the twenty basic amino acids. Understand that the human genetic code, on the one hand, is the unique build-it ‘table of instructions’ for how the human genome works with the vast assortment of instructions in the evolution of the human body, that is validated through scientific research and discovery. Take another step and understand that in the mystical teachings of the sacred scriptures (the textus receptus in the West), the very life instruction manual for the human body in the form of ATP molecules is sustained by the Word of God as an alphabet of biophysical instruction for the life supporting ingredients of the bio-suit that clothes each person as a biocomputer.

    The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® purports that there is a pre-existent pattern of DNA above, reflected below in the organization of the life-giving material, establishing a homomorphism. The Divine Code of “letters” operates as firing mechanisms of coding and re-coding and shows the sensitive dependence of all human life on the initial conditions of vibratory language that exists on another plane of paraphysical reality.

    In sum, the relationship between the language code of the Divine Name and the cellular parts of the human fabric can be seen in terms of the DNA-wave form of a certain vibrational frequency which composes the human biocomputer through the 64 cell areas of a complex matrix. The Divine Code is the coding mechanism communicated through micro-signal ranges, where the vibratory link forms the “genetic matter” within the cells as a pattern of Divine energy flow. The body is seen as a bio-suit of lightware operating via a language of biochemical light that provides for billions of instructions per second. The identity of each individual is housed in this inner labyrinth of chemical letters which equates the complete genome with the soul mechanism of life. We can only emerge from unconsciousness and understand the higher coding instructions by means of following the thread of life in the letters of the Names; a person who has lost this thread is lost in the maze of the body and mind. Such a person is impotent for he builds his tower to heaven with mental promiscuity, looking only at the building bricks and particles of his body and not at the source of the biotransducer. The secrets which constitute the “glue” which holds the building blocks together, lie forgotten or even dismissed in the arrogance of the intellect.

    We at the Academy have used specific Divine Names of God that have been linguistically composed for higher states of creativity, particularly the leading name of the Divine Eternal Father (YHVH and its permutations). More specifically, we have found the energy yielding reactions that comes from singing or broadcasting a Divine Name as a mantra, along with the energy of music, can increase the energy flow in some individuals and show via biofeedback how the health of an individual’s body is dependent upon properly formed and concentrated enzymes, which in turn are dependent upon healthy DNA and RNA within the nuclei of our cells. Not only do musical resonances act as cues for our moods, but research shows that, by applying various frequencies to the body, not only is there the production of infection-fighting cells, but sound or specific frequencies may directly be used to destroy invading bacteria.

    In addition to their sound vibrations, the Divine Names should be used with wisdom and understanding as to the depth and the focus of each Name and Letter, and for the praise of the Living God and His service, particularly since there is the temptation to use the Name for power or material gain. The Names of God are NOT to be used for financial or material gain. The Names of God should not be used or invoked for idle reasons, nor should they be used for purely individualistic application, nor should they be used exclusively as a means of attuning to the Divine. The Names are only a small component of the greater holism of Wisdom which must incorporate prayer, study, meditation, teaching and wisdom in a holy way of life. Over many centuries of tradition, the Divine Names were very carefully used by priests, rabbis, mystics and religious scholars to serve the needs of the human condition without taking personal acclaim or financial reward for doing the work of God for His glory.

    Each Sacred Name illustrated a power or attribute of God. For example, ABBA (Father), YAHWEH (The God of Israel) and EL ELYON (The Most High God) have completely different name/natures, and yet they are the same God. I think the differences in the name/natures of God produce a major reason for the existence of different major religions such as Jewish or Christian. The different names/natures are also the reason for different denominations such as Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Orthodox Jewish, and even Muslim. Each group shapes its own religious belief system (ethos) based on its own singular concept of a single or multiple name(s)/nature of God. We think this is the primary reason that we as a human community don’t get along very well, and we hope that will soon change for the better, with the greater use of the power and resonance behind the multiple Names of God. In short, the purpose behind the Divine Names is a love letter of instruction and empowerment, to do good works, embedded in the human fabric cell-by-cell, and to share in ecumenical fellowship for a positive future back into the Light wave."
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    Seeing that this tribe is named "the God Code"...

