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topic posted Wed, January 5, 2011 - 9:00 AM by  David
Who else likes to walk around town in sweats or jeans showing a hard bulge. It seems like every guy gay or straight just has to look and always grabs and rubs thier packages. Pocket pool is fun when you know you can get the straight ones hard.
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Los Angeles
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    in the summer, I love walking around in nothing but spandex and a cockring to make the bulge even more visable. Yeah I am a slut so I love to show it off LOL
  • I like wearing low-rise jeans. The top of my ass crack is often on display as well as the top of my clippered pubes. I also like to wear spandex when riding my bike or going to the beach, and my light cotton lounge pants that leave nothing hidden.
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    Thats how I prefer to walk around. I really love it when guys str8 or gay do the same... Love to see a big beautiful bulge!
  • I wear a weighted cock strap when going commando. Things tend to sway a lot more. LOVE the feeling. I just recently started going commando and have wondered why I never did this before!
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    oh hell yeah! I especially like running my errands and shopping while freeballing it - at the mall, movies, grocery store, car wash, you name it.
    I love it when my cock starts to get semi-hard, because that's when it's plump and builds momentum when it's flopping in my gym shorts or jogging pants! >: )~
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    ALWAYS must show as much as possible. I like to wear sweats commando at the gym these days, it sticks out really far with a certain pair.

    Also, I like to wear my shorts/sweats real low, commando, of course, so that everyone can see just a bit of butt crack.
    • WHEN i go to the laudry mat to do my clothes, I wear nothing under my sweats. I want to be ready to whip it out and cum/piss. I love the feeling of not wearing underwear!!! I love looking at those bulges people sport. you know commanod when you see the entire outline of the cock!!!!
  • I agree, and very rarely go with under gear on but for my cock making str8 guys look at my bulge! Love sitting knees spread in my kilt and love making my snake wonder down my left leg for bar waiters to stare at while taking my beer order!
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    Love it when my cock and balls bounce around in my shorts. Love whipping it out in public when nobodys lookin for a quick jerk too!

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