Cock & Balls EXPOSED

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I was asked by someone...regarding the picture of the three exposed cocks...

What situation would arise that someone would expose their cock and balls as a random act.

Being that I have done it numerous a show of a dare or just to prove that I was not lying about the size of my cock, are 2 examples for me.

My question is this:

Why have YOU exposed YOUR cock and balls?
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  • Nekkid is natural.

    1. To get the newspaper from the lawn in the morning.

    2. Sit on the balcony with a cold beer when the A/C broke down. My junk needed AIR!

    3. I'm assuming bars, T-rooms, parks, and rest areas don't count. That's too easy.
    • Same list as mine.

      Add at
      - clothing optional camp grounds
      - parties when my husband is drunk, starts taking about my PA / cock -- then shows it to both gay and str8 party guests -- of both sexes.

      Well I guess technically this doesn't count as it isn't me that exposing my self - it is my husband.
  • Unsu...
    Like Dirk, to me naked is natural. Because I live in South Central Texas, during the "Spring", Summer and "Fall I will take the chance and expose myself because of the temperatures (it gets fuckin HOT here starting right around April and doesn't let up until about the middle of December). My junk and the boys need to breathe! I'll also do it to shock the hypocrites. You should see the looks on their faces when I do!!!!!

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