    I'm taking it that you are basing this tribe on that one book only and that the 'God Code', isn't open to interpretation?

    I see the God Code as...

    I thought that the Elohim, being so advanced scientifically, needed a precise and universal language and my reasoning was as follows; how does the order of the 'living', structure itself? All that lives (plants, animals, humans) is the result of the expression of the code contained in the DNA. Thus, it became obvious to me that the Elohim used as elements of formation of their language, the elements of formation of the order of the living: the amino acids!!!

    According to A.D. Grad, the 22 Hebrew letters are classified as follows:
    - 3 mother letters: Alef, Mem, Shin
    - 7 double letters: Beit, Gimel, Dalet, Kaf, Pei, Reish, Tav
    - 12 simple letters: Hei, Vav, Zayin, Cheit, Teit, Yod, Lamed, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Tzadei, Qof.

    These 22 letters of Hebrew alphabet correspond exactly to these 22 regular polygons. Even their designations confirm the correspondences.
    - 3 mothers figures; equilateral triangle, square, pentagon.
    - 7 inscribed regular polygons, acquired by doubling the 3 mothers figures (hexagon, dodecagon and 24 sides; octagon; decagon, 20 and 40 sides).
    - 12 simple polygons (9, 18, 36 and 72 sides; 45, 90, 180 and 360 sides).

    The chromosomes are composed of DNA structured by 4 bases A-T, C-G, which are transcribed by the RNA in A-U (Uracil), C-G, which are structured in 64 combinations of 3 letters (codons) to express 22 amino acids. There is thus several codons to expresses the same amino acid. To me, that pointed out also to the Chinese Yi-King and its 64 Kuas (trigrams), representing also the 64 codons. Amino acids and codons have many chemical properties by which they can be classified, but their simplest property is how they behave compared to their aqueous environment, for they exist in the cell.

    Thus, they can be described as hydrophobic (dislike water) or hydrophilic (dissolving in, absorbing, or mixing easily with water).

    - 3 punctuation groups: 2 terminal groups, 1 start group (methionine)
    - 7 amino acids are hydrophobic: Valin, Isoleucine, Proline, Leucine, - Phenilalanine, Tryptophan, Alanine,
    - 12 amino acids are hydrophilic: Serine, Threonine, Tyrosin, Histidine, - Glutamine, Cysteine, Asparagine, Arginine, Aspartate, Glutamate, - Lysin, Glycine.
    -The models are similar: the 22 Hebrew letters are the building blocks of the universe, and the 20 amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins that are the basis of life's diversity. But, given that there is a discrepancy in the number of letters and amino acids, what is the relationship between the Hebrew letters and the amino acids?

    Explanations for this discrepancy have been advanced in the past, but the elucidation of the relationship between the Hebrew letters and the amino acids has been made easier following the recent discoveries o the 21st and 22nd amino acid used to build proteins.
    The 21st amino acid,s elenocysteine, has been found in bacteria and animals, including mammals.
    The discovery of the 22nd amino acid, pyrrolysine in bacteria has been reported in the May 24, 2002, issue of Science, the scientific journal from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

    I had confirmation of this in the"Sefer Yetsirah" (Book of creation or formation), written between the 3rd and 6th century, a treaty on the origin of the universe and humanity. A very short text, less than 2000 words, written in a laconic and enigmatic style, which defied all the attempts to seize its significance. Briefly, it mentions how Elohim had used the numbers from 1 to 10 and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet to create the universe and all that lives in it. It also mentions that by understanding its structure, we could in our turn become creators, although on a lesser scale. The Sefer Yetzirah refers to the 22 letters most often as otiyot yesod -- 'foundation letters.' In the
    simplest sense this is because it was through the letters of the Hebrew alphabet that the universe was created. The Sefer Yetzirah itself therefore says of the letters, 'With them He depicted all that was formed, and all that would ever be formed' (2:2)

    The first verse of the Torah confirms it: "Bereishit bara Elohim et ha-shamayim v'et ha-aretz. A traditional Kabbalistic reading of this passage is, "Bereishit bara Elohim ET [aleph-tav]" -- signifying, in other words, the entire aleph-bet. The primal forces contained in these letters (amino-acids) were then used as the instruments of all further creations. So Elohim used the aleph-bet from heavens as
    aleph-bet for Earth.

