Greasy Jeans

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For any dude or chic that loves wearin, lookin at, or just the idea of greasy, lived-in jeans. For folks that like to pull on the same jeans day after day until they show the world what kind of work you do. Wear that grease and be dang proud of it! RSS Feed what is XML?

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Hey guys, post some pics!  topic
Jeans stinkin tonight  topic
How greasy is too greasy?  topic
Let's git some greasy jeans pics, new ones  topic
Waiting to get Greased!  photo flag
Loaded w/Grease!  photo flag
Getting Greased!  photo flag
Post a Pic of your Greasiest Jeans  topic
Where do you keep your jeans?  topic
What's yur favorit pair a jeans?  topic
New Rigid's  photo flag
How Come its still so Dang Cold?  photo flag
Greasy.... from Caterpillar work  photo flag
Fucked up at the shop  photo flag
Relaxing in my easy chair  photo flag
Fuckin White Trash  photo flag
Backside in the shop  photo flag
Relaxing with beer and Gar  photo flag
Greasy Jeans Pics  topic

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