When did you start going COMMANDO?

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I started between my sophmore & junior year of high school.
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    I went commando the first time at 14 in jean shorts. Over the years since, when I am at home in the warm weather I alternate between a thong od short jeans. Hey, I had good looking legs!!! And I have gone commando under long jeans when I went cruising for a hot time. And I showed off good.
    • Actually only recently in my early 30s. I had tried it a few times in high school and college but did not really appreciate the experience until later. It is a great feeling; free to move around, being aware of my boys during the day and frankly, in the summer it helps keep things cool.
  • for me I think it was in my late 20's .... that is when I really started to work out and realized how good it felt to workout commando in those basketball kind of shorts... how they rubbed up against my cock. Wow it felt good. Now I almost exclusively go commando even to work.
  • Tried freeballing a few times while I was in high school. Loved the feeling, but was embarassed by the constant erections.

    Started skipping the underwear again a few years ago. Began by not wearing underwear under shorts on hot summer days, then it spread to when I am wearing jeans then to anytime unless I am "dressed up".
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    I started when I left home. I only wore them then because my mom expected to see something in the laundry. In the past 40 years some fashions have dictated that SOMETHING be worn, otherwise those thin synthetic white pants could be seen through. I liked the idea of "no panty line", so in those situations I wore "The Sock" from International Male. That is the only kind of underwear (other than a cock ring under 501s) I've ever worn. I still have a couple of unopened packages of The Sock.
  • I started going commando my freshman year in high school! I almost never wore underwear unless I was dressed in a suit and tie. After a while, I ditched the underwear even when dressed up. I worked in a department store in college. Men's department. After I stopped wearing underwear to work, I found my sales when up, especially when the customers were middle aged men. I guess they noticed!
  • I was 13, and just graduated from 8th grade. Previous to that my mother, terrified that we might become ill, made us wear heavy long-johns well into spring-time. This was North Dakota, after all. I finally rebelled and went skinny-dipping the day after graduation. Then, the next winter, I reveled in feeling cold winds blow through thin pants directly onto my genitals. It made me feel exquisitely alive.

  • I cant remember the exactage but it was during the summer when I was in my early teens. I was playing with a neighborhood friend one afternoon and I noticed his shorts were low enought that he was showing his butt crack. I told him he needed to pul up his underwear because his butt was showing and he told me he wasnt wearing any. So the next day I went commando and have done so ever since except during work and special occassions My parents never knew because I would always put my clean underwear in the laundry to make it apppear I was wearing them.
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    I started going commando at 21, and went commando throughout my twenties. Then for some reason (I think work responsibilities) I stopped doing it and haven't really done it for 23 years. Would like to do it more, again. This tribe is an inspiration!
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    I have been doing it when the mood strikes me for as long as I can remember, did it today at the gym while I was lifting, it was fun to catch people looking when they thought I wasn't paying attention.
  • Not sure when I did, but always use to see other guys doing it. Since I sleep naked already, just slipping on a pair of pants was a lot easier. Once I was working with a 14 year old and he must have been freeballing because his sausage that I saw in his pants nearly went down to his knee cap.
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    don't remember a time when i didn't go commando. my dad always went commando so i did too
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      Same here, underwear wasn't a big deal for my old man and I just followed tradition. If I'm wearing a thin summer suit for business, I may shield the boys from total view with loose boxers. Today, however, was my first experience with an airport full body scan. I'm traveling commando in jeans. After I went through the scan, I stopped, looked back at the male operator, raised one eyebrow at him and smiled. He tried to look serious, but I swear I saw a tiny smirk on his face! This could be a fun new game.
  • Last week.
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      This was the first full week of me going commando at work! I have NO idea why I waited so long.
      About half of my time is in an office setting, the rest of the time is spent outside, meeting with customers and climbing up and around large machines. I'm sure I was showing some crack more than once.
      Feeliing my junk bouncin around and rubbing up against my pants caused me to chub up more than once!
      • I recognize this feeling you had this week, I had the same experience last year when I started to be a full time commando. Normally I wear jeans during work, so feel more secure I'm not showing off too much. People who watch my bulge are apparently intrested, so I don't bother.
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    I started in my late 20's - early 30's. A little at a time here and there. Now that I'm older, I have a drawer full of underwear that I never wear. Even at work with my slacks on, I never wear underwear. Some of those slacks really accentuate your meat and allow it to fully swing!
    Woo hoo! I'm now a freeballer 24/7 365/yr
  • When I started having to do my own laundry! <grin> Sophmore in High School - gota get to the sex faster, and in those days it was all about fast! lol
    • Started experimenting with it before Jr. High; like 10 or 11.