    It was also believed that Elohim had purposely given humanity the chapters of the Torah out of order, because, if the text were read in the correct order, mortals would be able to work miracles and raise the deads. (Create an exact copied genetically perfect clone)

    How to create life with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet?

    If each Hebrew letter is equivalent to an amino acid then it is possible...

    Until the comprehension of the structure of DNA (amino acids), nobody could understand how the Elohim could create life by simply combining the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, now we can: each Hebrew letter corresponds to an amino acid.

    Thus, it proves that in their great wisdom, the Elohim gave a part of the DNA code (22 letters) to the smallest people, the Hebrews and the other part (64 codons) to the largest people, the Chinese. Not surprising that all esoteric organizations used Hebraic letters having a intuition of their power of creation, which they did not understand; like the Tarot based on the 22 Hebrew letters. Obviously, it is not a divinatory art... but rather a leftover (for lack of science) of the power of creation of DNA, which one can ON LY understand today.
    And as would say an Eloha geneticist... gives me your DNA and I will tell you who you are... This is so dazzling! It is the Elohim’s genius, our creators.

    Just looks like the "God Code" IS the blueprint to "CREATE Life"... and this IS a scientific art form...

    If you say that something of a mystical nature HAS to be involved, then I challenge this claim of yours and through the meer fact that Dr. Craig Ventor has 'created life' in the lab through these very scientific, non-mystical functions can show that MAN is/can be the creator as is spoken of in the bible that man is Elohim (Gods)
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      Mon, April 18, 2011 - 9:12 AM
      I believe, that the tree of life you so often speak of Steven is...

      The blueprint to the order of the chromosomes...

      Without this "tree" then the DNA and genetic material has no order in creating life...

      While you may feel that it is devine, once understood, man will be able to concur Creation and the science behind "creating life"!

      But this is just my opinions... I hope you don't decide to delete my opinions just because they don't conform to a mystic "soul" being the base to this DNA shell...

      My opinion of what makes you, 'you', is the arrangement of your specific tree or each indiviuals tree in decoding the DNA then after you are born then memories define the indiviual...
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        Mon, April 18, 2011 - 9:18 AM
        Adonai, Adonai Hu Ha Elohim, Adonai ehad In Hebrew the name ADONAI is composed of 4 letters: A-D-N-Y. The last letter, YOD, is the mark of the possessive adjective "my". In reality, the possessive adjective does not exist in Hebrew; we decline the word by adding to the substantive the personal pronoun to the noun.

        That's how A-D-N-Y means: A-D-N of me or "my DNA".
        There is better still, in Hebrews DNA ä de n means « base ».
        Finally, a interpretation of a sentence repeated for eons by Hebrews that only today can be understood:

        Adonai, Adonai Hu Ha Elohim, Adonai ehad

        My DNA, my DNA from Elohim, my DNA is one.

        Is this interpretation feasible? or do you think I'm way off base?
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          Mon, April 18, 2011 - 11:49 AM
          BTW - I've trying to source the writer's particular prayer he quoting having been said by Hebrews for eons. The only thing I've found does not use Adonai in a literal sense because the God name in the prayer is YHVH. So it looks like we've got another misunderstanding from the author who is using the substitute Adonai and claiming that's the literal text.

