where do you go commando

topic posted Sun, February 12, 2012 - 6:06 AM by  JOHN
how often do you go commando? do you go commando in church? at the food store? at work? when with family? what is the most odd place or more innapropriate place you have gone commando?

Have you sported a boner under your pants/shorts when commando and where?

if you see a guy near you and your commando have you taken it out and made him swallow it?
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South Carolina
  • I freeball all the time even in boardshorts at the beach. I just love it when people state at my bouncing dick. Lol. And I like to cut holes in my old running sorts so I can let it hang out .
    • I am either naked in and around my home (maybe just a cock ring) but all other times commando. I even go for an early morning jog just wearing very short shorts and my runners. My dick is covered as I walk to the park lands out the back of my place but when I start to jog out it flops and gets really hard. I have never seen any women at that time of day but have met a couple of really nice guys ... but that is another story LOL.
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    Before it was here & there. But I said starting this wk I was gonna do it 24/7! & I did @ work today!!! I work in a warehouse & was worried about what the others might think if they could tell... But then I didn't care & wanted them to see!!! Especially when I bended over and the crack of my ass showed. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!....
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    I go everywhere, I have a few pairs of 501's where the crotch is well worn love going out with parts of my dick and ball sack peeking through. I cut the liner out of all sport shorts. I get wood everywhere!
  • Every where but in my work dress pants...I even wear them under my tux!
    And the most inappropriate place was at work once when I was feeling sensual-and guess what,,,a guest at the hotel (European soccer player of Arabic ethnicity) wanted it bad and showed me his junk in the elevator saying he needed it taken care of badly! Man was he hung!
  • I go commando everywhere (home, dinner, family, bed, vacation, etc.) except work. I work in an office and don't feel professional when going commando. I do however go commando around my co-workers in casual after work settings.
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    I go commando everywhere. Church, gorcery store, work, out with the family, you name it. There's no inappropriate place to be commando. If you are, it's nobody's business but yours.

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