      Didn't do it that often then random hard ons happened all the time and with skin tight 501's all you could see was my cock going down my right leg. When I was introduced to the jock when we had to change and do sports in Jr High I thought that was the reason for the jock. To keep hard ons hidden under gym shorts.
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    I can't really remember when I started freeballing. I started I think after seeing guys in porn movies not wearing underwear many years ago and it really turned me on. I generally freeballed out of work, but since last February I have been freeballing full time and intend to stay that way. The only problem is because I am a school teacher and have to wear suits the trousers do need to be cleaned often and this does not help the wear of the suit trousers. Any suggestions guys?
  • I started at about 11 or 12 years old. It was just more comfortable to/for me. I do put on boxers from time to time but NO I mean NO tighty whiteys!!! I'm just more comfortable when I'm free!!
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      I started in my late twenties, some 20-odd years ago, when I switched from briefs, then to boxer shorts, and then boxers. Being in the Navy, I especially enjoyed going commando it because I found many other guys on the ships and base commands where I lived and worked were also going commando while wearing work uniforms (but out of sheer decency, I did not, nor do I suspect anyone dared to go commando while wearing the white working or dress uniforms or khakis.) Knowing that other guys didn't make going commando a big deal made my doing so that much easier. I admit that I used to stare at guys I found attractive and wonder whether or not he was wearing any undies. Warm months like spring and summer where always best because we wore shorts and, depending how a guy would sit in his shorts would determine what view you'd get. I knew guys who sat a certain way in front of other guys on purpose for that very reason! At first I went commando for two reasons: 1) If I ran out of clean boxers before laundry day, I had no choice but to go commando and; 2) on many days, I just felt horny most of the time, so it was a sexual turn-on for me (besides the fact that I wanted other guys to notice my VPL (visible penis line). After a while though, I got over the sexual aspect of wearing not undies. And since my "package" was already hanging heavy and free in my boxers, I found that wearing them [boxers] was simply redundant. Except for winter or cold months, I wore no bottom underwear. I also enjoyed sleeping in the nude. Doing both allowed me to get more and stay "in tune" with my body and sexual self. I simply felt like a man and it feels more manly. Going commando, just like sleeping nude or hanging around in my room in the barracks (back then) or in my house today, with little to no clothing on, felt so very natural and comfortable then and still does to this day.
      • I agree, it is a natural and manly thing to do to hang free. I love going to the russian baths. everyone is naked and hangs out just being male. It's very comfortable for me.
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          I initially started my freshmen year of highschool. But quickly stopped. Since at that age you have no control of your dick getting hard and I went to a all boys catholic highschool. Started again toward end of senior year. I still do, except during the winter, when I wear boxer briefs or long underware.
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    I was 11 or 12 and had gone swimming with friends. Someone stole a friend's underwear and it turned me on seeing him pull on his jeans with no underwear so I decided to try it myself. I didn't really like the feeling at first, but freeballed as a turn-on. Over time I learned to love the feeling and now freeball 24/7.
  • Fuck man - I can remember exactly when I started free balling. I think it was in my early teens. It was just easier to tuck my cock down the leg of my jeans then to bunch it all up. I look at it like this - I was born with my cock flopping, I am a nudist and the best things are done naked. Why not make it easy access? When I have to cover it with clothing, I always choose something that accentuates it. I enjoy the stares......
    • I started after High School. In HS gym class we had to change clothing so nobody went commando.
      Shortly after graduation, I ran out of clean underwear and had to go commando. It felt DIFFERENT to have my cock and balls rubbing my pants when walking. It was sexy, and I enjoyed the 'dirty' feeling of walking around with a 'secret'.
      In college I went commando about half the time and by my late 20's pretty much full time.
  • i was going commando at weekends from when i can remember, mum said we had to ware underware for school incase we had accident and needed to be taken to hosiptal :-).. . My father and brother did the same. When i married just kept it up. Back when microfibre pants came in, i loved freeballing at work, my boss did too. you could see the rim of the glans of his obviouls cut cock. However, having been cut at birth, about mid-40's noticed lack of sensitivity in the glans of my penis. Now i ware jocks full time to stop the friction, all a bit sad. Did try various penis covers, but they were unreliable and embarssing when they fell off in company. I still go full naked when ever i can.
  • I started at age 20, in the military.service just because it made me feel sexually motivated. Then I left the practice, except on special occasions, but recovered from age 30-32, when I gradually became aware -and i felt proud- of my manhood.
  • I freeballed around the house as long as I can remember - the same pair of worn out cut off jeans shorts for most of my high school years. Began doing it in public a few years aho when I started teachimg college classes. I enjoy catching students staring at my bulge.
  • When I was a toddler we lived on a farm and I would run around outside naked. I used to skinny dip in the river on our farm also. As I got older my mother insisted that I at least wear shorts (what if we get visitors?) She would buy underwear but I would throw them under my bed and just put on the shorts (under protest) - I hated wearing underwear. My mother eventually gave up wasting money on buying me any underwear LOL. I am now a 62 year old gay nudist. I have been acting and directing in live theatre since I was 15 and the only time I reluctantly wear underwear is during shows where I have to change costume - often in front of females and/or kids.
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    I started going Commando when I was about 19 or 20. Had tried it a few times during Basic Training in 1971 along with some of my fellow trainees and I liked it but was too chicken shit to keep going. Started up again after I finished Basic and haven't looked back, since. I don't evev OWN a set of underwear now.

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