          "The Secret Power Within
          HaShem Hu HaElokim
          Copyright © 2009 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
          One of the great proclamations made at
          the conclusion of Yom Kippur prayer
          the words, “HaShem Hu HaElohim”
          (HaShem, He is G-d). At the surface level
          this seems merely to be a religious
          cultural proclamation that HaShem, G
          of Israel is the only true G-d, thus
          implying the falsehoods of all the other world religions and their gods. Yet, Hebrew proclamations are built
          upon prophetic/Kabbalistic design. Nothing about them is so
          The simple statement HaShem Hu HaElohim is not simple at all; and it is not mentioned in relationship to
          other religions or their gods. This statement is in
          understand its meaning. Even fewer know how to transform a
          can actually influence and change physical matter at its most fundamental levels.
          Speech is sound. Sounds can vibrate matter at the molecular level. Thoughts are things; they are actual
          waves of energy. When thoughts can be focused, similar to the focusing of light, then concentrated thought
          can become like a laser beam with the power to cut and pen
          thought is channeled through the proper vibrations of sound, powerful results are
          very material, physical manifestations
          The real Name of G-d, commonly referred to HaShem,
          this Name YHVH; instead we pronounce the Name ADONAI. This is not because of myth that we have
          forgotten how to pronounce the Name or that the Name is too holy to pronounce. We have never forgotten
          how it was pronounced and there are still those who
          secret works. These are the ba’alei shem tov (masters of the good name).
          The reason why the Name changed was because of the shift in the collective consciousness of
          nation. They descended from being a people in their land, with prophecy and Temple
          people in exile without Divine direction,
          be a shift in Names. According to Torah/Kabbalah, a
          The Name YHVH is not just a word or name; it is a power sound
          the Name YHVH is pronounced in a precise manner
          traditions, it can unleash tremendous forces that have powerful affects.
          Without prophecy, Ark and Temple,
          YHVH can be channeled. Today, while the masses no lo

          Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
          By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok
          prayers are
          ethnic, simplistic and one dimensional.
          indeed the foundation of Torah, but so very few actually
          spoken statement into a vibrant force that
          penetrate almost everything. When concentrated
          as we know is YHVH. However, we do not pronounce
          unced properly pronounce it regularly in the course of their
          national unity and focus. The shift in consciousness caused there to
          ding Name is not just a word; it is an actual living entity.
          sound, an actual conduit of living energy
          and chanted according to the ancient prophetic
          the Israelite collective lost the proper forms through which the Name
          longer use the proper vessel of the letters YHVH
          deed etrate achieved, results that have
          the Israelite
          down into being a
          , energy. When
          g to

          Copyright © 2009 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
          channel the Name’s full force, the concentrated energy that goes into it can still be taped. The secret
          power in a Name is not just in its spoken form but more so in the concentrated mind/thought that channels
          into its recitation.
          The Name ADONAI was chosen to replace YHVH to more appropriately reflect the nature of the shift in the
          collective consciousness of the Israelite nation. ADONAI translates as “L-rd,” however it means so much
          more. The Name ADONAI has the same numerical value as the word “Hekhal” (palace). A Hekhal palace is a
          domain of residence. A residence contains its owner, protects him from the outside and also conceals him
          from outsiders.
          This physical universe of ours operates according to the laws of nature as ordained by G-d in the beginning.
          The Hebrew Name used in the creation story we know is ELOHIM. The numerical value of this Name is equal
          to the value of the Hebrew term HaTeva (nature). Thus the natural universe of physical form is the creation
          of ELOHIM. The laws of nature are the expressions of ELOHIM. ELOHIM is the force and power underlying
          the physical universe.
          YHVH as a Hebrew word can be seen to contain the root verb “Hovey” (to be). In its basic tense, a Hebrew
          verb is passive, however when the prefix letter Yod is added to a passive verb base, it transforms the verb
          from the passive tense into the active tense. Thus the verb “Hovey” (Hey Vav Hey), with a Yod in front of it
          (Yod Hey Vav Hey, the holy Name YHVH) could be translated to mean “active being,” “being in action,” or
          simply “active existence.” This Name was not used to describe the physical creation and is only introduced
          later in Torah with the manifestation of the higher (Yetziratic) spiritual reality.
          We thus have two parallel dimensional planes; one physical (in Kabbalah, Asiyah), operating under known
          natural laws and another (in Kabbalah, Yetzirah), not physical, operating under entirely different conditions.
          The natural universe is represented in Torah by the Name ELOHIM and the “supernatural” universe by the
          Name YHVH. The two universes operate parallel to one another and are supposed to operate and function in
          harmony with each other. The YHVH universe (Yetzirah) is the source and sustenance of the ELOHIM
          universe (Asiyah). Our physical universe (Asiyah) emanates out of the higher dimensional plane (Yetzirah)
          and is completely sustained by it.
          When the order of creation is in proper balance, the YHVH universe flows naturally into the ELOHIM
          universe. In this relationship the physical universe materializes abundance in all its forms and everything is
          in blossom, harmony, balance and peace. However, the flow of the upper universe into the lower universe
          can be hindered. Natural law dictates that channels can be either opened or closed.
          At Sinai, an interdimensional vortex was opened enabling YHVH to materialize in this physical universe in a
          form that could contain it and sustain it. This form is the Torah. The body of Torah is the mitzvot. When
          Israel correlates their collective mind to Torah they properly channel YHVH and enable its power and force
          to materialize in this physical plane and thus into the Name ELOHIM. This is the purpose of Halakha (the
          Torah way, commonly but limitedly translated as Jewish Law).
          The Name YHVH was channeled originally through prophecy, Ark and Temple coupled with the
          pronunciations of the ancient ba’alei shem tov, who were the Biblical prophets and priests. When the
          nation’s deviant behavior caused a collective shift in the national consciousness, the power of YHVH was
          severely curtailed. It could no longer be properly channeled into the ELOHIM physical universe. Thus, the
          vessels of channeling and reception were either destroyed or removed. We therefore lost prophecy, Ark and
          Temple. We were left in a mental and correlating physical place which we call exile.

          Copyright © 2009 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
          There can be no redemption from exile until such redemption is properly carried out. The inner channels
          must first be restored before the external channels can be restored. For even if the external forms of Ark
          and Temple were replaced, they would still be nothing but empty hollow shells. This was the situation
          regarding the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Without the internal shift of collective national consciousness
          back to the supernatural reality of the Name YHVH, exile will continue, regardless of external forms.
          Internal shifts in the collective national consciousness can be achieved through the focused concerted effort
          of those in the nation who can steer the collective in the proper mental direction. Only they can realign
          focus away from ELOHIM and the natural and restore it to YHVH and the supernatural, thus enabling both to
          properly realign, unite and flow harmoniously into one another. This is the true meaning of Teshuva (return,
          commonly understood to be repentance).
          Now we can begin to understand the meaning of HaShem Hu HaElohim. This statement is no mere recitation
          of words; rather it needs to be an actual focus of consciousness that helps realign parallel universes.
          When we recite the words HaShem Hu HaElohim, the sounds themselves need to be joined with intense
          mental focus. In Hebrew we call this Kavana (mental intent). When we recite the Name ADONAI, we must
          not focus on that Name but rather on the Name YHVH. ADONAI is the dwelling place, the palace, the Hekhal
          of YHVH. YHVH is concealed within ADONAI. Our mental focus is to make sure the two Names are perfectly
          united and that the YHVH energy is properly channeled through its vessel ADONAI. Thus, when reciting
          ADONAI we mentally visualize the Name YHVH and imagine its supernatural life giving energy flowing into
          the Name ADONAI enlivening it and enabling it to enliven our physical universe. YHVH is the inner conduit;
          ADONAI is the outer conduit.
          This mental focus (Kavanah) is what we call in Kabbalah the Yihud Havaya/Adnoot. Havaya, like the word
          HaShem is a term used to call the Name YHVH. Adnoot is the term for the Name ADONAI. Yihud means
          union. The two Names together thus form a relationship of light and vessel or of soul and body. Again, YHVH
          is the inner conduit; ADONAI is the outer conduit. One is the source and strength of the other; one is the
          vessel and form of the other. One alone cannot be complete. A body without a soul is dead and a soul
          without a body is a ghost. Therefore when we pronounce ADONAI we contemplate YHVH. Without this there
          is no flow of energy and thus no manifestation of the Divine channeled through the recitation of the Name.
          Mind and speech must be joined together for one without the other is dead.
          Havaya/Adnoot is the source of all life in the ELOHIM (Asiyah) physical universe. YHVH is the pure source
          that when it flows into this universe directly, without dilution in ADONAI, brings with it an abundance that
          can transform the very sub-atomic structure of all physical matter in the universe. In our present fallen
          state of exile, we cannot ascend to the proper level to channel this flow undiluted. We channel it the best
          we can through the Name ADONAI. It is not perfect, but it is the best that we can do at present. And
          without this all life would cease to exist in this physical universe.
          Havaya/Adnoot needs to flow in order for there to be life. And to where does it flow? It flows into the
          substructures of this physical universe, into the very Presence of the Creator underlying our physical reality.
          This is the source of natural law, represented by the Name ELOHIM. By channeling Havaya/Adnoot into
          ELOHIM we are essentially sustaining all physical existence. The indwelling Presence of ELOHIM in every subatomic
          reality that defines for it its natural laws is called in Hebrew, the Shekhina (the Indwelling Divine
          When we verbally proclaim HaShem Hu HaElohim, we are doing much more than making a statement of
          faith. In our mental focus we are actually moving very subtle energy forces that themselves nurture life.
          Our statement is an actual act of providing nourishment for our physical (Asiyah) universe. We are focusing

          Copyright © 2009 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
          on the energetic reality (YHVH) of the supernatural source universe (Yetzirah) and channeling its sustaining
          flow (ADONAI) into a proper conduit of materialization (Havaya/Adnoot) and from the conduit out into the
          receptacle (Asiyah/ELOHIM/Shekhina/nature). While the words HaShem Hu HaElohim themselves are
          meaningful at the simple level; it is the properly place mental focus on their real intent that unleashes real
          raw power that can have so many positive effects.
          Now that we have discussed the Names YHVH, ADONAI and ELOHIM, let me turn momentarily to the
          additional letters that form the statement HaShem Hu HaElohim. The Hebrew word Hu (He is) is spelled
          Hey, Vav, Alef. The Name ELOHIM is introduced with a prefix, the letter Hey (the), however due to the
          nature of English grammar and syntax, we do not translate it. It would sound awkward to say, HaShem He is
          The G-d, so the Hey (the) is usually left untranslated. However, in Hebrew grammar, the insertion of this
          preposition is entirely accurate and proper.
          The Hebrew letters that spell Hu Ha reside in between the two Names YHVH and ELOHIM. These letters,
          Hey, Vav, Alef and Hey numerically add up to the value of 17. This is the numerical value of the word Tov
          (good). It is no coincidence that this is found here. YHVH, though ADONAI, channels the energetic flow of
          the higher universe (Yetzirah) into the lower one (Asiyah). As I said above, this flow is the source and
          sustenance of all life in the physical world. This energy is not symbolic or mental in nature. It is a real, lifeforce,
          life-giving radiance (shefa). In Hebrew we call it Nefesh; in the Orient it is called by a more popular,
          more recognizable term, Chi. This is the Tov (good) that we channel.
          The recitation of HaShem Hu HaElohim is not limited to Yom Kippur. In our regular daily morning prayers, it
          is also recited in very precisely placed section. When reciting the words, one should bear in mind that
          through the power of one’s focus and concentration one can actually transcend dimensional boundaries, tap
          into higher energy sources and through the combined power of thought and sound actually serve as a conduit
          of life-force energy from one universe to another. This is precisely how we serve Heaven and in religious
          terms proclaim HaShem to be G-d.
          Proclaiming HaShem to be G-d has lost much of its meaning over many centuries. In ancient times when the
          competition between mutually exclusive religious systems was vicious, proclaiming the religion of Torah over
          the other religions and other gods was a vital thing. Today, the majority of the world believes in a Supreme
          Being of one sort or another. To proclaim this is not controversial. To proclaim that there is One G-d over
          all is acceptable to most today, whereas at one time it was not. To proclaim that HaShem is the G-d of
          Israel and Israel alone, excluding all others is not the message of Torah and never was. Israel’s message is
          that G-d is the G-d over all, without distinction or separation. Therefore the message of HaShem Hu
          HaElohim is a universal one that can be embraced by all humanity.
          We need to learn to see beyond the limited focus of physical eyes and recognize the soul within the body.
          This is true of how we must interact with one another and this is equally true of how we interact with
          Heaven. Religious mythologies of separation must be delegated to the bookshelf of children’s stories where
          they belong. Instead, we must focus on true and actual spiritual accomplishment and not just on
          philosophical religious rituals that look good on the surface, but are actually empty inside.
          Only we can make the difference.
      • Re: God Names

        Mon, April 18, 2011 - 9:35 AM
        Trees of Life are fractals of the holographic nature of our universe imo.
        • Re: God Names

          Mon, April 18, 2011 - 11:58 AM
          I don't believe in the Big Bang Theory... I have shown where the 'light' constant is false, and they still use 11.5 billion years as the constant (the size of the universe at the time Einstein had his equations worked out by someone else) and they still use this constant...

          I have showed that a new 'tired light theory' has falsified the old dis-proven theory and should be reinstated... I can physically prove that light looses energy and that the cosmological constant is false because of this theory alone... The Big Bang is known to be falsified but is still the only acceptable theory to teach children because it 'seems' so right and tends to fall into place...
          By way of the new 'tired light theory' this could explain the 'Hubble shift" and would show that the universe is static and NOT expanding!

          The background radiation picture which they say, 'proves' the big bang, is now showing where four other universes are bumping into our universe which doesn't explain an expanding universe...

          In the time that 'they' say the universe has been around, if it was/has been expanding in the fashion stated, then we would not be able to see any light from any star in the night sky! In the time it has been expanding per se along with the speed at which they say it's expanding, then there would be NO visible light to reach us... Do the mathmatics and you'll see, they shrug off my work but the math doesn't lie...

          There are giant walls of galaxies that have collected in a fashion that in the time they say the universe has been around (14.5 billion years) that these could NOT have collected into such walls! This can be looked up and verified... I'm not the only one that has "PROOF" against the big bang theory :)

          I believe in a fractal universe... So yeah I'm familiar with 'fractals'

          • Re: God Names

            Mon, April 18, 2011 - 12:18 PM
            To touch back apon the 'expanding universe theory' if you look at the 'speed' that the universe is expanding and multiply it by the distant that our closest star is to our Sun, (they say that the universe is expanding uniformly in ALL directions and that ALL light and ALL objects are expanding away from us like when a ballon is blown up) then given the time frame and the age of our universe would put our closets known star a lot further away from us than a couple of lightyears! (four lightyears is the closest star system but they believe there to be closer stars than that to us... ) Think about that one for a minute and have a cosmologist explain that one for you at your local planetarium!
          • Re: God Names

            Mon, April 18, 2011 - 12:50 PM
            To explain the cosmological constant, they say that light 11.5 billion light years away from it's origins is the same as it was at it's origins!~

            They came out with what they called the "tired' light Theory" in which says that light deminishes over time yet they trew this throey out...

            I can show that a cetain pinpoint of light in one photon packet emitted inhto just one micro burst to emit just this ONE photon packet, will not be the same one lightyear away and that over a distance of 14.5 lbillion lightyears that this one photon packet will deminish into nothing that we can see... It may still be there but in fractal terms, on a lower dimension!

            So if the distant limit of light is 14.5 billion light years then that is the distance we can see and we can't see out past this limit, even though light that originate at a point of 13.5 billion lightyears away will travel up to another 14 billion lightyears from us even though we can't see it, we can know that it is there! Thus the "size" of the universe is not 14.5 billion years old by we are unable to "age" the universe because of this distance factor of light...

            Look at light in that one photon packet and if fractures into a shere of 360 degrees in ALL directions... The energy needed to "spread" this light out is used up in the spreading of the light... A light year out from the origins of this blink of light, anywhere, a lightyear away from this blink of light, one will be able to see and 'record' this flash of light a year later at ANY point one lightyear away from the original source...

            Do you know HOW spread out this one little photon packet is spread by that point, yet even ten lightyears out from that flash, ten years after the flash, any point tenfold away from that point one can record that little flash of light! That's trillions of points in space that one could still record this flash of light... This one photon packet is getting thinned out by fracturalization... Almost like a fractal, this wave of light contiues to spread out ever so thinnly getting spread and the energy that the light shown at at one light year out is now fractionaized and you start to see a red shift because of the loss of energy... Actually there is no loss of energy, this energy is just 'spread' out thinly... Once you get out to 14.5 billion light years, this little packet of light will still be recordable but on a vastly small scale and the red shift will be so wide that it will see that the light is moving away from you when you are seeing 'how far' the light has moved away from you through this red shift... Anything after 14.5 billion lightyears of distance, this light fades and we can't pick up any visable sign of the flash, thus the light distance limit that we can currently see...

            The currelty cosmolgical Constant states that at 11.4 billion light years out from the source that the light is still the same as it was at its conception (its source)! This is a bold miscalculation of physics that no one wants to take on in fixxing!
    • Re: God Names

      Mon, April 18, 2011 - 9:34 AM
      First, please source your comments so we can get a complete contextual reading. I believe this came from

      Everything is open to interpretation. My interpretation of Gregg Braden's God Code book is what inspired the creation of the Tribe.

      The Sefer Yetzirah which is quoted in your post and in Gregg's book does not talk about cloning. It talks about creating a Golum.

      In both your post and in Greg Braden's book, these ideas are captured but seem to be offshoots of what J.J. Hurtak published years earlier which I've captured in a post below. I wrote an essay on this same subject in my book and took it a bit further and in another direction to include the God Name El as a fifth element of Phosphorus/Light.

      Not sure what you mean when you say that I insist on a mystical nature for anything to be of import. I think that's a blanket statement that is inaccurate.
      • Re: God Names

        Mon, April 18, 2011 - 11:43 AM
        Look, the concept is solid, I didn't want to bring "Rael" into it... Looking at what we are talking about... There are many people that believe in the concepts of what Rael teaches, they just don't believe Rael to be the 'messenger' (1/2 DNA from the Elohim 1/2 from humans) So I thought we could just talk the 'scientific' part... Like I said, I have spiritual foundations as well, I just don't bring them into scientific debates.

        I talked about Cloning in which, if you brought back someone from the dead, using their DNA, 'cloning' would be such a modern day term :) Most people aren't acceptable to the ideas of cloning for moral reasons... But I'm guessing these same people feel it ok for their G_d to use these techniques to bring life apon the Earth? (Grin)

        It'll take some time for me to go through your links but I'll see what they offer, thanks.

        I wonder if Christians that believe in the God-Code (that G-d used scientific reasoning to create life) that their savior, Jesus was reserected, if they feel that maybe Jesus was cloned or brough back through the "word of G-d" (the hebrew letters scientifically used to create life)???

        But that's right, Religions believe that afterlife is "spiritual" and that a functioning 'body' as here on Earth doesn't exist... It's just hard for me to conceptualize 'Ghosts' when I was taught so long ago that they didn't exist... And it's really hard to scientifically conceptualize a ghost, or spirit, per se...
        About the link to what I c&p, I sent it too you a while back so I figured you have read it...
      • Re: God Names

        Mon, April 18, 2011 - 12:08 PM
        To 'touch' on the subject of the Golem...

        Man IS working on this very essence...

        Biological robots.

        microbiologists are working on nano-sized DNA machines and other nanobot machines (biological and non-biological) and soon as these scientists start to understand lifes building blocks, man will, mark my words, he will build these biological machines bigger and more complex until he builds a biological robot (a machine) that looks just like a human and will in essence do what it is 'programmed' to do and thus we are striving towords this very 'mythical' entity! ;-)

        I might register the name "Golem" right now to get in on the groundfloor of the name of the company... Golem BR... Biologicals to meet your every need, sounds like a science fiction movie but guess what? This is reality! (Grin)
        • Re: God Names

          Mon, April 18, 2011 - 12:13 PM
          Biologicals to meet your every need, sounds like a science fiction movie but guess what? This is reality! (Grin)

          it's called slavery - among other things - and it's been around for a long time...
          • Re: God Names

            Mon, April 18, 2011 - 12:28 PM
            My car must be a slave then and my washing machine is my dish slave... That blow up dall in the corner there, is my slave... My sex slave that is... But she's a better slave than my hand...

            Robot sex... with pictures and they even show a little nip... (Grin)
  • Re: God Names

    Thu, June 9, 2011 - 3:13 AM
    Blessed be the Holy Names of God for it saves Me right now! I had a chest pain and I say the Holy Name of God and it is gone. Thanks, Steven, your info is most valuable. God bless you! Live forever and prosper! :-)
    • Re: God Names

      Thu, June 9, 2011 - 8:59 PM
      Thanks AeonHeaven but not sure immortality is for me. I want a vacation.
      • Re: God Names

        Fri, June 10, 2011 - 7:54 PM
        Between fire and ice
        slow burn to flashes squared.
        concepts may be solid
        but what they describe might not stay that way.

        A miracle may really demand or require a sacrifice.
        and the sacrifice might become a different reality,,,
        as the miracle retains one.

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